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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

Originally Posted by hikewithpig View Post
Maybe I'm just questioning my mama skills. Gosh do I read enough with him? Do I interact enough with him? My SIL is a SAHM and here little girl, 1 year older, speaks in full sentences...maybe if I stayed home he'd get better interaction. I guess that's when you know you're a parent, you second guess yourself.
I never really did read w/ my DD. She didn't say her first word until 15 months (and it was diaper of all things, not mama or dada, lol). She also didn't walk until 15 months either, but once she did, it took her less than a week to go from 100% crawling to 100% walking. And that checklist you had for your DS's one-year visit? Yeah, my DD was doing none of that either.

But it is AMAZING what a difference time makes. Who's to say that your DS won't speak in full sentences a year from now? That's what happened w/ my DD. She went from no words at all to full sentences (and some songs too) in a year. It's why, when someone asks how old she is, I still state her age in months, b/c a 25 month 2 yr old is way different than a 35 month 2 yr old, lol.


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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

Originally Posted by hikewithpig View Post
Maybe I'm just questioning my mama skills. Gosh do I read enough with him? Do I interact enough with him? My SIL is a SAHM and here little girl, 1 year older, speaks in full sentences...maybe if I stayed home he'd get better interaction. I guess that's when you know you're a parent, you second guess yourself.
Definitely don't compare boys to girls. John Leguizamo once said the funniest (and true) thing that stuck with me. He said he's glad he had his boy first, because if he had had his daughter and then his boy, he would have thought his boy was retarded (his words, not mine). But the sentiment is so true. Girls usually develop verbally faster than boys! It is hard to transition to the toddler room. So far it has been the hardest thing about daycare. My son wasn't walking either, nor talking (and he still isn't much at 18 months) and he cried everyday for a week or two, but alas, now he loves it and doesn't want to leave. I was worried too b/c I'd find him sitting under a crib (the emergency crib), playing alone...eventually though he became part of the group when he was ready. He also wasn't used to sleeping on cots, but he figured that all out too. It is a very difficult transition b/c if we were SAHM, we could do everything on the kid's timetable, but unfortunately, that is one of problems with daycare. Your kid is probably crawling all over the babies in the infant room (my son was, including rearranging the cribs in the room). Good luck, mama!
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

don't know much about daycare, but my 24 month old son is still just pointing and grunting. he's very smart just doesn't have language yet. I'm SAHM and read to him.
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

I would leave. They sound ignorant to me. There's no reason he can't have BM in a sippy cup. NONE. Have you considered in-home day care?
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

Originally Posted by hikewithpig View Post
My little guy turns one at the end end of March and daycare wants to move him to the toddler room less than one week later. In order to move up he has to be walking, self-feeding, and using a sippy exclusively with cow's milk. I feel like they are rushing things. He has just started crawling and there is no way he will be walking by then. They said that it's okay if he's not walking, he'll learn really quick by watching the other kids and want to keep up. It seems like they are strict about the sippy and cow's milk but willing to fudge the 'rules' for walking. I intend to nurse him until he is one atleast, and he is very attached to the breast. But that just seems like a lot of adjustment for him to go through in less than a week, being weened off of the breast, introduced to cow's milk, and moved to a new room at daycare.

Is it possible that I can still nurse him at night and he drinks cow's milk from a sippy during the day? How will that impact my nursing him on my days off?

Also, sadly I am being switched to an evening shift at work ...just compounding his stressors because he won't be nursed to sleep at night starting at the end of this month.
Well, this is my first thought...I wasn't even really able to read past the first paragraph. It is not your daycare's place what type of milk he consumes. That is between you, your significant other and your pediatrician.

Why do they need to move him? My son didn't start walking till he was 15 months old. Who cares? It seems like they have a bunch of rules but yet want to move him anyhow. I can't recall when I introduced cows milk, but it was well after a year. I really can't imagine making any decision about how long to nurse or when to introduce a certain type of food based on the daycare's "rules". You can't just take a blanket of rules and apply it to a bunch of completely different babies.

Anyhow, if it was me, I'd say no to the cows milk till YOU are ready to give it to him. If he takes a sippy, he can just put breast milk in it. It's FAR better for him than cows milk anyhow. And if he doesn't, then they can wait to move him.

I'm a sahm so I didn't have to pump a ton, but when I did introduce cows milk, my son of course was consuming less breast milk than he was when he was only on breast milk. But my supply stayed super strong until I night weaned, at which point I went down two bra sizes. But I still had plenty of milk for what I needed it for (just a couple times a day). And when I did wean, it was easy since I'd done it so gradually.

Anyway, I'd say stand firm in what you feel is best for your son. Don't make a major decision based on your daycare's wishes, it's really not their place.

Um, that's my view at least. Hopefully this is a little helpful.
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

"She actually called it a BIOLOGICAL HAZARD!"

This made me laugh out loud. I know that BM could carry diseases in it, but come on... What have they been doing with it for the past 12 months? And why has that process become out of the question to do now?? Some people just amaze me, and not in a good way. I am glad that the other workers are ok with serving BM in a sippy, and CDs :weee: these workers seem more flexible. (I hope for you that they stay that way)

About it being possible for him to drink cow's milk during the day and nurse at night...that it totally possible. My mom watches my DS (12 months on Saturday) for me while I work, and we started weaning him during the day about 4 weeks ago. At first she added an ounce of cow's milk to a full BM bottle, then after a few days added more and more til it was 1/2 and 1/2. Then he just preferred the whole cow's milk to the 1/2 and 1/2 (of course he prefers BM to the 1/2 and 1/2 or cow's milk ::hehe:. He has been drinking only cows milk during the day with her for over a week now. Except for if he is really fussy, then Nana will give him a full bottle of BM for comfort.

About your DS moving to the toddler room, but not yet walking. At his age, I don't think that seeing the other kids will really "motivate" him or make him want to "be like the others". But I don't necessarily think it would be a bad thing for him to be in with other toddlers who are walking (unless you are uncomfortable, then you should definitly make it known, you are the mother after all). A lot of toddlers 12-15 mo, whether they can walk or not, will still crawl some times too. And most of them will still be teetering around, and he will be walking in no time. they grow up so fast!

I hope everything works out well for you!

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