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OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

I had read about ammonia stink in microfiber so many times on this board but I had never had an issue with it until we got sick the beginning of February. I was seriously unable to get out of bed and cook any food for myself or the kids so we picnicked in our bed for almost a week. By the time we had the energy to do anything I remembered the cloth diapers (they'd been in sposies while we were sick--it was too yucky for words!).

Sure enough they were stinky enough to stand on their own, lol. I rinsed, washed, soaked in vinegar--everything according to the ammonia thread on here and it still didn't go away. The culprits were microfiber inserts. I ended up soaking those suckers in vinegar for FOUR days STRAIGHT, then I did the whole washing and stripping routine and STILL STINKY!

When I was just about ready to give up, I thought why not?! I put those microfiber inserts into a plastic soaking tub and put straight vinegar on them. Then I thought why not?! again and put oxyclean on them too. STAND BACK MAMA'S! There's a chemical reaction there, lol! It foams up, it gets HOT, it even smokes just a tiny bit. So, I added a little bitty bit of water to swish it around and then. I left them. Overnight.

The next day. NO STINK. None! And these used inserts came to me soo yucky and dingy. Not that next morning, no ma'am! Pretty white inserts, lol. I even tried the same thing on a prefold to get a nagging stain out (I tried everything including the sun). Gone overnight with vinegar and oxyclean.

Now, I wouldn't suggest doing this in an area that isn't ventilated. So, don't stand over it either. Or if you do, stand back and don't inhale. Has anyone else done this? I don't think I would be brave enough to do it with anything with elastic--since it does get hot. But, I'm glad I have an extra power punch in my laundry room now.


Originally Posted by Seralyn View Post
Would you mind updating the original post with all the different dipes this has been used on successfully? And maybe like.. the different combinations people have used? Like.. 2 cups vinegar to 1 scoop oxiclean to 1 cup water... or whatever??

Any diaper fatalities?
I can update on what I've done, certainly. I have used the OxyVin (sorry, I get tired of typing out Oxyclean + Vinegar, lol and I have shortened it in my head to the OxyVin because I'm tired of saying the whole thing in my head too. ) on: Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius (aio's and one size, 2.0 and 3.0,), Willow Buns Bamboo aio, bamboo prefolds (I think they're booty gold or something like that), little lion's UB prefolds, little lions UB flats (they didn't need it but I figured I'd try it out), Rumparooz, Sposoeasy, ATD aio, coolababy, Very Baby, Mommy's Touch OS ai2, and Drybee's Hybrid aio.

I have used these two methods and have the same results in that the stink is gone and I have no stink return. Period. I also haven't had ANY issue with my elastic, wicking, pul issues, snap issues, nada.

Method 1 (original method): Place dipes and inserts in plastic tub and cover with vinegar. A lot of vinegar. Sprinkle 3/4 scoop of Oxyclean over the pile and mix just a bit to get it all the way in. By this time I had a lot of smoking and bubbling and it got really hot so I added 1/4 cup of water to the mix and stirred a little again. I left it alone overnight and rinsed in the washer. A lot! Then I dried in the dryer and no more stinkies. An alternate to this is that you can take the dipes and inserts directly from the tub into the bathtub, sink, or shower even and rinse the tar out of them in there. This is a lot quicker than a washer going through 3-4 rinses (or more if you have a larger load or a front loader) and waiting. I don't like to wait, lol.

Method 2: I placed the newly offending dipes and inserts (oh, and wipes too!) straight into my washer. I washed with my regular detergent (currently using Tide but I have used the military's All Free and Clear and love it) and do a single wash and rinse. It didn't get rid of the stinkies in several dipes (again, these were the one's that the babysitter forgot about for over 2 weeks ). So, I left them in the washer, wet like they already were, poured a whole bottle of vinegar over them (good thing it's cheap, lol), then I put 1 1/2 scoops of oxyclean over them and agitated it for a second on a wash cycle. I stopped it and let them sit like that overnight again (I didn't mean to, but I forgot about them, lol). I restarted the wash cycle and let it go through a full rinse cycle as well. I pulled out the two diapers that were going to take the longest to get the suds out and hand rinsed them in the sink, put them all back in for a final rinse and then I dried them. No stinkies since then either.

I think that covers it. The process is so quick and easy now that I know I'm not going to hesitate to use it if I need to. I don't want to hassle through less detergent, more detergent, bleach, no bleach, dawn, lemon juice, vinegar only in the rinse cycle or not in the rinse cycle, etc. I'm just going to toss them in and forget about them in this concoction and know that my job is already done.

UPDATE: A photo tutorial in post #241!

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