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Bedtime is turning into a nightmare with my 3-year-old.

it is KILLING me, but more so, my husband. he's just too tired and stressed out by the end of the day to deal with this.

jack has always been such an easy going kid. it seems like a few months ago he just started getting so stubborn about EVERYTHING. he used to be soooooooooo excited to get into the bath, now he kicks and screams and fights it, but when it's time to get out?? he kicks and screams and fights that too. we let him know in advance, do count downs, etc. it's just a total nightmare. he used to enjoy brushing his teeth, now it's a kicking screaming fit every time. he's fine with it during the day, but at night, WATCH OUT.

and the worst of all, going potty before bed time. he used to potty before bed time with absolutely no problems. he would sleep through the night and pee on the potty when he woke up. it was a non-issue. now? he absolutely REFUSES to potty before bedtime. i just sat with him in the bathroom for 30 minutes trying to get him to go potty because i am so sick of him waking up with soaked pants. (he still wears a diaper to bed but not all of his night diapers work properly anymore). if he pees before bed, he won't pee at night, but if he doesn't, he'll pee in his diaper about 50% of the time.

i'm just so tired. tonight he would NOT pee for anything in the world, so i told him that i wouldn't nurse him to sleep, which he loves. it made me so sad for him to be crying on his way to bed when he's normally back to his happy self as soon as his pj's are on. i KNOW he had to pee. it had been at least two hours since he had last gone, so there had to be *some* in there.

i'm just so frustrated! it's a fight to get him to go upstairs for a bath, a fight to get him in the tub, then a fight to get him OUT of the tub, a fight to brush his teeth, a fight to brush his hair, a fight to go potty, and then i'm supposed to happily nurse him to sleep?? ugh, i can't do this anymore.

please help....?


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Re: Bedtime is turning into a nightmare with my 3-year-old.

It sounds like he's asserting his independence and maybe giving him a choice like "would you like to go potty now or go potty in 10 minutes" would help him feel like a big boy and like he has some control of the situation. Also, I don't think withholding nursing is a good idea at all. He's 3 but still a baby and needs his mama. Maybe nurse him for a minute and then try to potty?
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Re: Bedtime is turning into a nightmare with my 3-year-old.

Maybe make a chart about what needs to be done and let him pick the order. Like brush teeth, bath, potty etc. If you let him put stickers on the items he completed he may enjoy it more?
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