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Ped appt left me in tears..hmph

Drake had his 9mo well baby checkup today....I used to really love this ped..I really trusted and valued his opinion...NO MORE.

I left the office feeling

The ped didn't address my concern with drake's lack of urination - he DOES pee..but it's just....very little...not so little that i am worried he's dehydrated or anything...but it's been pretty much since he got sick at 6 mo...he's peed significantly less...it's just weird...and even MIL brought it up without my provocation - so i know i'm not dreaming - TMI : the hole on his penis seems really small and low. If that even makes any sense.

Also, I brought up reflux since it HAS bothered him before enough for medication - he's no longer spitting up, but I think it IS bothering him..keeping him up at night...keeping him irritable.

So...ped...all on his own - without any information from me....decides that his sleeping...is basically my fault. He said that he's waking up ..a bazillion times a night just so that i have to go pick him up...and that I need to get him to sleep through the night so that he doesn't have to 'see mommy like that'....and he said that when i have to get up with drake at 3am, i'm tense..frustrated and angry - according to the ped...and drake doesn't need to see me like that..because he doesn't understand why mommy is like that. ???? I don't know WHAT gave him THAT idea...because I've never been "that" way with Drake...like he's saying that I'm aggressive and jerky with him because i'm angry that he's waking? By 9mo, I'm pretty darn used to having to get up 8 million times in the middle of the night and i'm no longer frustrated by it. Or whatever. I'm definitely exhausted and I do sincerely wish Drake would sleep through the night..but in no way, shape, or form am I angry with him or anything like that.

Ped said that I need to let Drake know that I won't just go get him whenever he cries.... I HONESTLY...in my heart of hearts...and in my motherly gut...do NOT believe that he's doing this just to be a little turd. I believe that it's either 1) reflux, 2) sleep crawling, or 3) personality - meaning, he has trouble sleeping (i do too and not just because of the kids) or he just doesn't NEED that much sleep...or he NEEDS mommy...WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE....i don't think he's doing it just to be disagreeable.

Ped said that in his 36 yrs of experience, he's never met a disagreeable/difficult 9 month old...and that "this is as good as it gets"...meaning...(in his words), by 9 mo...the baby should have calmed to a point of being easily satisfied and will only increase in energy and activity....and he said that a 9 month old should NOT be hyper and incredibly active (btw, I think he's full of ****)....he said that if THIS is as good as it's going to get for me, I'm in for it.

He also went on to say that I needed to see counsel or a medical professional for meds for depression...he says that I'm stressed and projecting that on to drake and making him the way he is...he actually said that my life sucked! Granted, I'm not exactly the happiest I could be...but the doc actually said, "Yea, you can say, your life sucks!"

WTF? Ok....he also...actually prescribed an antihistamine (like benadryl but a lot stronger)...to make drake sleep! He said I need to fix this now or it's only going to get worse...UGH...he completely refused to acknowledge that it COULD be reflux..and something WRONG that's waking him up...his answer? Drug the baby. Uhm, NO. He wants us to go back in 1mo because he "really does want to help" me. Yeah.

Oh, he also said that Drake has figured out that in the middle of the night is a great time to play with Mommy.....so I guess that's why he passes out as soon as I pick him up?? That doesn't happen every time, but we certainly don't play! We either go get on the couch or in the recliner...and sit in the dark...most of the time, he's asleep within 30 min. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter...but we're never playing. He's usually TRYING to fall asleep..ya know, like laying there with eyes closed but not asleep...or laying there and just staring at the ceiling like he can't fall asleep...

UGGGGHHHH...gotta run, dh needs a towel for toddler...can't re-read, but i hope it makes sense.
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