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What kind of schedule with a baby?

I have 3. How do u mamas keep a good schedule when u have a baby in the house?

Specifically, do u wake the baby & kids at the same time each morning? My kids usually get up early, but some days the baby sleeps til 8. (dont get me wrong, I mean after her 12am & 5am nursing. LOL)
SO that totally changes when her naps are. Shoudl I be waking her so we can all stay on the same schedule?
And what is your schedule like for the older ones following lunch? WHen do u do a quiet time? It seems I am always making/eating/cleaining up a meal And or nursing and there needs to be time to get them outside to play, too.

thanks so much for helping me sort this puzzle out.


Jen, homeschoolin', Christ-following mama to 5 boys (11, 9, 5, 3, 10 months) and 1 girl (6)!!

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Re: What kind of schedule with a baby?

Sorry, I have no advice, I am in the same pickle! We had a good bedtime routine until the newest baby arrived! Now we're lucky to have two asleep before nine! I am so intrested to see what others have to say!
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Re: What kind of schedule with a baby?

We insist on a nap after lunch, around 12:30/1:00, for everyone. The morning and late afternoon naps may vary a bit, but I need a good stretch of "free" time on a consistent basis. They don't have to sleep, but they have to be quiet in their beds (looking at books if they want) for at least 90 minutes. An analogue clock marked with a permanent marker at the time when they are allowed to get up helps the older ones from constantly asking, "Is quiet time over yet?"

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Re: What kind of schedule with a baby?

The key rule in our house is NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!
my youngest is 5 mo now and i know that we just live in a different world now. There will be dust bunnies, there will always be a dirty dish, and the laundry will never be caught up.
The bigger kids are not allowed out of their rooms until a certain time. I get up with them and when the baby gets up, I wear him. I stop and nurse when he wants to. (i loved when i found a sling i could nurse in!!!) and we do something simple for lunch, the kids help prepare. Then nap after lunch, if the baby and i can nap too, YIPPIE!!!, otherwise it's my time for a bit. Supper is a one pot or "crock pot" meal usually.
The biggest help to our day is the sling or Mai Tai. I can wear him on the front to nurse or on my back to have both hands free since he doesn't stay too long being put down so i get more things done.
Not sure if it helps but we definatly lowered our expectations and just enjoy them as they are only this young once and i don't want to miss a minute!
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Re: What kind of schedule with a baby?

I've tried it a couple different ways and I find it depends on the baby's personality.
Some baby's really thrive on a schedule and take to it naturally and others were more lackadaisical and would eat and sleep whenever and wherever.
Instintively I am a "never wake a sleeping baby" type of person. I keep a routine, but not a schedule.
We do have naptime at about the same time every afternoon for all big kids and toddlers. The older kids read or lay quietly somewhere around the house and the toddlers get the bedrooms to nap in. When I have a baby it's great if they will nap during this time, but sometimes it's also nice just to spend a little time focusing on them. I usually make dinner at nap time so that is out of the way then I just sit.

If you think you'd like the baby on a schedule then try it out for a while. Sometimes just getting the older ones scheduled then letting the baby "do their thing" works to.
Mama to 6 kiddos (13, 10, 8, 6, 3, 2)

Back online and getting caught up. Thanks for your patience.
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Re: What kind of schedule with a baby?

We are a scheduled family here and so we wake and sleep at the same times each day and have a fairly consistent, predictable routine daily. Works best for me and minimizes conflict between the children and I. I like to know when I have me time and know its in there each day, I like knowing when my nursling will be hungry so I'm never having to nurse in public which I HATE, I like having my day broken up in edible bites and everything gets done.
In case you're interested, our weekdays look like this:
Here I wake at 630, get showered, read, wakeup, etc... Get the nursling at 7am and nurse, pump, cuddle, etc... Get the big kids at 730. We play and get dressed and do morning chores. We eat at 830ish and afterwards they play together while I clean up and vacuum, mop, etc... Nursling naps at 930, big kids have play area time till 10 while I have bills/computer time. 10-11 is different stuff each day. 11 Nursling gets up. Pack and Play for the little, big kids to roomtime for play while I fix lunch. After lunch is outside time or errands or a walk for all of us, just depends on the day and what we feel like. Naptime is 2-4. The 4 year old has one book in bed and he can sleep or not but he's quiet and in bed during that time. (He usually sleeps an hour or so)Little people sleep. This is mommy time!!!! I do anything I want: DS, sew, read, nap, exercise, etc... Wakeup is at 4 and we usually head outside for playtime or fold laundry, clean, etc... if necessary inside. Daddy gets home at 5 and we have family meeting/cuddling/daily reports. He takes the LOs so I get dinner together. They are feeding animals and playing. Dinner is usually around 6. Afterwards is family time. Little one to bed at 730, big one at 8. Weekends the naps are still 930-11 and 2-4, waketimes and bedtimes are the same, but everything else is a free-for-all. Good luck finding what works for you mama .
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