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Please help me with my 11 month old's sleep problems

OK ds is nealry 11 months old, we co-sleep, babywear, breastfeed, and refuse to CIO.

1st situation -
The only way he will go to sleep at night is to be worn down. he must be cradled in the sling to go to sleep. most nights its nothing, 3-5 mintues in the sling and he's out, and we can lay him down. sometimes naps are the same way. If we're home all day he'll fight the nap and not go down unless he's worn. if we're out and about and in the car he'll pass out in the car or when im wearing him thru the store in a MT. I'd really like to wean him off of being slung to sleep at night. i'd love to just be able to lay with him and have him nurse to sleep, but the few times i've tried it its like a 40-60 minute ordeal and i have to physically restrain him from getting up and playing and he ends up crying for a few mintues then settles down and finally sleeps, but its not fun and i dont want that to be his experience with sleep. Any advice on how to transition him from the sling to just laying and nursing to sleep?

2nd situation-
In the beginning he would sleep 4-7 hour blocks, including in the hospital after his birth (when the nurses kept insisting i wake him to feed, ), anyway, once home i never woke him to feed, if he was sleeping i let him. until he was about 5-6 months he would give me at least a 4-5 hour block, sometimes up to 7. i was a blessed momma.

Then he started cutting teeth and it all went downhill. His normal sleep cycle is about 40 minutes. both his naps are 40ish minutes. When i first put him down at night i've got 30-35 mintues before he wakes up and needs to be put back to sleep with the boob. For the remainder of the night he's up every 1.5 - 2 hours or so and the only way to get him back to sleep is to put a boob in his mouth. he's never been a big fan of pacifiers or his thumb. we just got a twin bed for him to sidecar to our queen so that we have more room and to hopefully eliminate any chance of my tossing and turning waking him. I'm getting terrible sleep. i havent dreamt in i cant remember how long, and i'm the type that always dreams and always remembers them. How do i get him to go back to sleep without my nipple in his mouth?

I've recently started trying to create a "lovey" bond with one of his stuffies. Every time i put him to sleep or nurse him to sleep i've got his stuffy between us and i put his hand/arm on it. sometimes he pets and rubs it, other times he insists on rubbing me. i'm hoping that eventually he will associate this stuffy with going to sleep and i can just snuggle his stuffy to him and he'll go back out. am i dreaming?

Anyone got any advice???


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Re: Please help me with my 11 month old's sleep problems

No clue sweetie, really I wish I did.
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Re: Please help me with my 11 month old's sleep problems

I am going to read all the responses as we have the EXACT problem wioth our 10.5 month old!!!

Happy New Year!
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Re: Please help me with my 11 month old's sleep problems

I think the lack of responses shows how there are no easy solutions. My ds is 16 months old and he needed to worn down until he was about 13 months old. Then he went through a horrible period where nothing would put him to sleep, he cried in the sling, when bfing, rocking etc. It turned into a bad cycle as he got so overtired that he was beyond sleep. This went on for 3 ugly weeks and we often ended up putting him in his crib when nothing else would work anyway and just sat by him while he cried and offered him what comfort we could. Then something broke and he started to fall asleep in the crib while we patted him and rubbed his back. He stopped crying before sleep and would go to bed easily if we just stayed next to him with rubbing and patting. This was fantastic but he got terribly sick two weeks ago and we are back to the begining. I am just hoping it gets better faster this time. I just realized this seems rather unhelpful but I do believe there is hope, it is just a long and gradual process. We also found the No Cry Sleep Solution and Sleepless in America to be helpful books with good ideas for us.
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Re: Please help me with my 11 month old's sleep problems

I don't know if you're already doing something similar, but, do you have an overall bedtime routine? I understand that the last thing is wearing him down, but what do you do before that time to let him know that the time to sleep is coming? I can't remember at what age I started one with dd who is now 16 mos. And mind you, we co-slept until she was 14 mos and the kicking just go so bad at around 11 oer 12 months that I moved to an inflatable mattress on the floor in her room with her. Nevertheless, our routine before we hit the sheets was the same. Bath - if it was a bath night, I must confess I don't do that every night - bed time story and then lights out and I'd sit and nurse her to sleep in the rocker, or, once we moved to the mattress situation, I nursed her to sleep there.

She only began sleeping through the night last Thursday. I would get a good 2 hours before she was up for the first time and then she'd wake 1 or 2 times more before morning.

At 14 mos, I could see that dd was comprehending enough to be able to understand that she was going to sleep in her crib again. And that she was going to go to sleep on her own. No more nursing to sleep. It took 2 weeks to get that going and 2 months before it turned into a full night's sleep. We started Jan. 1. I did not take nursing out of the equation, I just moved it to before the story. So, you don't necessarily have to take wearing him out of the equation, but not let it be the last thing he does before going to sleep.

Not sure I've said anything helpful yet. I wonder if ds is getting enough rest during the day? Or if you may want to attempt to put him down earlier if he's going to sleep after 8pm. If you don't catch his sleep wave just right - when he would easily ride that wave to sleep - his little body releases a hormone that actually tells him to continue to stay awake.

Changing his overall routine will take a strong commitment from you. We did not do CIO either, which is why dd's routine didn't change (meaning going back to the crib) until I felt she could really understand what was going on. And even then, I did not let her cry for more than 10 min. Started with 2, then 5 then worked up to 10. Now, she'll whimper for about 45 sec before zonking out.

I hope something in here is somewhat helpful!
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