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Re: Mamas who have/has had hyperemesis

I've had hyperemesis with each pregnancy to varying degrees, never severe though. My first pregnancy was probably the worst and I ended up in the ER more then a few times for IV fluids. Once I finally got on Zofran, it did help quite a bit. Had to take Zofran with him until the end. My second was actually my best pregnancy out of 3. I of course was pretty sick in the beginning, but went right on Zofran and was actually able to come off it around 20 or so weeks, same sex too. My third pregnancy has been tough, because it seems like the Zofran didn't work near as well, plus I am chasing two toddlers. I was pretty miserable until about 24ish weeks. I still take Zofran in the mornings or I'd be puking. Up until 24 weeks I'd almost always get really nauseous at night and was taking Zofran then some too. I haven't puked as much as my first pregnancy but I spent a lot more time feeling really nauseous overall.

I think it just really varies though if it comes back and how severe. I hope it is more mild for you next time .


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Re: Mamas who have/has had hyperemesis

I have a question...for those of you that take Zofran, did your insurnace cover it?

I have Great West and for some reason when I was pregnant, my insurance only covered Zofran in the IV form but yet not the pill.

Zofran is truly a miricale drug! I don't think I would have survived without it.

It sucks though because they made me try everything under the sun before giving me the Zofran. Natural remedies,changing my diet,phenergan (made me extremely sleepy).

Next time around, the first sign of me being sick I am going straight to the doctors and requesting Zofran. I am not dealing with suffering as long as I did last time.

*fingers crossed that I won't even need it next time around*

Thanks for sharing your stories ladies! Congrats on those who are pregnant, and I hope the ones that are TTC don't get HG again with their next pregnancy.
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Re: Mamas who have/has had hyperemesis

My insurance covers 6 pills at a time. No copay. So DH is running to CVS every day and half to get my pills. It sure is a PITA.
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Re: Mamas who have/has had hyperemesis

Even though I am not TTC yet (I hope to be soon), I wanted to answer your question.

I had BAD MS with DS. It lasted for 12 days straight with throwing up only 6 times. But the nausea lasted for 12 days straight. I know that might not sound bad but the nausea was the "i-am-going-to-puke-right-now" nausea. I could not eat or drink anything for those 12 days (I think I got some water in) and lost 20 lbs with it. I stayed in bed the whole time getting up to pee (had a barf bucket with me). No one could cook or eat in the house because it made it worse. I actually was scared to get pg again because of it.

But with DD I was prepared. And I only threw up twice in 3 days.

My mom had it from 3 days after concieving til just before birth. My older sis had it for 5 months with all 3 of her kids. I guess mine was just concentrated from 5 months to those 12 days.

I am hoping that #3 will be even less.
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Re: Mamas who have/has had hyperemesis

i had it with both..for that reason, we HAD to space our kids further apart than we wanted...and I highly recommend you do the same....honestly, if my dd hadn't been old enough to somewhat be able to care for herself in basic ways, I'm nto sure what woudl have happened..possibly, she might have starved, lol....but seriosuly,I'm only joking a little..if she couldn't have like,made herself a might have gotten ugly. Also, I had to tthrow out ALL my good parenting insticts, my kids who had never watched tv, etc...became a TV addict. I LITERALLY sacrificed 9 months out of both her life and mine, to bring her brother into the world..there wasn't any fun library trips, reading, going to the park, etc..there was me, laying in bed trying not to die, while wishing to die so the awful nausea and vomiting would stop..and her, subsisting on lunchables, fast food and watching tv all day long. honestly..there are times is feel EXTERMELY guilty about it, and feel like Iruined dd's life over it.....I waited until dd was 2.5 to get pg, and I think that was too eaerly..I think my dd DESERVED a mother for a bit longer before havign hwer taken away and replaced with a bed-bound, sick, shadow of a mother. My only irl friend to also have hyperemesis also waited..until her daughter was six...she actually hada much better time, her dd was in school, so she could go to the hospital and get her IV during the day and still be at home in the afternoons with her dd,plus, her dd was 6..she could eat, do her homework, play pretty independently, etc.
It is a HARD choice.
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Re: Mamas who have/has had hyperemesis

Wow it sounds very familiar. I had severe hyperemesis only with my 3rd pregnancy and was hospitalized for 9 days and went home w/a pic line too. It was not fun carrying around my "black bag" w/my supplement in it. It is just a weird feeling to have 25cm of tubing going from your arm into your chest pulled out when it's all done.

I was so surprised that my 3rd pg was so different from the first 2.
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