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Need advice from sleep sharing mamas

DD is 8 mos and just started getting REALLY mobile. When she wakes up from a nap it particularly worries me b/c she doesn't make a sound but can literally get from one end of the bed to the other in seconds. I used to "barricade" her w/blankets but now this minor obsticle buys me only a few seconds. Bed is already on floor but its hardwood (ouch!) and have always nursed her to sleep so I don't think a crib would work...

Help! Suggestions?


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Re: Need advice from sleep sharing mamas

I could see just making sure the room is childproofed and hoping after a bit she learns not to bump her head. We've done that with one of the kids. But my husband really hated having the mattress on the floor so we changed tactics a bit for the rest of the kids. What we started doing was always have a second place available for the baby to sleep from day 1. A cradle or pack-n-play or crib or whatever works for you. We usually use a cradle when they are really little since we often have the next youngest kid still in the pack-n-play and then move everyone around in a few months. This way the baby gets slowly used napping without Mom. We still co-sleep whenever able. At night, when I'm able to nap with them. But I always know there is a safe place for baby in case hubby or I get too sick to have the baby in bed, in case a sibling gets sick in the middle of the night, in case I"m not able to lay down with the baby, just in case something crops up. So I guess I would either switch naps to a really low mattress or area on a floor (can the baby nap in the main area of the house or are there other kids/pets/noises that would bother the baby) or I would slowly start making the transition to a different sleeping arrangement for naps. I hope you find something that works for you quickly. Naptime movers can be very nerve wracking.
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Re: Need advice from sleep sharing mamas

Well, with our DS our bed was on carpet. The girls can move now, but they don't nap in bed. So I'm not in your situation, but if I wad I would just put pillows down on the floor, LOL. DS actually learned to get out of bed pretty fast on his own w/o killing his skull. Sorry, not much advice but I think all I would do is pillows or some other kind of soft thing on the floor especially if you're just worried about nap times and you'll be around for the morning wakes, etc..
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Re: Need advice from sleep sharing mamas

wnat to know my honest opinion?? childproof the room, put a baby gate at the door and call it good. if the bed is on the floor he isnt going to get Hurt by falling out of bed. he may cry, but he wont be hurt like a fall off a real bed or couch. He will however learn not to do it too often.

if your mattress is unusually high, you could put down yoga mats around your bed but I'd find it annoying to vacume around them.

I've got a platformbed (no boxspring) so its about 12 in off the floor. I put dog beds around the bed and called it good. the distance from bed - floor was about 6in and she learned quickly how to get out of the bed safely. we taught her to back off butt first and put her feet down.

now, at 16mo she's able to climb back up and spends quite a bit of time geting off our bed and on our bed and off/on. .... much to the annoyance of the dog who actually sleeps on her ... 'stepstool'.
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