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Birth story of Emmitt Louis (LONG!! TIA if you read it all!)

It is actually written for my son, so forgive the extra details and all the mushy mama talk...hehe.

On Sunday night (8/16/09) at 8:00 p.m., mommy and daddy arrived at the hospital to bring you into the world. As we walked into the first set of doors, mommy started shaking. She asked daddy if his knees were getting weak, but he said no. Mommy’s sure were. She was so excited! We checked into labor and delivery and got taken to our room. Daddy helped mommy get changed into her gown and then got her into bed. The nurses came in to get mommy hooked up to the monitors. One monitor kept track of your heart rate, and the other kept track of mommy’s contractions. One of the nurses asked mommy if she was feeling the contractions she was having. She said that she was, but that she hadn’t been sure if those were contractions or not. That means mommy had been having contractions for about a month but just wasn’t ever really sure. They didn’t really hurt yet; they were just a little uncomfortable. Mommy was SO happy to already be having contractions because that was a good sign that the induction would go well. The nurses asked lots of questions, checked mommy’s blood pressure, temperature, and other vital signs and got mommy’s IV started. For days, mommy had been nervous about that IV; she actually was more nervous about the IV than she was about labor and delivery. Mommy didn’t do as well with the IV as she had hoped she would. She got really hot and woozy. Daddy put a cold, wet washcloth on her forehead and neck and fed her ice chips. Mommy told daddy and the nurses that she really wanted a sprite to drink, but she couldn’t have one because she wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything—except ice chips.

A little after 9:00, Dr. Andrea Moore arrived at the hospital to break mommy’s water. This would get things moving we hoped. She was wearing a green shirt and jeans—not what you would expect from most doctors, but that’s why mommy and daddy like her so much. She checked mommy’s cervix before breaking her water. There was no change since mommy’s Friday, August 14, 2009 appointment: 3-4 centimeters, 70% effaced, and you were at a -1 station. At 9:18, Dr. Moore sat down on the bed and broke mommy’s water. It just poured out, and it was hot. Mommy got amniotic fluid all over one of her socks, and daddy had to get her a new pair. Dr. Moore said that because you were so far down in the birth canal, and your head was pressing firmly against mommy’s cervix that there was little to no chance of cord prolapse. This meant that it was okay for mommy to get out of bed to use the bathroom and to use her birthing ball to get through contractions.

After mommy’s water had been broken, and Dr. Moore went home, Grandma Kathy, Granddaddy Kenny, and Uncle Ethan all took turns visiting mommy and daddy in the labor room. Daddy went to the car to get mommy’s birthing ball so that she could sit on it once the contractions got a little stronger. It wasn’t long before they started to pick up. By 10:45, mommy’s contractions were beginning to get a little difficult: nothing too bad, but more uncomfortable. Mommy was really shaky, but she wasn’t sure if it was nerves or if she was cold. Daddy stayed in the waiting room with Uncle Ethan for a little while and watched Rocky IV. That didn’t last long before mommy was ready for daddy to be with her again for comfort and support. Daddy was a great coach the whole time! Grandma Kathy brought Uncle Ethan’s laptop back for mommy to try to get online while she was laboring. So mommy sat on the birthing ball (11:08 p.m.) and tried to get on the internet (11:15 p.m.). Mommy had a lot of trouble with it. The hospital connection was not very good. Uncle Ethan came back into the room to help mommy get it working, but by then mommy’s contractions were getting even more uncomfortable. She told daddy and Uncle Ethan to just get that computer out of her face. She was too frustrated to mess with it anymore. Mommy told Uncle Ethan he should probably go try to get some sleep. What she didn’t tell him was that she just needed it to be her and daddy because her contractions were getting really hard to work through without daddy’s help and mommy’s full concentration.

It wasn’t long before one of the nurses asked mommy if it was okay if she checked her to see how she was progressing. Mommy’s birth plan said that she didn’t want many cervical checks, but mommy really wanted to know how far she had come by this time, so she said okay. The nurse said mommy was at 6 centimeters. Daddy sent a text message to Uncle Ethan’s phone at 12:49 a.m. to let them know how far along we were. Daddy was pretty busy trying to help mommy stay somewhat comfortable. Mommy needed him to hold her and let her lean on him to get through contractions. Daddy kept reminding mommy to breathe through them. He kept telling her over and over how good she was doing and how proud of her he was. That really helped mommy to keep going. This continued for a while. At some point (mommy can’t remember exactly when), the nurse had to roll mommy onto her side and give her oxygen to help your vitals continue to look okay.

