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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

I had issues nursing dd1 because she was a preemie with breathing problems. She was born at 34 weeks and had to be on oxygen for the first week. They wouldn't even let me try to nurse her for the first couple of days. I got a crappy pump from walgreens near the hossy (didn't realise that some pumps are better than others) and I nursed her part time for the first 6 weeks or so, but eventually dried up. DD2 I had no problems nursing. I nursed her until 11.5 months when I was pg with dd3 and milk dried up. DD3 is 9 mo and we're still going strong. She's a little booby monster


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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

I tried with my frist...didn't last past 24hrs after we got home from the hosp.

2nd one...well we just weaned at 33 months!!!!! That was with me having a c-section, going back to work at 6 weeks and having big huge boobs to go with my fluffy self (yeah, at one point I thought it would be to hard with my big girls....but nope, not at all)--he had maybe 3 bottles of formula in his first few days of life and that was it (he did start cow's milk at about 14 months---but nursed when I was home/weekends etc.)
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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

Yep, first one never latched on even, well maybe once and she wasn't preemie or low birth weight, etc just wouldn't latch and then got REALLY jaundice and was admitted with IV's etc. I pumped and bottle fed for a month or so but never really got a supply or saw the point after all the heartache of not being able to BF (We saw three different LC by the way).

2nd and 3rd babies were champion nursers with no issues except a minimal supply from me, we did supplement with a few oz of formula during growth spurts and I only nursed until 6 months but that was my choice.
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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

I failed miserably with my first. She came early and I had an epi, so we had problems from the start. On top of that I didn't know what I was doing so I followed all the bad advise that everyone gave me. *Give her a bottle til your milk comes in.* *She needs formula to get rid of the jaundice.* *The patch is fine to use while breastfeeding.* My supply dried up when she was 6wks old.
With my second I knew better. I went drug free and knew all the do's and don'ts ahead of time. 16 months later we are still going strong and he never once got a drop of formula.
Read all that you can about breastfeeding now, before the baby comes. Education and a positive attitude are the key. You can do it!
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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

I was only able to nurse my first for 2 months. I didn't have anyone around me that let me know some things about when they go threw a growth spurt it takes a few days for your body to catch up and they will nurse around the clock! This is what really got me with my first, and I don't think I had very good let down. Plus he was jaundice and 5 weeks early. Then my second was born, slightly tongue tied but didn't effect him as far as nursing goes. My milk came in full force on day 5 and he became extremely fussy. It took another 1-2 months to discover he could not tolerate ANY dairy in my diet (not even 'hidden' dairy). This was stressful on me, but he also would not take any formula so I had to nurse. If I had dairy, I could tell by how he would change within hours of eating and he would spit up a lot. I was not ready to be done nursing him, but he started to take soy formula and no matter how hard I tried every once in a while I would eat dairy without knowing it. It just wasn't benefiting him like it should so I started weaning around 6 month and he was weaned by 7 months. Also I would like to add that I never felt like I had enough milk (same as with my first son) and would feed and pump around the clock to get my supply up but it was a huge struggle.

Now I am nursing #3 and it is going great, we still go through the growth spurts and me not having enough milk at those times. He has no dairy issues, so I don't have to watch my diet and have less stress that way. Also I discovered Avent breast shells, I can't say enough about these amazing things! I have yet to have to pump (besides a few times I have been away from my son) and have a freezer full of milk all because of the shells. All I do is put one on the opposite side that I am feeding and let it collect the milk that would normally soak into a breast pad. I then put it in a container in the fridge and add to it throughout the day. Also they helped tremendously right away when I was sore, cracked, and bleeding. I just wore them all day and let my nipples get air. AND I did not get engorged at all as my milk came in. Also with my first and second I seemed to get blocked ducts all of the time and this time around, I hardly ever feel those little pebble like blocked ducts and my breast stay much softer for much longer than they ever did with 1 and 2. Also, I never where breast pads this time around, I don't need them since I use the shells! Seriously these breast shells are awesome, I got them off of amazon when I was getting parts for my pump.
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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

Your story sounds SO much like mine! DS spent his first 24 hours in NICU and his blood sugar dropped so they had to supplement with formula. We tried for two months to BF, even while visiting a LC but he never would latch on right. It was an emotional struggle and eventually his pediatrician told me that we were both too stressed out and that would only make the situation worse so I gave up and bottle fed him.

