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Re: BSRB Monday I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and...

Jen, for your Beco and all the other stuff OTW!

Thanks mamas for all the support. it means so much!

Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
im sorry did you talk w/ him about other tests and alternative medicines and everything
i hope hes a good doctor who explains everything
i have never been fortunate enough to meet them
i hope everythingf turns out to be alright or reversible
They made it sound like this is the only thing that will work for me, but i really did not press the issue. I think it will all be fine

Originally Posted by CassB View Post
Sara: I have PCOS and Endo stage 2. I had no troubles conceiving the boys. But I didn't find out about the PCOS or the Endo until TTC Avalea. It took us 18 cycles. They found the PCOS through my bloodwork and an U/S. My prolactin and testosterone levels were really high. And my ovaries were FULL of old follicles thus blocking new ones. They would just never pop and would sit in my ovary. I had a laparascopy in Sept of 07 and got PG with Ava in Dec. I had to have the surgery because I had debilitating pain from a endometrial cyct on one ovary. (blood filled cyst) It was 4cm. So they took that out, drilled holes in my ovaries to get the old eggs out and flushed my tubes as well as got rid of the Endo.

Anyway, it doesn't ALWAYS have to do with diabetes. I don't have anything wrong with my insulin levels. One reason we are going to TTC even sooner is that we don't want any trouble from the PCOS or ENDO.

I think I developed it sometime between DS2 and Ava, I never had problems with my weight, fatigue, hormones, hair loss or any of the other issue I've had until 2006.

I have a couple books on PCOS I can send you FFS if you want.
Cass, thank you so much for chiming in. It is nice to know that the dx is not the end of the world I guess maybe i was just taking my fertility for granted and now this hit me like a slap in the face, KWIM?

Also, I did not mean to imply that everyone with PCOS is Diabetic, but a large percentage of Type 1 diabetics also have PCOS. Does that make sense?

I had a few symptoms start cropping up before i had Xan, but the rest were much more noticeable post-partum. i just found out my mom also had PCOS, and had no trouble conceiving either me or my brother. I am feeling better. I will let you know about the books once i have a 100% diagnosis. Thank you so much

Originally Posted by heidip2p View Post
Hi BSRB mamas, we got our first ultimate fit in the mail today and I am It is perfect! We have been trying to find something that would work with our 20 month old as well as our new guy coming in May. These are exactly what we needed. I love not having any snaps but not fighting to pin a prefold either. Anyway, just wanted to pop in say and hi.
Hi Heidi! welcome! I think i bought a gorgeous embroidered prestons pants dipe from you awhile back Glad to see that you have found the BSRB love

Originally Posted by hopptermomma View Post
Hehe, I was folding a load of clothes and at the bottom were a handful of dipes that needed to be done. My oldest DD was helping and when we got to the dipes she asked if I could show her how to fold those. As I'm showing her she looks up at me all laundry drunk and says "This is niiiiiiiiice! Now I know why you like to do this Momma!" She's 8 and SHE GETS IT!!

annie, that is soooooo cute!

Originally Posted by mrsdi View Post
I got the onesie from Batik Bum....I have a ton of stuff from her, and I each and every piece. In retrospect, I should have just gotten a non-cashmere onesie, but I didn't even think about the snappi damaging it. C sleeps on her belly & scoots around her crib on her belly, so I shouldn't be surprised that it happened with all of that rubbing against the thin cashmere. Now I need to buy a replacement.

Oh, and news from Joyce--for some reason the monkey print oversold during relists today and another mama beat me to paying, so I'm getting a refund. That print is so cute, but I didn't need it, and Sara....if you're lurking, you didn't need the monkeys, anyway.

So, hopefully I can use the PP for a wool onesie.
Di, ss about the batik bum onesie I am the one that kept nagging you to start using it, and now it's damaged. I hope you find a great replacement (with really a really big opening at the top for C's head )
And about the monkey dipe. You are soooo right! I ended up with that TIAN and i have a SP custom coming, plus like six diapers waiting for me at home I do NOT need it.

Originally Posted by mrsdi View Post
Chasity---C is a big puff fan, too. I don't even give them to her every day, but now she knows the container. She carried on screaming with glee a couple of weeks ago in BRU because there was an end display...full of those yellow containers of puffs. 3 shelves of them.
Xander does the same thing!

Originally Posted by mrsdi View Post
I only wore ON maternity clothes. I loved them, and they were cheap.
I have both ON and Gymbo close by, but I still shop them online.
I do/did this too

Originally Posted by amyrenee View Post
the new pocket is up... it's called Gro baby... I'm not a pocket lover but it looks cool/pretty!
It does look nice, but a lot like the Hiney Lineys too

Ok, mamas. that's it for me! i am flying back to NY tomorrow, so i won't be around. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks again for all the support and hugs
Wife to my BFF, Mommy to X (3/08)

and not-so- newbie L 11/10

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