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Young ones sharing rooms

Till now, I had figured it would be easier to have separate rooms, provided we had the space. We just put an offer on a house that is making me rethink that though.

This house has two smaller bedrooms downstairs, just off the living area and next to the stairs. The master and a huge sitting room are upstairs. It would take little more than a few feet of drywall and a door to turn the sitting room into a fourth bedroom. And, it's the same dimensions as the master. (What they were thinking when they designed it like that, I'll never know).

So, I'm thinking it would be so much better to have both girls upstairs across from our room, and away from the noise of the living room. I would be able to hear them better and everything as well. (Granted, baby will stay with us till 4-6 months anyways).

How has having a 6 month old and a 2 year old in the same room worked out for any of you that have done it? Did the older one adapt and sleep through the little one waking? Did it ever not work out and you had to split them up? Any issues with the older one still being in the same room as the crib (such as still wanting to sleep in there or whatever)?



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Re: Young ones sharing rooms

IDK my 2 girls ages 7 and 3 share a room . they fight like any sibling but they love not being alone. on the nites daddy doesnt work (dh works graves) the kids are all in bed with me.

my 2 sons will share a room as well. im 5 months preg now and ds is turning 2 in march. He has yet to sleep in his own thoms the train

so as far as the sleeping goes with babies idk i know when we are all i n bed together everytime i had a new born the other kids wouldnt be phased by the nite time crys but i nurse so id just pull out the b00b and feed back to sleep.
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Re: Young ones sharing rooms

my 3yo and my 10mo share a room (for the past 3mo) and i won't lie it has been hard. i cant put them to sleep at the same time, i have to put the 3yo down first then rock the 10mo because the 3yo plays in his bed for like 20min before he falls asleep. then the baby will wake up in the middle of the night often and he never just wakes up fine he always crys. When he does this it wakes up the 3yo and we have all of them up in the middle of the night. it's been tough. i might just put the 7yo and the 3yo together and have the 10mo in a room by himself at least til they get a little older.
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Re: Young ones sharing rooms

we have an almost 4.5 yr girl and a 14 mo boy who have been sharing a room since ds was ~7 mo old. i worried about sleep a lot, but it has worked out far better (and differently) than i expected.

i assumed dd would wake when ds cried in the night, because she had been alone in the room for so long, but she sleeps through just about everything. it is ds who wakes easily, when dd calls out in the night (dreams, wets bed, etc.).

for naptime, ds sleeps in a pack n' play in our bedroom. dd plays quietly in their room (no longer naps).

at night, i am almost always on my own for the bedtime routine (due to dh's schedule), so this is what i do and it works wonderfully.
we do bath every other night. i bring everything i need into the bathroom before the kids get in. on bath nights, the kids bathe together, then i get ds out before dd, get him dried and jammied. i just weaned him, but when he was nursing, i nursed him in the bathroom while dd was still in the tub. when i take him into their room, he is completely ready for bed. i get dd out and start her drying off. i sing to ds and tuck him in. he has always taken awhile to fall asleep. back to dd, i dry her, teeth, hair, jammies, etc. then i read books with her. by the time i tuck her in, ds is usually asleep. if not, i settle him back down and dd just knows he might chatter a bit.

non-bath nights are the same, but a bit easier.

then, when i was nursing, i would just go in to nurse. despite a small house, i use a baby monitor, so i can respond quickly to avoid entire house wake-ups.

friends in a similar situation find that both their kids are equally sensitive, so for their older dd, they have a little "nest" set up next to their bed where she can come sleep for a bit if dd2 wakes her.

now...if we have a 3rd, i don't know what we will do!
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Re: Young ones sharing rooms

We plan to put our kids in the same room once the baby (is born and) starts sleeping through the night.
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Re: Young ones sharing rooms

My DD and DS have rooms right next to each other but usually end up sharing DS' room. They have their toys and clothes in their rooms. At night, I put DS to sleep and read an extra story to DD in my room. It only takes DS a few minutes to fall asleep, so DD just hops in the extra bed in his room. They rarely wake each other up at night. Gradually DD has starting to sleep in her own bed.
I grew up sharing a room with my sister and it was really no big deal.
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Re: Young ones sharing rooms

all three of my kids share a room now, tonight is day 3 of ds2 sleeping in the crib, we got bunkbeds for my 4 and 6 year old, they have room to play and it's working good for us.
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Re: Young ones sharing rooms

well, my oldest was 6 when dd2 was born, and they have shared a room from the beginning. even before the baby was sleeping though the night. (we dont co sleep or bed share or any of that) the sleeping hasnt been an issue, BUT the sharing of toys, and dd1 leaving out things the baby could choke on has been a HUGE problem. i have had to take out most of dd1's toys, and put the rest of them in lockable containers of some sort. (just storage bins the baby cant open) but once the littlest kid is past the put everything in the mouth stage, i think it would be sooo much easier, as long as there is enough toy storage, and you are good about picking up the room/making them pick up the room. two kids playing in one area it gets messy fast.
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Re: Young ones sharing rooms

i think that sounds like a great idea. Then you can make a playroom in one of the rooms off the livingroom. I've had babies and toddlers sharing rooms all the time. This is the first time I've kept the baby in my room longer than 8 months, mostly because I'm just not sure where to put him at this point. The older one never had problems waking up at night. My kids seem to sleep through anything.
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