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Re: Night weaning an all night nurser

subing to the thread so I remember in the morning to read all the posts. NAKing now.


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Re: Night weaning an all night nurser

Originally Posted by jesibsmith View Post
It's the hormone our body naturally produces to regulate sleep cycles... if we are sleep deprived (if your LO isn't sleeping at least 45mins at a time he isn't going through a complete sleep cycle, and thus is getting sleep deprived) then we are short on Melatonin.

I would also maybe google some sleep pattern stuff online cause it seems that if by this age he still isn't sleeping very long on his own, then there might be an issue that needs to be resolved with his sleep patterns... I don't know who would be an expert on those things, maybe another mama has a suggestion.

You can usually find melatonin in the supplements section at a health food store or maybe even Walmart.
Thank you, I will check that out

Originally Posted by etsdtm99 View Post
My DD is a pretty horrible sleeper (not as bad as your DS, but pretty bad) and now at almost 3 yrs old we finally figured out she had obstructive sleep apnea and she had her tonsils and adenoids removed a few weeks ago and it has made a huge difference.. i would go to your pedi and tell them right off that you are not asking for advice on sleep training but want to make sure there is nothing wrong.. kwim? I wish i had pushed more, (sooner) because i knew something was keeping my DD from sleeping .. she still has some sleep issues but it just made such a HUGE difference.. she doesn't fight sleep anymore because she (or her body?) knows she can still breath even if she relaxes..

my DD also has issues with night terrors -- where she partially wakes and screams hysterically .. asks for mommy but hits me etc. .. we have figured out that if she wakes and is crying we have to get a wet wash cloth and 'wake her up' and then work on getting her back to sleep ..

really though.. to me, it doesn't sound like your DS is a horrible sleeper - it sounds like something is bothering him.. does he eat well? is he happy when he is awake ?
I wonder if that could be the problem? I had huge tonsils that would block my airway when I was younger and caused tonsillitis, I had them removed at 10 after all those years of them making me ill
He doesn't eat solids very well. He likes things made with dairy, but they make him sick so its a struggle. He loves avacados, eggplant, chicken, bread, but won't always be willing to eat somedays. He does nurse all day whenever he wants though.
He is happy half the time and miserable the other half, but I think it has to do with him not sleeping enough

Originally Posted by gideonsmommy View Post
When he eats, how long does he eat for? If he only nurses for a few minutes and then stops and a little while later eats a little more, he's only snacking and not getting the good hindmilk that will help him sleep. Try getting him to nurse a little longer at a time. And I agree about going to the doctor and getting him checked...something could be bothering him enough that prevents him from sleeping.
Last night he woke every hour, up to 4 times and hour, and at for 10 minutes at a time, I think he is taking in a lot at night although some nights, yes he does just need to suck to get back to sleep.

Originally Posted by musicalisa View Post
I remember being in your shoes with my daughter when she was about 15 months old. I finally night-weaned her, and she cried in my arms for a few nights. Honestly looking back on it, it was a mistake for us (though I'm not suggesting that it is/would be for you). She was taking in a lot of calories at night, and not during the day (she has some food allergies that had yet to become clear), and she ended up losing weight. Now that I'm a second time mama, I feel much more chilled out about it all, and don't forsee myself in that situation with my son. I was really afraid though, at the time, that my daughter was going to night-nurse FOREVER! I was scared!

Even after she night-weaned, we had to repeat the process several times that year because she would get sick – and then all bets were off.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.
Its good to know I am not alone! I still want to rip my hair out though! I have thought he might lose weight if we nightwean, but maybe he would be more willing to eat solids during the day? I would try and nurse longer at each feeding during the day, in addition to using my freezer stash in a cup, since that hasn't been touched in months.
Having to repeat the process is a scary thought aswell...

