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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

ok and now this is oviously a problem for many....So how come so many doctors we have seen says constipation is normal...especially if it is happening frequently.

Our story, it all started at 7 months old.....our longest time w/out a bm is 22 days. We've tried it all (home remedies prunes, benefiber, babylax, supositiories, etc...) we've also tried a variety of OTC and script meds....none of which work for my son. I'd say on average he goes 1x every 10 days, sometimes longer sometimes a little less like 7 days.

I have yet to find a ped or GI specialist to take this problem seriously, and my son will be 3 yr old next month.

We too have up'd the yogurt and the probiotics and that seems to have brought our average time between bm's a lot....but still he is not regular. He is chronically in pain and you can see his tummy it is so hard as a rock and you can see the lump. or here is what we use, we just jumped to the chewable kind tho:

We switched health plans and now the new ped reffered us to a new GI, we go next month we shall see if he is any help.

I think doctors need to take constipation more seriously, especially when you can tell the child is in extreme pain!!!


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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

Ditto many of the PPs

Up the probiotics (acidophilous and lactobifidus), limit the refined sugars, add plenty of fluids and fiber, and, USE LOTS OF FLAX SEED OIL. this is a miracle supplement. Good for the brain, good for the body/skin, and definately good for the bowels

It will help intenstines that have become stretched out over time due to cronic constipation to shrink back to normal, continue for a few months past signs of constipation.


Hope this helps
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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

I didn't read all of the posts so I'm sorry if this is a repeat.


My son has the exact same problem and he is on a stool softener. A stool softener will bring in the fluids from outside of the intestines and soften the stool. A laxative will cause the intestines to make more stool and you do NOT want to do that. You need to get the stool that is backed up out of there first.

Does she have any food allergies? My sons have a milk and soy protein allergy which causes their digestive systems to be all wacky. You'll really have to push to get a ped to talk about this. I would start by taking her off of all things dairy and soy and see if that helps. I have put both of my sons on a vegan diet to try and get it taken care of.

Children do not need milk and cheese for calcium. There are a lot of lefty greens that have tons of calcium and you can give her calcium-fortified juice (which will help the constipation).

I was given this to read and, although he doesn't show all of the signs, I can see this becoming a symptom quickly. It will give you something to print out and take to your ped to get some info.

Good luck!! I know it can be tough to see her going through this.
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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

I know I'm late to jump in on this thread, but had to add another alternative. My oldest two are currently going through this phase and it's horrible. For both of them it hasn't been a dietary issue, it's been a control issue. They don't want to poop, they withhold for days, then get painful BMS and fissures. My DS has had the worst, where he hasn't gone, even with Miralax and an enema for nearly two weeks. It was awful. Things are getting much better though.

I took both kids off the Miralax. It wouldn't work for a while, then they'd get horrible diahrea (sp?) for a week. I finally found something that works. A naturopath suggested it.

Give your child a daily dose of mineral oil. You basically want to make the stool so slippery that they literally CAN'T hold it in. Start with one tsp. at bedtime (don't give it during a meal, or it will attach to good nutrients and expel them too) then increase or decrease until you find the correct dose. You'll know you've found the correct dose when you see oil floating in the water after they've had a BM in the toilet. Decrease the dose until it's just enough to get this result.

You do need to be careful though. If your DC doesn't like the mineral oil, which they probably won't, try to mix it in with some juice or something. If they fight you and cough on it, it can be dangerous. If they asparate on it, it can lead to infections.

I hope this helps. Once the oil kicks in, keep them on it for several months (don't cut it too short) until they're no longer afraid of having the BMs.

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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

I havent read the other posts so i dont know if this has already been said but try Milk Of Magnesia the stuff is great for kids and works like a champ!

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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

you should chek into why she has this problem and her twin sis that eats the same thing doesnt
i think there is something else if youhave done everything possible
just sounds wierd imo
i dunno if youwant to give her soy though wit h the estrogen? what about fortified OJ? that is what david drinks, maybe the one with pulp, would she like that??

eta oops david has calcium supplementes, gummy vites makes ca supplements, they yummy
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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

Haven't read responses...

On the Colon Cleanse thread, someone recommended Dr Schulze intestinal formula #3 for kids. I checked it out on that website and a couple others, and it supposedly works very well, and is safe even for babies.
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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

linky add
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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

acidophilus and lactobifidus!!!!
my son had been occasionally EXTREMELY constipated, untill recently when it was way too frequent to me & after the last incident he ended up w/ a hemmorrhoid.
i really didn't want to give him a laxative for the reasons already stated & none of those food suggestions helped- prunes, fiber, etc. the only thing that SOMEtimes helped was oatmeal w/ cooked raisins in it.
a bunch of mom's suggested acidophilus & i went right out & grabbed some. from the first dose to the next afternoon he'd had 3 BMs that were softer but you could tell it had built up & he was cleaning out- the 2nd day was a very poopy day- now he's back to "normal" w/ 1-2 BMs daily that are very soft but not loose. SUCH a relief.
when i was scouring for info- i found quite a few things that said the lacto acidophilus will help if your child has any lactose problems (which i never THOUGHT CJ had, but looking back, it correlates) & it will help break up the lactose so they can digest it properly instead of causing lactose related probs.
also- a recent study shows that milk has much less calcium than we believed previously so it's not even as helpful as the leafy greens! so there's definately ways to ensure calcium w/o the milk.

good luck & keep us updated on what works & happens
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