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Re: BSRB Chatter Weekend Edition

Originally Posted by aranel7 View Post
Thanks for your input Chasity. I don't know what the V2 is like either, so I'm sure it would be a case of me not knowing what I was missing about the infant insert. AND, I *am* planning to use all of my baby carriers with a NB at some point soon anyway. Juliana is also a petite baby for her age. I am SOO close to buying one! I just poured myself a glass of wine so maybe that will help my buying finger

I did just buy this tonight in my angst over missing the collab at sticky peas. I also got these adorable little things while I was there. There's a chance that they'll fit J right now, but my ultimate goal in buying them was to put them on a NB one day. My future NB is going to be the most stylin hyena offspring that ever got born
Ive been thinking about it and I PERSONALLY feel that maybe a baby would be safer with the insert being unremovable... IDK, I just think that if insert is sewn in it is somewhat safer... But I am sure that is not the case just my mind set lol! I HOPE YOU GET IT!!
Originally Posted by starla79 View Post
I'll add to my stash once i get my jolly roger and limes listed... still sunning the limes, the spots on it are really resistant. I hate selling a diaper with stains, usually the sun works faboo but it's just not cutting it this time. I may have to give it an oxy soak.

I think I'm developing an allergy to our ferrets... i was washing bedding and my body like freaked out on me... my hands got all red and itchy and i could hardly breathe and couldn't stop sneezing. We've had ferrets for years, i don't know why my reaction to their bedding was so strong all the sudden... i had a fresh dose of zyrtec in my system, too. Rehoming them isn't an option, i hope it doesn't get worse.

Originally Posted by aranel7 View Post
Ladies, I am really, really sad right now. The mama that I bought most of my diaper cuts from just renegged on me and sent me a refund instead of my fabric. This is the same mama that I got pink chicks from, the culmination of my fabric stalking. I am borderline devastated

I am DEFINITELY getting that Beco now no matter what because I do reckless things with my pp when I'm upset

Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
oh no jen hoepfully youll find someone else w/ your fabric you want
ok this is really for the night crowd ladies
first i am not a religious person i do not mean to offend second i love the duggars think they have fine children and are fine people
ok but my mind wanders on crazy stuff sometimes
so they have said they do not allow dancing becasue of lustful thoughts
and they dress very covered adn lots of things
well i was wondering when they are "making love" is she allowed to enjoy it?
is that "dirty" or is it just to pro create
ok thats my crazy question
any thoughts
Okay on the subject of the Duggers.... WHY DONT THEY CD???? They do tons of laundry anyways... They are so "green" I just dont understand why the dont just cd! Okay Rant over!
Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
im sorry did i scare all desent people away ill stop i swear now i have poo talk
Nope Still around, will be for another 50mins Diapers are in the dryer now! lol! I CANT go to bed without folding them! Drives me nuts! And I am Going to clean my bathroom tomorrow with vinegar I never would have thought of that! THANKS!
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