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I'm right there with you. I think this is pretty common around this age b/t growth spurts, teething and becoming more interactive during the day (ie less interested in nursing).
We had a "high needs" aka colicky newborn and then around 4.5months we got about two weeks where he was only waking me up once or twice. Like you, I though "yay! I can finally get some sleep!" Then at 5 months he was waking me up every hour or two. sigh.
I know you said you tried every book, so I'm sure you've read No Cry Sleep Solution. Following the suggestions in that book helped me to set realistic expectations and to FEEL better about the situation. Some of the suggestions have worked too, but the book is in no way a quick fix.
I know it's not what you want to hear, but I dont' think there is a quick fix... except CIO but I wasn't willing to do that personally. So I've just been keeping up with the NCSS solutions and forcing myself to nap during the day.

sleep deprivation sucks!


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OK, I posted a nice long response earlier but I guess it got lost in cyberspace.

Anyway...what's YOUR diet like? Are you eating healthy? Fruits, whole grains, veggies, etc.? Buy a couple of party trays if you have to but make sure you're getting what you need so you can produce what your DC needs.

And sleep when he sleeps! I know how badly it hurts when they've been sleeping good to have them up at all hours again, but if you wanna BF you're gonna have to adapt to his schedule as much as possible. (Here I am assuming you're a SAHM. If you're not, and can't do, I feel for ya. I had a friend who worked fulltime and pumped, but then her babe got his days and nights mixed up and nursed all night...and she was a walking zombie for quite awhile.)

If you CAN sleep when he sleeps, definitely do that. And let everything else wait. Dirty dishes can't grow feet and run away. (Although sometimes I wish they would! )
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Originally Posted by MamaEli View Post
Same story here--DD is 6 months old, and I thought I was doing something SO wrong--she would be up every two hours: down at 8:30, then 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, and then sleep until 9. This went on from about 4.5 months until now...although the last couple of nights seem to have been a little better. Know what gave me so much reassurance? On the mothering magazine webiste for this month there is an article about exactly that. Its called Sleep or Bedtime or something like that. It has given me so much peace. Essentially, it says that's NORMAL for babies, and that our society has placed unrealisitic expectations on our little ones. What ends up happening is mother's start resenting the time and think there is something wrong with them and thier baby, when really it's totally NORMAL. She says it much better than I do, though. If you have time, check it out, and just keep on keeping on! Try to enjoy the warm little body against yours as a special private moment (easier said than done for the 3rd time that night, I know.) Good Luck!

Is it possible for you to send a link for this? I tried to find it because I'm in the same boat! My DS is 10 months and we'd had some longer stretches of sleep at times, but now we are back to the all night nurse fests. Ugh! I wish I could help with advice although it seems that nothing really works for us. He seems to just sleep longer when he feels like it. I am going to try the suggestion of a really healthy diet and a friend said a lactation consultant put her on fish oil tablets to fatten up her milk. Not that it's working for her either. Guess we all have these normal babies!
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Thanks for all the support, ladies! It's good to know I'm not alone Even as I was posting this I already pretty much knew that there's nothing I can really do but accept it, but it's so nice to hear that my child is not abnormal!!!

I won't CIO and even with solutions offered in books like No Cry Sleep Solution I just can't do it, I don't have the heart when my baby's crying and obviously hungry. I won't put my child on a schedule that he doesn't set himself (as suggested in books like Babywise ). And he is exclusively breastfed (We may start solids next month but I want to postpone as long as possible due to severe family food allergies). So I guess I just have to grin and bear it the best I can. And keep reminding myself that EVENTUALLY he will sleep all night long...eventually...

My diet is pretty good, I've really been making an effort to get lots of fruits/veggies and whole grains and proteins (this one is always hard for me...not a meat lover...) and not eat a lot of processed foods. I feel better than ever aside from migraines due to lack of sleep (and probably not getting enough water. When ds was newborn I guzzled water, nursing made me sooo thirsty. Now I am so busy keeping up with him that I often forget to drink ). In fact most of the time during the day I am fine (I get tired spells in the afternoon of course), it's just at night I feel so depressed about waking up all.the.time!

I so wish I could cosleep. I have absolutely nothing against it and I do wish I could cosleep because it is sooo much easier to breastfeed when we share a bed!...but I just don't sleep well when we do. I am such a worrier that I am constantly worrying about the baby and I don't sleep at all. I don't worry that I will roll on him but I worry that I will accidentally cover his face with the blanket or my pillow, and now with his rolling and scooting I worry that he will fall off the bed! I do bring him into bed with me in the morning, after my husband gets up to go to work, because that way there's more room and I don't worry nearly as much about something happening! That's my favorite part of the day, waking up to his smiling, screeching face!

And I know my pediatrician is wrong. I have never had supply issues (I actually had oversupply issues my ds had to learn to deal with!), and it's ridiculous to think that supplementing with formula would help. It really angers me when I think about the advice he is giving out. I know a lot about breastfeeding and I am confident in it and I would never take the kind of advice he gives, but what about some poor mom who isn't so confident? He is potentially sabotaging successful breastfeeding for some women! (On this note does anyone have any advice on how to find a pediatrician who supports Attachment Parenting???)

Anyway, just wanted to say THANKS and to all the other moms in my same boat!!!
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Originally Posted by aept View Post
I just wanted to second (third?) that the sleeping pattern is NORMAL, and that our family also found that co-sleeping was the best way to cope. Honestly, the only people I know who "supposedly" have babies this age who do sleep through the night are ones who are exclusively formula-feeding and have their babies on "schedules". (Not to say that's bad - we just don't do either of those things.)

And even then, I wonder if their babies really sleep through the night consistently or not...

Us too.... Started at 5 months and is just now tapering off a little at 6 months. to you momma.. It'll get better! As for supplementing w/ formula, if your dc is gaining weight normal, I would follow your parenting instincts and not that of a doc's. It is a proven fact that formula fed babies sleep longer through the night because of the stuff that's in the formula that's harder for little bellies to digest.
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