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special diet or supplements for the SPD child

After yet another failed attempt at getting through a church service I decided that maybe if I alter LJ's diet it might help him focus better. I was reading online and it's so much information that I thought I'd ask here as I know several moms with SPD kiddos.

Are there certain things I should avoid? Certain foods that will help him? And are there any supplements I should give? I read Omega 3 is good.

Please help.


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Re: special diet or supplements for the SPD child

For us, and anecdotally a lot of other SPD kids, NO RED DYE 40. Bad, bad stuff. It's like giving them super-steroids, and takes 3-4 days to metabolize and fully clear the system and wear off. Dd2 would just completely flip out at literally any tiny thing (like looking at her wrong ) and smash into things and scream and flail and not be able to stop until she was collapsed on the ground, hands over her mouth, screaming/sobbing until she was too exhausted to continue. Over and over again. For the 3-4 days it takes to wear off. If she gets a little bit of red dye, like when she snagged dh's red Powerade, 3 days later she flips out again the exact same way, complete psycho freakouts over nothing until she screams herself into exhaustion and passes out. So not worth having Otter Pops. (Had them for 5 days, had her flipping out for two days at the end, realized what it might be, stopped the Otter Pops, and then got to endure 3.5 more days straight of it before it fully cleared her system and she turned normal again. People we barely know and good friends alike were asking if something was wrong as they could hear her across the building at church and see her going crazy, etc.)
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Re: special diet or supplements for the SPD child

If you are able to see a nutritionalist that specializes or works with behavioral diets that is helpful.

I agree with pp on no red food dye. Others are the glueten (although this doesn't seem to affect DS as much), Dairy (but this could be just certain dairy items or all)

I have found the best bet for us is to go as natural as possible. WE don't do processed foods much but I may dry my own fruit or veggies for them. I use almond and cocunut milk instead of reg. cows milk. Omega 3 vit. I have also learned that after every meal I put together a small bowl for each child and when they are hungry they can pick something out of it for the day this way I know they are eating healthy but they still get a choice.

Good luck it is a lot to process.
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Re: special diet or supplements for the SPD child

Boy - I wish it was clear that something in my DD's diet was set things off - but we haven't found any link (she is 7.5 years old). Like the poster above, we try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. I give her Omega 3 as well.

Good luck on your journey. I hope you find something that works for your son!
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Re: special diet or supplements for the SPD child

No: Gluten-Lactose-Preservatives-Dyes (expec red #40)
Supplements: Enzymes; we use: Mightyzymes through youngliving EOs:

We have found that if Daniel gets ANY gluten; he becomes his old uncontrolling; off the charts child again. It takes about a week for him to go back to is "new" normal self. Mellow with way less meltdowns.

I also have serveral friends that swear by this diet:
Specific Carbohydrate Diet
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