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Re: Boys and Potty Training- Help Me!

My ds will be 4 in April. He was fully daytime trained (still wears a nighttime dipe though) about 3 months ago. I tried everything when he was about 2 1/2 and finally I just gave it a rest. When he was a few months over 3 he told me he had to go when we were at walmart and we ran to the potty. From that moment on he was pretty much pee trained, poo took a littlle longer. But really it was just like a light switch went off and he let me know he was ready.

My ped told me boys tend to train 6 months to a year later then girls... but as everyone knows all kids are different.

Good Luck with potty training, I'm glad its over for us for a little while!!!


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Re: Boys and Potty Training- Help Me!

I have to say in general boys get the potty thing later. It's just not as easy for them as girls. It's not a big deal for me anymore if they train later but that may just be because we just finished potty training with our 4th boy and this one we finally realized it was ok to relax with. And we waited for him to be ready and he was done in a bit over 2 weeks. He came to me one day and said he wanted a diaper (he has 2 younger sisters in diapers) and I just told him we didn't have any for him anymore and that was it. But for our other boys, they were all pretty darn close to 4 before everything clicked. Just remember he'll get it eventually and anyone who dares to comment on it should be told to go jump in a lake. My Mother tried to help potty train our 4th by griping at him and yelling at him anytime he needed to be changed. Um, that so did not help. Made him go from interested to totally freaked out by the potty and it took 2 months of being away from her for him to be interested again. He won't go to college in diapers so just relax a bit if you can.
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Re: Boys and Potty Training- Help Me!

Oldest ds started using the potty at 35 months. Before that he just didn't get it, and wouldn't make in the potty but would wet underwear in five minutes. The first day he understood, he used the potty over 20 times. He didn't have too many accidents after the first week, but did have one a day after preschool for about six months at least. He went straight to underwear and night and has only had a handful of night time accidents.

Younger ds started using the potty and wearing underwear at 30 months, and I pushed him a bit because I wanted him to go to preschool. It has been a nightmare, taking over 2 years, and ds almost being asked to leave preschool a few times. We are just now reaching the end of the road, and dealing with just night time wetting. It's much more complicated with him because he has chronic constipation and probably ADHD. I do regret pushing him to use the potty, though he was interested and was copying other boys using the toilet, just because I don't know if it would have been easier if I had waited until he was older.
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Re: Boys and Potty Training- Help Me!

My oldest and my second trained together. Aidan was 2mo shy of turning 5 at the time and KJ was not quite 3.5. Aidan has never had and accident and RARELY wets the bed. KJ doesn't like to stop what he's doing to go potty, but does ok with a few reminders, he also wet the bed quite a bit for a while.. not so much now though. Torrin turned 3 in November. He's interested in the potty and we just encourage him when he wants to give it a try. He's not ready yet though. I put him in undies the other day (just a trial) and he did not make it to the potty once. He can go when we take him, sometimes. I'm in no rush. I know that when he's ready, he'll do it. Since we're homeschooling, there's no rush for preschool or anything like that and I love the ease of letting them do it on their own, when they're ready!

Good luck! My one piece of advice (tried and true), DON'T PUSH IT! The more you push them, the more they'll resist and the longer training will take. If you offer gentle encouragement to go along with their budding interest, it should come together in time.
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