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Info about VBAC

I had a C-section 10 mos ago with my first baby. DH and I are probably going to TTC soon. I am afraid to even attemp a vag birth. DS was 10lbs 5 oz and frank breech. I had no other complications during the pregnancy. My Dr. thought the baby was head down to whole time but it turned out it wasn't. They did an ultrasound at 37 wks which showed him breech and wt guess of 9lbs. The OB said there was absolutely no way he would have come out of me naturally. My entire body was rocking and shaking so hard on the OR table while they were trying to get him out of me. DH and I aren't little people either, so that may have had something to do with it!
I did have endometritis post op. I had some incisional infection as well. I wasn't able to breast feed past 3 wks I had mastitis 3 times and then got endometritis. Plus, DS chewed my nipple off because my letdown was so forceful. The lactation consultants told me it was the worse they had ever seen. I had so many problems after the birth. Some directly related to the C-section, some not.
Has anyone had a successful VBAC after having a large baby and having many post op complications? Can you share your experience with me? Anyone know where I can get more info?


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Re: Info about VBAC

I am a large person and I had a VBAC this past december. My baby was 8 lbs. 3 oz. Having had a breech delivery you should check out Read everything you can about VBAC. I loved mine. It was better than my first birth but so was the pregnancy this past time. If you have any specific questions you can pm me because I may forget to check this. I wish you the best researching and deciding.
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Re: Info about VBAC

I didn't have awful complications from my C-section, I had a really smooth one with an easy recovery (I was blessed with a wonderful OB), but I did get PG with #2 when Ds #1 was 8 mos old. I had my VBAC 16 1/2 mos after my C/S and it's the best thing I've ever done. Vaginal births are wonderful and I highly encourage you to try to get into shape, eat well, move constantly, and get in all around better health, and it will help prepare your body.
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Re: Info about VBAC

Check out there is a TON of great information. Also, sign up for their Yahoo! group. You will get so much info from those ladies. They really helped me w/ my VBA2C! Good Luck!
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Re: Info about VBAC

I had my HBAC 20.5 months after my C/S - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!!! I recommend you speaking with midwives in your area (even if you don't plan on using one during your pregnancy, although a VBAC is probably going to be more likely with one than with an OB) - they can talk with you about your past pregnancy/delivery and offer you suggestions, support, and hopefully some confidence in a vaginal delivery!!!

I have TONS of information that supports VBAC over a C-Section - feel free to PM me for more info! I have posted quite a bit of it before on this forum, so you might want to check out some of the threads I've replied to on VBAC

I definitely love ICAN - I am on their email list and they are wonderful about providing support and information!

In general, your size has nothing to do with birthing a baby! I am 5'3" and was 176 at delivery and I popped out a 10lb, 1 oz baby boy with no problems, even though I had had all sorts of problems with my first pregnancy (9lb, 9oz, 12 days overdue, posterior, head cocked, water broke before onset of contractions, 30 hours of natural labor with LOTS of back pain! and in total 42 hours of labor before I had the C-Section)

Anyway, every pregnancy and birth will be different! I highly suggest speaking with some experienced midwives though - they have a way of putting everything into perspective!
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