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Re: Percentile Question

My first daughter was on the 5th % for height until she was about a rear old then she shot up into the 95th% for height and has stayed there for the last year. Her ped said the charts don't really mean much as long as they don't drastically drop off because for the most part they use them to signal underlying problems and not actual growth problems.


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Re: Percentile Question

My DS1 was 9-8 at birth and has been no less than 90% on any, ever; most of his first year he was off the charts. He is 8 now and still big, very lean but tall and muscular. DD weighed 9 at birth and her height has always been 90+, but her weight dropped gradually as she got older I think it has stayed around 50% since she was 2. DS2 was 9-3 at birth and 90% til about 9 mo and started dropping. He just turned 2 and he has been around 50% for height and 25% for weight since his first b-day. All of their heads have stayed right around 90%. DS3 is only 4mos old but weighed 8-8 at birth and was 1 1/2 inches longer than my first( c-sec. at 38 weeks) and so far he is around 90% also for all. From what I have heard size at birth doesn't mean much and the first year can vary depending on how well they eat and what they eat- breastmilk, formula, solids. But after the first year they tend to change to the size that they are going to stay. That is in general though and lots of kids may be different.
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Re: Percentile Question

Mine have been high, Jonah is always off the charts. Almost 4 and still off them. My doctor has said as long as he is taller & heavier, it's no problem. DD is almost 9, was off the charts too, is still taller & heavier than most.
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Re: Percentile Question

Mine has generally stuck to /followed the charts and he's 2 yr 3 mo. He's always been 50% for height and the 5 % (or lower) for weight. He's just a skinny guy. But so is his dad.

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Re: Percentile Question

My 2 1/2 DD Always followed her chart to a T. Though, she has never fit in the growth chart for height (is there something like a 105%, lol ) , and has always been in the 95% for weight. Still today, she`s above the chart for height. She wears a size 3x-4 and 10 in shoes.

My 6 months old was born with a 30% head , a 75% weight and height. He`s now in the 50% head, 90% weight and 75% height. He`s a small peanut compared to his sister, but he compensates by being chunkier !
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Re: Percentile Question

My yonger dd was off the chart bu about an inch until se tuned about 18 months-2 years. She was Failure to thrive, even though she was walking at 8 months. She ate very well. and just didnt gain wt. At one year she was like 16 lbs, at 2 1/2 years she is on the chart at 10% ) or a little less) for weight but in the 90th for height. can we say tll and skinny. LOL

My 4 yo. Middle dd was also Failure to thrive but not as bd. she was like 1% the whole first year, but still tall. at 1 year she was 19 lbs, at 2 she was 26 lbs at 3 she was 33 lbs and at 4 she was 38 lbs
so yeas she caught up
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Re: Percentile Question

Marti was always like 90%, but is more like 60% now that she is 6 (except she is short). Lilly was always on the low end (like 30%), but she looks fine to me.
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Re: Percentile Question

Hard to tell with my boys. Camden had/has FTT (severe) and spent the majority of his life in a hospital with an NG tube, being tube fed. He has never been on the charts for weight--he's really under zero. He's now 16 months, and still isn't on the charts. He's about 20% for height and 20% for head.

He dropped % in height when he was really struggling last summer. (He wasn't gaining weight, so his body couldn't grow...) So we're now getting back on track for that. I don't know if he'll always be small. I keep hoping that some day we'll take him in to the Dr's office and he'll be like 50%!!

Mason, my oldest, was always really small as well. He was usually right on the line, or at like 5% in weight. He is REALLY tall, and has always been on the high end for height. But, at about 18 months-2 years, he really took off, and is now at a normal weight. He hasn't been in since he turned 3, but I think he's now in the 40% for weight.

Who knows! I don't really live or die by the % charts anyway, but it is good to see the growth curve. As long as the curve is going the way it needs to, I'm happy!
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Re: Percentile Question

whne david was teenie tiny he was above his percentil for weight
now he 3 and he is 27lbs so ithink he is 1% or maybe less
so he went waaaaay down
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Re: Percentile Question

Both of my girls started out very high on the charts, particularly #2. She was off the charts at birth (9-11.) By 9 mo, she had fallen off the bottom of the chart, weighing right at 15 lbs at 1 yr. Now at 5, she's still off the charts in both weight and height. She's about 28 lbs now.

My older daughter started out at the top of the chart (9-0) and ended up at a year towards the bottom (18). She's now completely average in both height and weight.

My son started out at about 25% and at 9 mo is still at 25%.

The girls were so big because I had a hard time controlling my diabetes while pregnant with them. With my son, I had a very aggressive doctor and took LOADS of insulin. He was 7-6 at birth and looked like half a baby to me. LOL
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