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Re: wanting ot BF my baby...

I just read in the new revised Your Baby's First Year book that The American Academy Of Pediatrics "advocates breastfeeding as the optimal form of infant feeding."


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Re: wanting ot BF my baby...

I got a lot of hassle from my family, mainly the women! My mom, grandma, and aunt all thought I was nuts for wanting to bf. I tried and tried and tried to convince them that it was the right thing to do. Best decision I ever made! It's cheap, easy, and the perfect form of nutrition for my little guy! I can't imagine not bfing! Now that they see bfing isn't gross or painful, they finally support my choice. Now I just have to work on convincing them that it isn't "weird" to bf a 10 month old! If you need support, there's no shortage on ds! Seriously though, if you ever need to talk, PM me!
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Re: wanting ot BF my baby...

If dh is supportive that will help a LOT! On days when you feel overwhelmed with nursing open up and tell dh!! Let him hug you and encourage you!

And always remind yourself at around 2wk and again around 6-8wk that there are growth spurts there!! His 2wk one was "easy" he ate for 3hr (breaks long enough to burp and get changed), took a 3hr nap and ate for 3hr again before going to bed for the night. But the 6wk one gave me a run for my money. I started to doubt myself as a mom and as a nurser. He spread it out over several days and I was so confused as to why he was "off" and thought I wasn't reading him anymore.

So just as an encouragement ahead of time... if it gets really tough and you doubt everything... it's probably a growth spurt. Do your best to stick it out for one more week and most likely things will be better.
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Re: wanting ot BF my baby...

Support is important, but it doesn't need to come from family - la leche league is a really great source of support (I just started going). Also, if you go to church, take your baby into the cry room or nursing room to nurse sometimes - you will almost certainly meet other b****** moms that way. You could even wander in while pg (maybe take a snack and eat it in there so that no one wonders why you are hanging out with the nursing mamas). Even your run-of-the-mill new mom's group is pretty much bound to have some mamas who are b******.

Outside support or not, though, as a pp said, you are the mama, just tell them that you plan to breastfeed this one. If they make any comments about it being weird or gross, I would just say sweetly "It really is perfectly natural and very healthy. I can't imagine why you would think that". What you have just done is inform them in very simple terms (that can't even be argued, because even if you think formula is "just as good" you certainly can't argue that breastmilk isn't healthy or isn't natural), and then put thier feelings back on them.

If they want to continue the discussion, they will have to examine the reasons that they think way they do about b******. Chances are they won't want to, and the discussion will end there. And if they do want to examine the reasons, you might have a really important, effective discussion.

DH goes back and forth on his support for me b******. Family is ok with b******, but I am quite certain not extended b****** - we're crossing that bridge when we come to it. Basically my whole family (with the exception of DH) are against co-sleeping. Most are quite baffled with gentle parenting (can't tell you how many times I hear "If he's biting you, you'd better flick him in the mouth" - He's 9 mos old, for heavens sake!!!). And they *all* think I am nuts for cd-ing and baby-wearing. They all thought I had gone

So, obviously, my support for a lot of my decisions is limited, at best. But I know what is right, and so I do it. When questioned, I give equally simple responses, that make their non-acceptance clearly their issue, not mine, and then I leave it at that. No big debates, no lengthy advice.

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Re: wanting ot BF my baby...

My Mom was totally unsupportive too. She told me it was because she couldn't bond with the baby.

I just told her that if she couldn't think of nice things to say then to please keep quiet. I also asked her to not suggest a bottle at every conversation.

Good luck!!!
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