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Is it true (re: returning to work)

That your body will regulate itself upon returning to work to make more milk since you aren't nursing as frequently? I may not be stating it the way I read it somewhere so forgive me for that.

This is my 2nd day back at work and I do notice I'm pumping less. I got 3 oz total around 10 a.m...close to 1030 probably (i'd forgotten to bring my phone so I made it quick as possible). Then at 1:15 I started pumping...pumped 20 min and got 2 oz I pumped EARLY this morning at 6 a.m. right after my shower. I got a little over 5 oz but not quite 5.5!! Started nursing the baby at 6:45 and we stopped at 7:15, so he got a good 30 minutes in. We left home at 7:30 to go to daycare.

My grandpa passed away early this morning and between that and the 'anticipation' type stress of returning to work I think may affect my supply? I don't mind not getting as much when I pump at work (Oh I'll pump one more time before I leave work for the day...prolly around 4 something) but I do know if I yield little output during the day I'll have to pump & nurse or pump after I nurse so that I can provide enough for the next day. I'd like to someday get to the point of only having to pump 3 times during the day and the one time early in the morning...but understand if my body just won't do that then I'll work with what I've got. lol.

So its averaging every 3 hours at work (with the lunch hour pump being at home - that can be kind of stressful b/c of the driving time and needing to eat, etc.). I also realize i'm new to all of this.

my dream would be to get 5 oz every time i pumped total. I know there are some that get way more than that but id be happy with a little bit more.

ETA his first day, friday...he ended up sleeping a good bit of the day so we ended up taking one of the bottles home and had to use it so we didn't lose it.

is the rule no refreezing after it's thawed period (naturally, no heat or anything..just thawed in fridge) or no refreezing just after warming. I think its the first but i'm sure we'll get things regulated. I'd rather not have to use a bottle at home so I can save every little bit for daycare since i don't produce a lot. But being this is his first week I'm trying to be flexible till we find out what works.


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Re: Is it true (re: returning to work)

no refreezing period. cuold you leave the milk frozen and have daycare thaw only what they neeD? if you freeze in small amount like 2 oz it thaws very quickly..

as for pumping, really, chances are you will not get more from pumping unless you pump more often, or take herbs or something to increase supply.. your body can get use to the pump and use to responding to the pump and that could result in better output.. but otherwise, pumping (at work) is more likely to result in less output.. because the pump is not as efficient as the baby and without emptying your breasts fully your body will eventually make less.. stress is also not good, so try to relax, and also don't watch while you're pumping, cover up so you can't see the bottles and set a timer, pump for 20mins or so and then quit .. try looking at a picture of baby and thinking about the baby while you pump ..
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Re: Is it true (re: returning to work)

i agree with the pp . . . i worked and pumped for 3 kids . . .i always got less when i pumped. i always had to figure more pumping session than feedings to make an adequate supply while i was gone. i frequently pumped after the midnight and 3 a.m. feedings to help boost my supply and give that extra that made the next day better . . . .
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Re: Is it true (re: returning to work)

You've gotten some good advice. If you need extra milk during the day, try fitting in a pumping while nursing your lo (the first feeding after I got home from work was best for us). I was able to get so much more from both sides if I was also nursing or had just finished nursing dd.
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