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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Oooh I might have to try this! I've been cloth diapering for months and using allens to wash with and haven't had any stink issues until this last week or so. Dh usually takes care of our water softner and last week he changed the battery and added salt. Well he let the salt get too low and we ran out of soft water. With the timing of it I'm thinking maybe the hard water had something to do with the stink because now all of a sudden her diapers smell like amonia, yuck. They smell "ok" coming out of the dryer but soon as she pee's in them they smell like amonia.

I have a tub oxiclean versatile, I may have to get some more vinegar and give this a try.


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CDer Miriam
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Oh, wow!

I'm so glad I found this thread! I'll be trying this method with my ammonia-stink inserts this weekend!
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

okay, I am so picking up some oxiclean tomorrow!
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

judging by all the responses, this sounds like it really works!!

i am a new cd'er but am already having issues with ebf stains. i wanna try this but i have to ask: is anyone finding that there kid's skin is irritated after using this method of de-staining/de-stinking? just curious since the combo of the vinegar and oxyclean makes such a caustic chemical. somewhere in there someone mentioned that this combination is used as an "industry level disinfectant." if i saw something with that label in the store i would probably not be inclined to buy it for the purpose of cleaning my baby's diapers. so i just want to make sure this is safe to use before i go crazy with it.
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

has anyone used this combo on the BG organics?? does it affect the PUL in any way?? I don't wanna ruin my dipes
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Ok, I just tried this upstairs with 2 nighttime hemp inserts and a GM and bamboo doubler. We've had ammonia stink in all of them when DS wakes up in the morning and the vinegar soak has not been enough to stop it. I used about 3-4 cups of vinegar, one scoop of Oxiclean Free and then added some hot water from the tub. Lots of foam and I'll see what happens next.

I guess I'll let them soak for at least 4 hours and then rinse them in the sink before throwing them in the washer for another cycle to rinse the suds. I'll update this week!

Update 1: let them soak for 6 hours, then rinsed in the sink. There weren't too many suds so I'm hoping I did this right. The GM seems a lot brighter even though it wasn't stained. I ran it through 2 hot cycles in the washer and am now drying. Will update about ammonia smell when I use them next!
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Originally Posted by sassylilmama View Post
hmmm now I wanna try it just to see the reaction lol
Me too! I already have my older kids tie dying diapers this week now we can have a science project with the ugly diapers!!
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

I have noticed how hot oxy clean gets before, never with vinegar though.
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

This thread is awesome!!! I read the whole thing

Haven't had any stink issues, but I've only been CDing for a little over a month. I recently got some dipes off FSOT that I haven't used yet. I was thinking that I should strip them before using them on DS. I'm definitely gonna do this to them. We already have big giant things of vinegar and oxyclean from Costco. I'm ready to go!
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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Holy Cow!! I just read through all 15 pages of posts and ran looking for my oxiclean..thought I had some, but I didn't. I did have some Ecover non-chlorine bleach though....

I don't have microfiber or even stink, but we have hard water that leaves awful dingy's on clothes & diapers.

I started my experiment right away with several diapers that I was sunning today (but it is cloudy & overcast...). I put in some regular dingy clothes also with white vinegar (didn't have much) and the ecover bleach. It started fizzing right away but wasn't deep enough to cover the clothes, so I added hot water (in a basin in my sink). It smells kind-of yeasty & is still bubbling some. I go & poke at it now & then.

The diapers are amazing!! The dinginess is gone and so are most of the stains - still got a couple of hours to go on the soak, but I've got to go buy more supplies and get going on our whites, towels, socks - all the horrid dingy laundry in my house!! Amen - this is amazing. I'll keep you updated....can't wait to try this in my FL.

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