Originally Posted by mommy_have_it View Post
subing to the thread so I remember in the morning to read all the posts. NAKing now.
I too was up all night last night! I even started recording what time he woke and how long he ate for

We haven't been in for his 12 month well baby, so I think when we go I will bring up the sleep issue. etsdtm99 thank you for pointing out I have to say I don't need help or advice with sleep training because everytime we have brought it up I get the same info: only feed for 5 minutes, unlatch him and let him sooth himself to sleep... Tell your wife no more than 5 minutes of nursing during the night and then let him cry if she has to... I am also looking into a new pedi because she kinda annoys me and has different beliefs
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Re: Night weaning an all night nurser

We finally decided to try and move my daughter to her own room. I slept with her in her room for a few weeks and would try and remove my nipple before she was completely asleep so she could put herself down. After a few weeks of that, with minimal success, daddy took over nighttime routine. When she was really tired he put her down and she wined for a few minutes and fell asleep. When she got up in the night he went in and comforted her back to sleep. This actually and surprisingly really only took a few nights and she was sleeping pretty well. I would bring her in around 4 am and nurse and snuggle. I guess taking the boobs out of the bedtime routine was our solution. I finally got really good sleep and still got my snuggling time and waking up together. It was a nice balance.

Now we have my second daughter (5 months) in our bed and nursing all night long.

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Re: Night weaning an all night nurser

I hope it has gotten better for you... if not I feel your agony on the lose of sleep.
Something that worked for my nite time snacker was to keep her asleep! My midwife suggested we fill her up and prop her up. So before bed I feed my 11 month DD a bowl of oatmeal (she started solids at 4 months), and nurse her to sleep in a propped up position. Some babies get heartburn, gas or reflux that wakes them up. I also cut out one of three naps and shortened the time I had her in bed for at night so she made good use of the time in bed. We go to bed @ around 10 and co sleep until 8am.

The frequency of nite time nursings went down considerably and sometimes I can just place a hand on her and she will go back to sleep. If she really needs the third nap I let her sleep. She naps for 20-30 minutes only. I also let her run and climb all she wants after dinner to tire her out (she started walking at nine months).

So basically some babies dont sleep much and are still healthy happy (usually more alert) babies with very tired mommys.

Also Hylands teething tabs and motrin at night have helped us considerably. Hang in there it does get better.
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Re: Night weaning an all night nurser

B is an all night nurser at 15 months.. A friend did this with her DS and I am thinking about it
Still cosleep but once asleep for the night no nursey til daylight.. She said the gorst night was h#ll, seconf night better, after a few nights he doesnt wake at all
If you LO us an early riser then get up and nurse someone else with lights on if its dark still
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Re: Night weaning an all night nurser

Anyone have issues with thier supply going down after night weaning? We are starting night weaning and I am afraid it will lead to early day weaning because my supply will go down. I want to continue to cosleep as long as possible, but we both need better night sleep and I think night weaning might be the key.
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Re: Night weaning an all night nurser

Originally Posted by LauraA1212 View Post
Honestly I would not mind him in a seperate bed at this point. We are bringing his crib into our room tonight and hopefully using it at some point. I have tried bottles, but ds just will not accept them no matter what is in them. When i was in the hospital last month, he went over 12 hours without eating until he got to the hospital and I nursed him

He gets histerical when he cries and I don't know what to do. Should I give in, just hold and rock him or ignore it?
I feel so bad for him, plus I feel like a failure and like I really did ruin him by never letting him cry; although if I had let him cry I would feel the same way! I feel confussed
Our son sleeps in his crib only because he sleeps SO much better in it. He comes to bed with us around 6:00 AM. Moving him to his crib has been a really good thing for us (much as I love cosleeping).
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Re: Night weaning an all night nurser

HMDocsLady: We nightweaned almost 4 months ago (when DS was 12 months) and I did not have any daytime supply issues... In general your body adjusts your supply because it learns which times of day your LO is nursing... So when nightweaning, your body learns to not produce much milk at night anymore (so you don't wake up engorged) but still produce enough during the day.

So far the only time my supply went down a little was right before and during AF (first ppaf 3 months after nightweaning).

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