View Poll Results: What type of school do you do?
We homeschool via online charter school. 1 1.00%
We homeschool via a curriculum but not a charter school. 12 12.00%
We homeschool using unschooling techniques. 1 1.00%
We attend a public school. 32 32.00%
We attend a private school. 5 5.00%
We attend a physical charter school. 3 3.00%
We use a combination of techniques and/or have different children doing different schooling. 9 9.00%
We do not have a school-aged child. 35 35.00%
Other, because there is always something else, please explain. 2 2.00%
Voters: 100. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: How do you school?

3 year old DS goes to church preschool one day a week for two hours (all that our church offers so far, they just started the program this year). He also does speech therapy twice a week at the local grade school with a couple of other kids for short sessions (really short...twenty to thirty minutes per sessoin). The rest of the time, we are homeschooling with...well, its not a "real" curriculum because we haven't bought into any systems...we do workbooks that I've found at parent/teacher tools, online, and stuff like that...and then we do a kind of unschooling-type-thing I guess I'd classify it mostly as unschooling since what we do varies greatly depending on the day and what he's interested in at the time. We're still not sure what we're going to do as he gets closer to kindergarten...I very much want to homeschool, hubby wants him to go to a "real school", but only so that he can play sports :eyeroll:
As for it being 'cool'..well, I guess it just depends on the person. DS hates to go to speech until we get to the school...and then he thinks its cool because we walk through the cafeteria (nobody is in there when we go through) and he wants to sit at the "cool tables" and eat off of the "cool plates"....I think part of the novelty to him in the grade school cafeteria is the big screen tv mounted on the wall that is always playing super why or sesame street when we go through there though, not the actual part of school. Taking him to church preschool is a nightmare and we're thinking of completely dropping out. But he LOVES to do "school" at home and is always asking to sit and do something from one of the workbooks, flashcards, or other stuff like that.


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Re: How do you school?

Well, I voted that we do a combination. My son goes to the local public school for speech therapy. The older two are enrolled in a charter school, but here in Alaska, it is not like charter schools elsewhere, so I didn't want to vote that way because it's really not the same. Our charter school doesn't choose our curriculum for us, we don't pay to be a part of it, and they really don't have anything to do with us unless we want them to. We are in it because the state of Alaska will give you money for your child's schooling if you enroll in the state accredited programs. That allows us to buy books and supplies without worrying about the cost and allows the kids to take classes, either at the charter school or through somewhere else (my kids take tumbling right now and my daughter has done tap). We use whatever curriculum works for us that year. My oldest is in 3rd grade and the only consistent thing has been Math-U-See. But we are moving in a couple of months in which case we will just be homeschooling. We are going to miss the money for books and classes, though. Hopefully we will be somewhere with a really good library system. Our's here is a bit off, which is why the money for books was sooooo appreciated.
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Re: How do you school?

This fall, I'll be dual enrolling DD in public school. She'll be taking classes a few afternoons a week. We'll be HS'ing 4 or so mornings a week with Weaver Interlock and Saxon Math. We may eventually send DD to a private Christian school. I'll be doing basically the same thing with DS, but I may use a different curriculum or do more unschooling with him, whatever works.
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Re: How do you school?

While I'm not against homeschooling, I used to teach in a private school and we had several homeschool students transfer in. All of them had a very difficult time fitting in and were, for lack of a better word, "outcasts" among the rest of the students.

However, a couple of my best friends were homeschooled and were very well-adjusted once they reached high school, both very successful in college as well.

That said, we live in an area with excellent public schools, so we'll be sending our kids there.
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Re: How do you school?

We do not have a school-aged child.

I am planning to homeschool, though. I haven't looked into it in any detail yet since dd isn't even 2 yet, but I think we'll start out unschooling then maybe go a bit more structured when she's a bit older (8-10ish).
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Re: How do you school?

I'm a public school teacher, and we bought a smaller house in one of the best districts in Indiana so our kids would go to great public schools.

Then they built a wonderful Christian school across from our neighborhood.

So I'm not sure where DD will go.
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Re: How do you school?

Well I voted combination, but maybe I'm an other. I have 6yo twin DSs. One has autism and is in a phenomenal program in our public school. We, however, had to drop a lot of money (for an advocate, specialists, and a lawyer) to get that program set up.

And right now I teach him everything academic at home first and then he uses most of his "school" time working on behaving appropriately in public and socializing/working with groups of kids in school. I fully expect to pull him out by middle school because kids are just cruel to other kids who are "different".

My other DS is homeschooled with random pieces of curriculum and I expect that he'll stay that way. DD is only 18mo but I'm planning on homeschooling her as well. In general we'll take it one year at a time and evaluate where the best place for each child to be at that time in their education.

As far as "cool", the only people I know who think so are the people in our homeschooling group. And DS loves homeschooling! Instead of having to sit still for 7 hrs, he gets to move around during school and it only takes about 2-3hrs a day. Then we have plenty of time to meet up with the homeschool group for park days, rock climbing, ice skating, bowling, art class, sports, etc... Actually your sister is right. Homeschooling IS COOL!
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