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Weaning and relactating?


I want some advice. I have had ppAF back for 7 cycles now, although most of them have been really short cycles and very erratic, and I think quite a few were anovulatory. I am still BF my daughter but really starting to think that it is affecting my ability to get pregnant again. I feel sad about weaning her, but I also am starting to get very depressed about not being able to get pregnant (first time round it happened first go, so I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong). I know I should do what is best for her, but I have tried to wean her once, she was fine without it for 3 days, she just took the bottle instead and I gave her lots of cuddles and she didn't really seem to notice. I know she would LIKE to BF but she isn't kicking up a fuss. thing is, I got scared and people told me not to wean her just to get pregnant, so I thought i would give it another month and just starting BF again after 3 days (she only has 2 feeds per day, morning and afternoon, and sometimes one of those is a bottle of formula). Is there anybody who has been in this situation before? I was wondering if it is possible to wean her for a few weeks to try get pregnant and then go back to BF (if I get pregnant or not)? Has anybody else done this? I don't think i have a HUGE supply at the moment because she isn't nursing all night and day anymore, and she eats plenty- but there is definitely still milk there. I have 4 friends who got pregnant the month they weaned, so I am thinking it could work for me too... but just wondering if I do that (stop BF for 3 weeks or so) once I am pregnant is it possible to BF her again or will my milk have totally dried up?

PLEASE no judgmental comments about weaning her before she is ready... I think she is fine either way, but it is ME who feels sad about having to stop just to get pregnant. Also I am starting to resent BF her because i feel it is preventing my fertility, and the longer it goes on that i am not pregnant, the more depressed I am getting.


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