He is 3 yrs old now. DD was born this past July and she is a champion BFer! We had very few problems-but I did INSIST that the LC at the hospital come in and work with me a couple of times while we were in the hospital just to make sure everything was going smoothly.

It can definitely be done mama. Good luck and congrats on the new LO!
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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

My DD was very difficult to nurse. Looking back, I wonder if she had some underlying issue that caused all the trouble. But, she had a bad latch that never really got fixed, though it did get better. She preferred one side over the other and after a couple of months would ONLY take one side and never the other. She bit from day 1. I know that sounds impossible, but she would clamp down HARD and rip off. When she just had gums, it wasn't so bad... after the bottom teeth came, I could bear it.... after she got the top two, it was like torture. From the beginning she just was very difficult to nurse. She would arch her back and scream, wiggle and fight me, pop on and off, latch on but not suck. I had mastitis and clogged ducts on anf off the whole time. It was miserable for both of us, really. She had formula for the first 2 weeks while I attempted the nursing thing. Then we phased out the formula for about 6 months and then introduced it back again b/c of the teeth issue. I did BF her until 13 mos, when she weaned herself (I was pg and my milk dried up). I can honeslty say looking back, I did everything I could. I regret ever giving her formula, but truly, honestly, she was just ridiculously hard to nurse!!!

My son - born at home - latched on within 2 minutes of being born. I was cradling him after giving birth and he just turned and latched right on. No prompting, no nothing. I wasn't even intentionally holding him near my breast and it surprised me when he latched on! He nursed like a champ from day 1. He's now 14 mos old and he still loves to nurse. He pulls my shirt down to get to his food. He's never had an ounce of formula and doesn't regularly drikn cow's milk... he and his sister are polar opposites!

The difference between DD and DS is amazing. It's like I'm finally able to see what a normal nursing relationship is like. Before, women would talk about their babies wanting to nurse, I never knew what that was like b/c nursing DD was always ALWAYS a battle. With DS it's a battle sometimes to get him to wait 5 minutes!

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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

I wanted to thank all of you for the positive stories. My son arrived 2 weeks ago, and though we did supplement him with formula from a syringe the first couple of days, he's now breastfeeding like a champ. I told my nurse about my breastfeeding concerns, and they had lactation come see me hours after I got out of recovery. They came twice a day to check on us, and were a huge help. I have to use a nipple shield (again), but hope to wean him from that in the coming weeks.
It's so drastically different then my breastfeeding attempt last time, I was so miserable pumping and attempting to feed a fussy baby with reflux. Spencer eats around the clock, and has gained 6 ounces over his 7 pound birth weight at his 2 week appointment today. I love the closeness and the convenience. He was hungry at the doctors office today, and I was able to feed him while we waited.

Thanks for sharing your stories and encouragement, it helps a lot to hear from other mom's. 2 weeks down, who knows how long to go.

Thanks -
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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

DS #1: Never would latch on. Ended up using a shield as it was the only way to get him to latch or suck. But he didn't transfer milk well and became failure to thrive on the weight charts by 9 weeks. I attempted to wean from the shield only to end up cracked and bleeding. The entire thing was a nightmare and we were on full time formula by 13 weeks.

DS #2: I was determined to make it work this time around and also vowed to do things differently in the delivery room to help our chances for success. I nursed him immediately after the cord was cut. No diapering, no weighing, nothing. I nursed him skin to skin without wiping him off and he latched right away and nursed for about 30 minutes. I delayed the eye goop stuff until after we had nursed several times. I never used a shield and never needed to this time. We're still nursing at 7 months.
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