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WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

We saw my OB yesterday to get my Uterine Fibroids checked out and make sure that they have not grown. They blocked my birth canal during my first delivery and I had to have a C-Section. So everything looks Ok and he said to go ahead and stop the mimi pill and try to conceive again. But he told me that i shoulds stop bF'ing when I get pregnant. I am hoping that we will conceive this summer, so my DD would be about a year and I don't want to stop. So I am looking for your opinions. BTW, My DD Pedi said that it is not a problem to continue. Thanks, Danni


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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

My DS was 10months old when I got pg with DD .... with no problems and he still nurses. I know during the last trimester my milk went down but drinking alot of fluids helped. I really enjoyed BF during my pregnancy! I would stick with it as long as you are comfy in your pregnancy!

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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

My son's Pedi told me that it is okay to do. I also read this I think in Dr. Sears baby book. I believe that your milk supply goes down in the 3rd tri but I'm sure if you drink a lot of water and stay healthy your baby will get enough milk, especially since your's will be eating solids too.
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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

My OB told me the same thing when I got preg recently (I miscarried though) the same thing and when I asked him if it his recommendation was based on research , he said no. Just that nipple stimulation releases oxytocin (sp?) and that that can cause contractions.

I think if you are a high risk pregnancy and are susceptable to pre-term labor, it might be a good idea to not be nursing during the 2nd half or last third of your pregnancy, but that really would be a medical decision.

If you are healthy and have a healthy pregnancy then there is no reason you cannot nurse all the way thru. Plus, having sex releases oxytocin too and doctors don't tell us to stop doing that!
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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

I agree with PP - if you are high risk for any reason I would put more weight into what your OB is saying. With a "normal" pregnancy I see no reason to stop bfing. Good luck!!!
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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

I read on the LLL website that it's not actually your milk supply going down in the third trimester - it's that your milk is turning back to colostrum for the new bebe. Obviously that couldn't be your older DC's sole nutrition (not that it would be at 12 mos), but it seems like it'd be GREAT For him to be getting all those antibodies!!!
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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

My midwives have never had an issue with nursing during pregnancy. You do need to try to be sure to eat properly and get enough rest. Just take it one day at a time. Each pregnancy and baby is different. You may find yourself feeling touched out during the pregnancy or the baby may loose interest. But it is possible to breastfeed during pregnancy provided you are not dealing with preterm labor issues. How else would people end up tandem nursing? I always figured that if the nursing older babe was harming the new baby or if it was becoming too much for my body that my milk would dry up. After all, your body will protect the unborn baby first, then the older baby and you last.
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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

Check out and for some great information. I was still nursing DJ when I got pregnant and I will tell you that I was very relieved when he weaned about my fourth month (he was 19 months at the time so I probably would have been ready anyway!) but it is a very personal decision. Nursing was painful for me during the first trimester...that's different for some women. The hormones do change both the amount of milk you make and the flavor of the milk which can affect how your toddler nurses. Some toddlers don't like the new flavor and want to nurse less....others realize the supply is decreasing and want to nurse more to get it back where they want it. You also have to think about what will happen when the new baby gets here. Some women are open to tandem nursing...others are not. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Some of the things I read on those two websites really helped me sort through it in my own mind and it was very freeing to realize that either decision was ok. I decided that if DJ did want to continue, I was ok with that but like I said, I was pretty happy when he decided not to. I was also glad that he quit several months before the baby came because I think for us, that made it easier than if the baby had been getting "his" boobies.

Like I said, it's a very personal decision and there are a lot of factors. For me, I don't think I would wean just to TTC...I would keep going and see what happens. When you get pregnant, then you can reevaluate the situation. But everyone is different. Good luck!

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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

we are currently nursing and i am 17wks PG. as long as you are resing, eating well, taking your vitamins, and arent at risk for a MC then everything should be fine!

for every person its a personal decision and i was feeling very touched out at first and now his latch sucks due to all the pelvic pain i am currently having my MW did recommend cutting back to 3-4x a day bc nursing releases hormones that loosen everything.

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Re: WDYT? BF'ing while pregnant?

Your OB is misinformed. You don't have to stop nursing, don't worry!
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