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Just started TTC w/some issues. Advice?

Quick intro: I'm Dayna, I have a SO of 3 years, and we have an almost 21 months DS conceived without trying.

We want our kids close together and have been officially TT conceive for about a month and a half. I'm not sure how well it's going to go since we have some issues already.

First, I've always had an irregular period since childhood. slightly gotten worse over the years. It was coming pretty regular before DS, and came regular for a couple months once it started up again after DS. It's currently super irregular again, and has been for a few months. My last period was Sept. 16th, and before that it was mid-July.

with this irregularity, I've been having some slight pregnancy symptoms, almost starting right after my period. My breasts feel tingly/uncomfortable in the nipple area, I feel kinda crampy/uncomfortable/tight in my uteral area, and feel nauseated a lot.

Been working with my family doc about these issues since about august. She feels I have PCOS. She sent me for an ultrasound, which was both abdominal and transvaginal, it came out normal with no signs of PCOS or endometriosis.

She sent me for some bloodwork which showed I have borderline low thyroid(Getting tested again near christmas) and that my estrogen was low. I think it was 70? on day seven of my cycle, still menstrating lightly.

She want me to go see her again in 6mths if we're not able to conceive on our own by then. We've been trying to have sex every second day, staying bum and legs elevated on pillow for awhile afterwards, no masturbation for the hubs to increase sperm quality. I've been charting cycles and when we've been having sex.

I'm current not charting temps since I cant find a BBT thermometer in any stores for the life of me (We're in Canada), plus I work shift work. 7 nights on (Leave the house at 1030PM, home at 830, sleep until 4pm) and 7 days off. I do get the clear-eggwhitey CM, but it kinda comes at random times during the cycle, and I mostly make it so we have sex the night I have it.

I jsut want to be preggers so bad! Any advice for me? Anyone have similar issues?



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Re: Just started TTC w/some issues. Advice?

So sorry about your issues

First off, endometriosis cannot be diagnosed by ultrasound. The only way it can be confirmed is with laprascopic surgery where they can actually see the growth.

If you end up TTC for a year, I strongly suggest you see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). They can do tests and "see" things that a regular family doctor may not have been trained for. I know it was a relief when I started seeing my RE because it felt like things were actually moving along.

Has your DH had his sperm analysed yet? That can make a difference. If his counts or motility are low, dtd every other day can mean his sperm isn't getting enough chance to grow in numbers and in maturity.

I would definately try to chart. I've even used a regular thermometer when my BBT broke. You just need to temp at the same time every day- with at least 3 hours of sleep before the temp taking. It'll open up your eyes so much about your body. You may find that you're ovulating a lot later or not even ovulating at all.
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Re: Just started TTC w/some issues. Advice?

Thanks for the info!!

We just started TTC about a month and a half ago. My doz wants us to try for 6 months officially and then she'll refer us to specialists. Neither of us has been tested for anything in regards to reprodution since we've not been actually trying and not getting results, KWIM?

See the thing with charting temps is the time will change every week, alternating. For one week it would be about 4PM, the next about 7am, repeat. I'm a nurse who works shifts. And I thought changing times was bad for TTC?
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Re: Just started TTC w/some issues. Advice?

And I'll add that PCOS is often not diagnosed via ultrasound either. I have moderate PCOS and have never had a cyst that I've known of.

Also, testing on Day 7 will tell you nothing. She needs to do Day 3's....this is why you need an RE. They really do speed things along. We went over a year of just casual NTNP and then when we tried, it was a couple months without a cycle and I finally started seeing my RE. Three months later I was pregnant.

Good luck!
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