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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

Where are you guys?? Ill come pick you up and take you exploring.

I know how it is not being able to go anywhere and a 4 by 4 room can only entertain children for so long. Maybe try to have a camp out in the room you can take all the sheets and make little forts to play in. Ask the hotel manager if there is a Vango service around that could take you places. The one in our town goes all over and it only costs $1. Even if you just went to Walmart or just rode it for a lil while it would be fun. You could ask the manager if he knows of any places that the kids might enjoy. You could always taxi it once a week if you had to and the price wasn't to high. Most places can give you an estimate from point A to B. Hope things start looking up.


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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

Is there any public trasportation? I know it's wish washy but it might be a way to get to the mall or something like that to get out.
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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

Originally Posted by DaynaR View Post
Can you not tell your DH to give the guys a few days to a weeks notice that they need to have someone else take their car to work so you can keep yours? If they're supposed to take turns, this shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Sounds like you and the kids need to get out of there for awhile.
I agree, I would be telling DH to give the guys some warning to make other arrangements, because you need the car for the good of the family.

I am sure that they can find another car to use between the 5 of them. What the heck did they do before you guys got there?!?

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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

I just wanted to offer my sympathy, I know the whole stuck thing because we only have 1 car also.
Is it money that is the issue, because you could probably pick up a beater for pretty cheap, that he could take to work.

I think if the tables were turned your DH would not be w/o a car for long, how can anyone think it is ok to be holed up in a hotel for all day everyday w/o going insane.

If you DH insists on staying in a hotel as it gets closer to summer, call around and get a nicer hotel with at least an outside pool and an easy walk to something, the library, the park, the mall, anything.
The great thing about lving in a hotel is you can easily move. I would negotiate a longer term for a better price, I know people have rented a holiday Inn room for half price because they rented it for the whole month. Look into furnished apts. also, landlords are pretty desperate to keep renters for cash flow, you can work out a deal. Bundle the kids up and get outside everyday even if it is only for 20min. outdoors air is good for you.

Again, I am sorry I know that must be really hard, can you make any friends that would come pick you up once a week to go anywhere, even back to there house for a playdate? there has to be other nice mamas in this town, tell us where you are, one of us might live by you. (:
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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

It sounds awful.
I'd be letting them have a bath twice a day, just to play in the water and relief some stress.
Or stick them in the tub with shaving foam, thats always fun.
I'd want to know when the others guys drive turns are too, sending hugs and something fun on TV to keep the kids interested and stop them whining.
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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

I vote for let the kids make a mess. Get some pudding or whipped cream - strip them down and put them in the tub and let them paint.

Another option if they aren't prone to putting stuff in the mouth is to mix finger paint and a little dab of soap and let them paint on the shower walls with that - with the touch of soap in it it washes off super fast. When they get tired of painting - hand them a wet sponge and a bucket of water and tell them to clean up.

Slightly neater - get a glue stick, scissors and construction paper. Cut shapes or whatever out of construction paper and let them glue the pieces onto another piece of paper.

If they don't do glue well get some contact paper. Cut out shapes and stuff our of construction paper. Then peel the back off a piece of contact paper and let them stick the shapes on the contact paper. Its like having built in glue on a piece of paper.

Let them glue noodles/rice/beans to a paper plate. Then when its dry let them paint the noodles/rice/beans. (you need a bottle of glue for this not a glue stick)
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