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Re: A preemie vent

I totally agree with your decision, although it is a hard one to make with all the pressure. Can you take a little video of her?


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Re: A preemie vent

I totally understand, though I don't have a preemie. Like a pp mentioned, they're just wrapped up in their excitement for you and wouldn't be thinking about the risks of RSV etc. Just be prepared to answer the question multiple times (or better yet, announce your reasons at the start of the shower and let them know you can show her off at the end of the school year).
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Re: A preemie vent

Don't risk it. Even synagis doesn't keep them from getting RSV. It is supposed to make RSV less threatening to them but not keep them from getting it. One of my preemies qualified for and got synagis and the other didn't and didn't qualify. The preemie who didn't qualify and iddn't get synagis was a 34weeker who was admitted to the picu at 5 weeks(39w gestation) with RSV and pneumonia in one lung and the other lung collapsed. It's not worth the risk, I promise you. Don't feel pressured. If all else fails, show up with tons of pictures and say, "our doctor does not want us taking Z out in public just yet because she's still too fragile but thank you SO much for all your support and understanding and this beautiful party. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family and I can't wait to share Z with you as soon as she's stronger and the doctor okays it." Preemies are just too fragile and precious to be inundated with germs. For what it's worth, my youngest preemie is a 33weeker and now 14months and we are STILL doing RSV protocol and quarantine this season because I'm so traumatized from what happened to her big sister. The sight of your child suffering and in pain and struggling to breathe and turning blue and satting 73 doesn't leave you EVER. It colors your views forever and makes you truly thankful for each breath.
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Re: A preemie vent

I think you are being very smart for not taking the chance. My DD was born at 28 weeks and weighed 2.11 lbs. We had a very, very tiny shower with her grandmas, me, and my DD but we waited until she was a little over 4 months old. We cancelled the big shower that had been planned because it just wasn't worth the risk, she had a lot of health issues the first year.

The Synagis shot is helpful and I was very grateful that my DD got them, but it doesn't prevent RSV. My neighbor's preemie son has it right now and he has been getting the Synagis shot every 30 days during RSV season. He is struggling but will make it through is still very scary.

I love the idea of taking lots of pictures of your little girl and even a video. I am sure they will understand. You are definitely being a smart mama!!
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Re: A preemie vent

I have two 33 week preemies and I wouldn't have taken my babies! My preemies are almost 3 years and one is 7 months, and I still limit the places my 7 month can go, wash my hands all the time, don't put him in nurseries, large crowded places, let people hold him, etc. My DD who is the almost 3 year old got RSV at 9 months after being a 33 week preemie and it was HORRIBLE, and lead to bronchitis, she was sick for over a I am still very funny about getting my kids out in germ infested places, don't sweat it about the baby, they'll all get over it *hugs* and enjoy your shower!
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Re: A preemie vent

Appreciate all your replies. I knew you all would get it & I know you are right - my friends just aren't thinking. They just want to see a new baby.
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Re: A preemie vent

My boy wasn't a preemie but I didn't bring him out until he was 5wks old and weighed over 10 lbs! When my brother was born a neighbor came over to visit and she was sick. My newborn brother ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.

You can't play around with any infant's health, much less a preemie!

Stick to your guns, you're the one having to see a sick child. If they don't understand that is their problem! YOu're a mom now, so many choices you make will seem silly to others, but they are YOUR choices, and what YOU feel is best for YOUR child! don't let anyone make you second guess yourself.

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Re: A preemie vent

My son wasnt a premiee but did get RSV at two weeks and now at 2.5 he still gets really sick and gets croup often. It is def not something you want your lo exposed too.
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