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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I was a little younger than a year old. Apparently my family was picnicking at Golden Gate park where it's hilly. I was taking a nap and rolled over...then I started rolling down the hill. I remember everyone screaming "the baby! get the baby!" and my face being "hit" by the grass as I was rolling down.


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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I forgot to mention a couple other things as well.
1. My grandmother on my father's side died and was buried two weeks before my second birthday. I remember how all my father's relatives were outside the hospital against one wall crying and wailing. My father wanted me to cry because his mother had died (and his sister was making snide comments as well). I refused to cry and said very loudly "I didn't like her cuz she was mean to my mommy and I'm glad she died and I won't cry and you can't make me!"

He spanked the daylights out of me right then and there and I still refused to shed a tear. I was stubborn. But she was a mean old lady that treated my mom, sister, and I like crap and hated our guts.

2. My sister jumped on top of me when I was 2 and broke my left arm. I remember her jumping on it (we'd been jumping on the bed with a cousin at the door supervising us). I got off but left my arm on the bed, she followed me but landed on my arm. I remember when they put the cast on it and that I was in the kitchen with my arm on a sling and a plate of food on my other arm trying to open the utensil drawer to get a spoon. I remember that I asked an adult to get me a "cucaracha" instead of a "cuchara" (cockroach instead of spoon). They were laughing like crazy about it because I'm terrified of roaches and would not want to be in the same room as them, lol.

3. This one I think I was a bit older, maybe three. I was at someone's house and was against the kitchen wall. My father was standing before me holding a dead cockroach by the antenna (one of them big flying ones) and was trying to get me to touch it. He kept saying that he was going to cure me of my fear of roaches that very day. I was crying hysterically because even though I knew the roach was dead, I also knew in my heart that the moment I held its antenna it was going to come back to life and crawl on my hand. There were several adults nearby trying to get him to stop and telling him "can't you see she's scared, leave her alone" but he refused. I can't remember anything else after that but I'm pretty sure that I passed out, that's how hysterical I was.
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I have some scattered memories from early on, but honestly don't have a ton before about 7 or 8. Nothing I really wanted to remember I guess.
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

Originally Posted by ~Ryleigh's_Momma~ View Post
It makes me feel really paranoid now, that so many can remember before 3 yrs old. Up until this time, we've just been living like we have 2 babies in the house...not a child that will have memories. Even things like discussions we have in front of her or things we say when we lose our temper.
I just hate that the only early memories I have are bad ones, and I don't want that for my daughter. It's a good point that I should try to focus on making good memories, rather than preventing bad ones.
I'm pretty sure my parents fought a lot. But, I don't remember those. I remember one HUGE fight between my mom and my aunt. I think I was about five years old. It is forever burned into my memory. Like I said before, my mom was an idiot.

But, you have no idea what your kids will remember. My dd doesn't remember having a broken leg or a cast, or any of her hospital stays when she was sick. But, she remembers when her balloon flew away when she was 17 months old. Why we remember what we remember is anybody's guess. You can't always make happy memories. They will remember weird off beat things.

One thing I remember so vividly is my first yellow bathing suit. It was a hand me down from my cousin. It had little plastic fishys inside the suit.. I loved that thing SO much. I can still remember it's smell. I was under three years old.. but, I still remember how that bathing suit smelled of pool water.

Oh.. one more smell. Every fall until I was about five years old, I would get a pair of black and white saddle shoes. (like Bert's shoes on seseme street) I can still remember how they smelled. I can't ever find that smell again. (Yes..I've sniffed shoes in the store)

It's funny how we remember smells so well.

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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I remember nursing from my mom at our old house that had a sun room up front, I saw shadows of my older brother and the neighbor girl running around out front through the mini blinds. I was about 15 months according to my mom.
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