The contractions kept getting stronger, and it felt to mommy like as soon as one stopped, another one started. Mommy thought she was supposed to have a few minutes between them—she was wrong. Mommy’s body actually started pushing a little bit with the contractions. The nurses kept telling her not to push, and she assured them that she wasn’t pushing and that her body was doing it on its own. The nurse decided that she should check mommy again, and now she was a good 8 centimeters. Daddy sent another text message to the waiting room to update them at 1:35 a.m. One of the nurses called Dr. Moore, but she said that she wasn’t coming yet.

Things went really fast from there. Mommy continued to lean on daddy and work through contractions. He kept reminding her to breathe and told her how good she was doing. One of the nurses—Christina Swihart—sat on the bed with mommy and daddy and rubbed mommy’s back. She was an amazing help to both mommy and daddy. Mommy had considered hiring a doula, but she was glad at this point that she hadn’t. Christina was a perfect one! The other nurse told mommy that at this point she could not get any narcotics to help with pain so that they wouldn’t be in your system when you were born; her only choice was an epidural. Mommy was pretty sure at this point that she would be going natural like she’d hoped because she was still scared of that epidural—even in so much pain. Mommy told daddy a few times that she wasn’t sure she could do it anymore. She also calmly told daddy once that he needed to just stop talking, but he just stayed right there and kept being a wonderful support for her. Mommy’s pain was really bad at this point. Mommy’s body kept pushing on its own, and the nurses just kept telling her not to push. The nurse checked mommy one last time and mommy was completely dilated. One nurse rolled mommy to her side and kind of held her legs together, while the other nurse called Dr. Moore, who only lived 5 minutes away.

Daddy said that Christina said, “I’ve had to catch before; I just don’t like to.” Mommy wasn’t so sure that Dr. Moore was going to make it in time, but she got there very quickly. The nurses got the bed set up and got mommy’s legs in the stirrups. Dr. Moore told mommy to push when she felt a contraction. Mommy took a deep breath and did that. The nurse counted to reminded mommy when to breathe. One of the nurses asked mommy if she wanted to feel your head crowning. Mommy reached down to feel while she was pushing, but she couldn’t tell if she feel your head or not. Mommy probably only pushed 5 times before Dr. Moore said very seriously, “We’ve got to get this baby out on this one. You’re going to have to push!” Mommy knew that something wasn’t going just right so she pushed as hard as she could. She doesn’t remember, but daddy said it was the only time that she screamed. Daddy saw on the monitor that your heart rate had dropped from the 130s to the 60s, and he was scared. Mommy pushed one more time to get your shoulders out, and then, at 2:18 a.m. (8/17/09), you were here. Daddy got to cut your umbilical cord, and he said he had to cut it twice to get it.

The first thing mommy thought when she saw you was that your head was coney. You were pretty grey in color, but that changed very quickly. Mommy was so happy that you were here, and that everything was okay. Mommy didn’t find out until later that your cord was wrapped around your neck. That’s why your heart rate dropped once you got squeezed so tightly in the birth canal. Dr. Moore slipped your cord off, and they had to give you a little assistance to get started breathing, but then everything was perfect. Your Apgar scores were 8 and 9.

The nurse put you on mommy’s chest, and mommy was overwhelmed. The nursery nurse helped mommy to get you to try to nurse. Mommy doesn’t remember if you did anything at all, but she was so glad to let you get to try. Mommy was shaking so much that she was afraid she’d hurt you so daddy held you. Mommy and daddy were delaying eye drops until they both got to hold you and see you. After daddy held you, the nurse asked if we were still waiting, but mommy said that it was okay for them to give them to you then. Dr. Moore sewed mommy’s stitches while the nursery put your bracelets on you and did the other routine essential things. Those stitches hurt worse than anything else, and they even used medicine to numb mommy. At 2:45 a.m., daddy called the waiting room to tell everyone that you had arrived. Grandma Kathy said that she heard you crying in the phone. Grandma Kathy, Granddaddy Kenny, and Uncle Ethan all came back to the room to meet you and all got to hold you before you went to the nursery. As soon as someone else was holding you, mommy’s sweet nurse got her that Sprite she had wanted hours earlier.

The nurse helped mommy up to the bathroom after you went to the nursery. She said mommy was the first patient she had ever had to go natural. While mommy was in the bathroom, the nursery called to say how big you were. You weighed 7 lbs 10oz. You were 19 inches long. Your head and chest both measured 13 inches.

Mommy loved you from the first second she knew you were on your way, but she loved you even more the second she saw you. And it only grew from there…

Thanks again for reading!
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