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Re: get this boy off me!!!!

My DD is HN and part of that is an extream stubborn streak ( for ex while some babies cry and fall asleep after their mom leaves my DD screamed the entire 5 hours I was in night school to the point of voimiting for over a month until she got adjusted - DH had to have his parents come over ) So when we decided to night wean it was a battle that last 3 of the longest days of my life. She was 18 mo old and she really freaked trying to rip off my shirt and be a little monster but that was it 3 days then she slept thru the night every night and got over it . She is still a big night time cuddler but it was worth it.
I read an article on tatrums once concerning head baggers and it said that kids do it hard enough to be dramatic but not really hurt theselves and that like other things should just be ignored but sence I have no personal experience there


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Re: get this boy off me!!!!

My ds2 was that way too. All my boys actually reached the walking stage and would barely nurse during the day (1-3 times) and then nurse 10+ times a night. WIth my second I really just wanted to nightwean him and get him to nurse more during the day. My sleep deprivation got to the point that I thought something was SERIOUSLY wrong with me. I was convinced I had a brain tumor or something because of how I felt (dizzy and nauseous all day long, extremely forgetful... you know, all the signs of extreme sleep deprivation). I weaned him completely at 18 months. I waited too long to do something about it and was too sleep deprived to nightwean so it was all or nothing. He was mad the first day and night but was fine after that. I, on the other hand, plummeted into some serious emotional depths. I was very very very sad for a couple months. I k new that he wasn't ready.

So now with my third (11m), I've started not nursing him to sleep. I just put him in a front carry in a wrap and wear him until he's asleep. He stays asleep when I put him down. He's only nursing 2-3 times a night now and I'm feeling more rested. I know that I need to start refusing at night too otherwise it will be a repeat of ds2.

No advice but big hugs to OP and PP's who are going through this. It's tough. For me, I realized that I needed to actually sit down and write down a list of what I valued about extended breastfeeding and the pros and cons. Then I prioritized it all (I'm very analytical) and showed myself that ***I*** needed to take care of ME or else no amount of attachment parenting was going to make up for my grumpiness and inability to parent well when I was sleep deprived.

It's all about what works for YOU

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Re: get this boy off me!!!!

That is wonderful encouragement, Tranquilseeker. I have been thinking the same thing. I'd LIKE to keep BF until my dd self-weans, but my state of mind has not been healthy. I've been irritable with both my children and my husband to the point that my ds constantly asks me "are you happy, Momma?" That isn't good for any of us.

So--I've started refusing dd and cut back the feedings to 3 or 4 times a 24 period (instead of 8 or more). It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would. My dd even slept TWO NIGHTS in her bed....once until 6:30a.m.! I got up twice to make sure she was still breathing hehe...

I'm not nursing her to sleep anymore, although I offer her some warm milk in a sippy cup (I don't leave it with her however.) She seems happy and I know I'm feeling better getting more sleep! I am cramping and fatigued though---PMS symptoms, I guess?
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Re: get this boy off me!!!!

I'm trying to wean DD again (she's 20mo), I'm also finding it really hard. I would like to start a 3 month treatment of some pretty heavy duty medication but can't do it until she's weaned and I really need to do it before we TTC #2.

She didn't nurse tonight before bed Let's see how tomorrow morning goes. I've been trying to tell her that "nuk" is for babies and that she is a big girl now. She has no issues with milk in a sippy cup and doesn't ask for "nuk" when I'm not around. I really think it's just a comfort thing at this point.

On another note, my husband and I - yes both of us, get stuck nursing her babies now (little people, pigs, dolls).
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