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The triumphant home VBAC of Arwen Olivia *long*

Arwen Olivia
8lb 0 oz
21 inches
12.5 inch head
15.5 inch shoulders

Tues night (6/2/09) I was feeling like the contractions (now referred to as pressure waves) were regular enough to try to time them. They were about 8 or 9 minutes apart and I wasn’t dehydrated this time so I was fairly certain these were for real. I decided to get some sleep and managed to “sleep” from about 11pm to 3:30 am. At 4 am I gave up for good (I’d visited the bathroom about 5 times during that time period). I started timing and they were about 4-6 min apart regularly. I got a bowl of cereal, told DH to get his mind in gear (he’d been up the whole time working on something for work) and piddled around the house. I got my birthing hypnobabies tracks put on my ipod and worked on just relaxing. I wasn’t trying to wear myself out, but I just felt a little better if I puttered around and got things straightened (no I was not cleaning the baseboards).

Around 5:30 I called the midwife and my MIL. MIL was coming to get DD. Now I love my FIL dearly, but when he answered the phone (mind you the poor man was dead asleep) I almost reached through the phone to murder him. I told him it was time to get his grand daughter and he said “Oh, that’s a problem” At first I thought he was joking, turns out he wasn’t. The van was filled to capacity so there was no room for a carseat. I in no polite terms told him we would figure it out and he just needed to get here! They got here before the midwife between 6 and 6:30 (they live a little ways off) and I was almost done packing DD (I hadn’t wanted to wake her too early and you know you need all that stuff so you can’t pack days in advance). They weren’t here long (maybe 20 min max) but to me it felt like they’d just decided to stay and camp awhile Such is my feelings in labor!

They left and Jean (the midwife’s “assistant”. She practically is a midwife, she just hasn’t taken the certification test yet) showed up. She checked me and I was at a 6. DH had the pool almost filled up by this point and I got in as soon as he did. Now I’ve been listening to the hypnobabies tracks since about 4:30 or 5. I get in the pool and next check I’m about 8 and feeling pushy. I’ll have to ask Jean about this b/c it seems pretty simultaneous that I said “f*** it” threw my ipod across the room and started pushing. I dare say that’s not true b/c pushing at 8 is not a good thing. ETA: Apparently I pretty much jumped from 8 to 10 really quickly.

ETA: I got my notes from the mw and When Jean checked me at 6cm it was 7:15, the in-laws had just left and the pool had just filled/was filling (don't exactly know). I think I was blocking my labor a bit waiting for those two things to happen b/c I started pushing at 8:15!

I loved, loved, loved the birth pool!!! I was pushing squatting and in between it was no effort to roll back onto my back with DH holding me under my armpits and completely go limp and rest. There was almost no effort to get into position. After about 1 hr of that (Marilyn has showed up somewhere in here, the midwife) Marilyn suggests that I try in a reclined position, pretty much the same position I’ve been relaxing in. I’m afraid this is going to work against gravity and she has to calmly explain that I am not flat on my back with my legs in the air. They also ask if I want to try the bed and I most certainly do NOT! I should have listened, but more on that later. After switching positions it didn’t take long at all for my sweet little girl’s head to be born. Unfortunately, her shoulders were not so cooperative. A little more info below but if you’re trying to avoid any negativity for your birthing time you might want to hold off reading it. A word of warning, do NOT push the baby out in a birthing tub, push out on dry land.

I am so much better after this birth than after the c-section of my DD! I can get up on my own, I actually remember the birth, and I have no PP depression. A little of the baby blues, but it's more like a spontaneous cry than a day after day wish to escape. I am thrilled beyond words, this birth was worth every discomfort (see below) and every minute of prep. Thank you Lord for my beautiful homebirth VBAC and the safe arrival of Arwen Olivia.

DD’s a little confused by the big blue thing in our living room (no water yet)

My beautiful family

Hypnobabies: I really think it would have worked better for me if I’d done my homeplay activities. I was not nearly so diligent as I should have been and hypnosis takes effort. When I was in the hypnobabies classes and we were doing a script I was able to completely forget I was having contractions and really go into a nice deep state. However, on my birthing day, DH was pretty unavailable b/c he was setting up the birth pool and doing other things (I should have had a doula too). It’s no fault of his, but by the time he was available I was farther along than I should have been to start it. I simply didn’t have the time between pressure waves to get myself into my state of hypnosis. And it works better to be in the “off” position during a pressure wave and I really felt the need to move. I do believe it’s the running script on the player was the only reason that I got that broken 5 hours of sleep. All in all the class was definitely worth it (I only got to attend 5 of the 6 classes), but I wish I’d been a better student.

About the birth tub: Because I chose to actually give birth in the tub, after the head was birthed the shoulders got stuck. Since I was in the tub, we didn’t have the leisure of trying to work them out for more than just a minute (if that). It was imperitive that we get the baby out and we (the midwives) had no maneuvering room and couldn’t tell if the cord or baby was compromised so I just had to push. The 12 inch head didn’t get me, the 15 inch shoulders that came out all at once did. Until me, in 26 years my midwife had only had one other hombirht need stitches. I don’t know how many I got but the midwife they called couldn’t sew me up so they sent me to the ER. I had 4th degree tears and tore my labia. It’s been a week and life is still not pleasant, but NO C-SECTION

ETA: I've now done research and been told that being in the pool had nothing to do with the tearing. Maybe a hand, maybe too enthusiastic when they wanted me to push (I felt like they were telling me the baby had to come out now). Not sure, but apparently not the fault of the pool!
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