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Nursing & Pacifiers?

When I nursed my DD, I didn't introduce the paci until she was about 3-4 months old and mainly I did so because she would use me as a paci to fall asleep and for car rides.

Now with DS, who is 3.5 weeks old, I'm thinking of introducing the paci now because he likes to nurse for everything, meaning even when he's full but has gas he wants to nurse which makes things worse and makes he spit up alot and often. Is it a mistake to do it this early? Should i even do it at all just to have to break a habit later on?

How do you EBF and not use pacifiers? I'd be interested to know. Thanks!


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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

ODS got a paci at the hossy and we ebf to 7 months
Im thinking of intro one to Tay because he is using me as a paci
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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

DD2 does the same thing and it makes her gas worse to comfort nurse. I gave both of mine pacis at a few days old and neither ever had a problem breastfeeding at all, and DD1 was a few weeks early.
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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

I EBF for 13 months and DS had a paci starting at the hospital. I didn't mind comfort nursing, I just couldn't do it 24/7 because of the gas issues.
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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

My oldest had a paci starting day 1 and she nursed until she was 2. The paci didn't affect our nursing whatsoever. But she still needs her paci to sleep- and she's 3 now. I would love to get rid of that thing.

My youngest dd never has taken a paci. It was hard, because she comfort nursed for gas which is a vicious cycle. But once she found her thumb, life was good.

Be careful giving a paci so young though- your baby might or might not have a problem with nipple confusion, but you won't know until you try, and by then it could be too late. I was very lucky with dd1.
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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

Ohh I have tried and tried to get my daughter to take the pacifer! She took it after she was born only when she was soo worked up and crying hard. Once she calmed she would spit it out. She hates the taste! But never any nursing issues........ However I did have problems giving her a bottle on a few occasions as she liked how easy it was to get milk from the bottle..........
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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

DD2 had a had a binky since she was 2 days old and she was ebf until 6 months when we started solids. It has never been an issue for us and she is still going strong at 7 months...
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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

My dd#2 took a paci from about the third or fourth week because she was literally at the breast 24/7. The paci made her so much more enjoyable. She still nursed regularly and we never had an issue. I nursed her til she was over 15 mos. Now on the other hand the paci went bye bye when she was 3.5 years old and that was way more traumatic lol.

As a general rule I think that most babies are able to take a paci without an issue. But there are occasions where it can be a problem.
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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

I nursed dd2 for 20 months, she took a paci 1-2 weeks after birth. DS took a paci right after birth, and is still nursing at almost 9 months. I think if you follow their cues as to whether they're hungry or fussy, you can avoid a lot of nipple confusion.
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Re: Nursing & Pacifiers?

It was a MAJOR problem with us and the first baby so then dd2 didn't get one. She does comfort nurse sometimes and I don't love it. What i did in the first couple of weeks was this:

ONLY at night on VERY few nights, the ones where she WOULDNT go to sleep on me was to stick the paci in her mouth and hold it while she sucked, then I'd take it away as soon as she was good and asleep. I DID NOT give it during the day EVER and ONLY a few times during the night. I'd def be careful with it-it was sooo hard with my first and I had to take it away-then she found her fingers. Now if I had a choice I'd sooo take a paci over finger sucking, it's something you can take away to wean from, dd1 is almost four and is still sucking her fingers-she just weaned a few months ago So you have to do what's best for you!!

This baby is def. a comfort nurser and much more "into" nursing than Kaytlynn ever was and I do think that is another reason I'm glad she didn't have a paci/suck her fingers. She's not gone on a strike yet and Kaytlynn was sooo hard to nurse around 9-12 months from getting her sucking needs met else where!! just something to think on!
GL momma!
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