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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

I got and idea, I remember seeing this awhile ago. But avent bottles you buy the sippy cup mouth piece thinging and attach it to the bottle.
That might work. I dont know.. just rambling some ideas..
cuase like I said in the earlier post my son doesnt even drink from a cup...
only will drink from a sippy.


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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

Ethan just turned 2 and he will only drink milk from a bottle..I had to wean him early-12 months when he began biting so hard he was breaking skin-deep So he went to a bottle-the only one I had that didn't go from bf to cup.Well...he will drink his water(my kids are not juice kids) in a cup but milk is to be sucked None of my kids would use a sippy cup-real cup with lid and straw only
With 3 kids though and one being a teen I do know all things are outgrown at some point so before he gets his first girlfriend I'm sure the bottle will be gone ...I have way too many other things to keep me busy than worry about things I can't change
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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

Originally Posted by Fullhouse View Post
We had good luck with the Nuby sippys with the silicon soft spouts. My ds refused and hard sippys.
Yeah that! Also what helped was me drinking out of his sippy cup in front of him and going "Hmmmmm Yummy". He thought he was missing something good and took a sip from in it!! After that we didn't any problems! We moved to the hard nippled sippy cups after a month!
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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

My dd was EBF (never would take a bottle*sigh*). But, I thought I'd share our experience with trying to limit her all day nursing--sort of similar to carrying the bottle around all day. At about 22 months I tried to limit nursings to specific times-wake up, mid-morning, nap, afternoon, and bedtime (sounds like a lot, but believe me, it was a serious reduction). If flat out failed! DD cried a whined all day long. I just couldn't take it. She showed me very clearly she was not ready.

Fast forward 4 months, I tried the same thing. Limiting nursing to 3 times a day (morning, nap, and bedtime). Dd put up a very minor fuss and stopped asking to nurse in between times within 2 days.

So, in short, I say give it time. Try again in a few months. If my dd (and many other dc we know) can nurse past their 2nd, and 3rd birthday's there is nothing wrong with your dd keeping her bottle for a while longer (except for the mess).
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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

Originally Posted by smielebehappyjennifer View Post
Something that I heard works (this is second hand since my kids never were into a bottle much since they went straight from BF to sippys) only give her water in her bottle and give her milk, juice whatever she really likes to drink in a sippy. That way it is her decision. Then when she has shown that she will drink from a sippy throw all bottles away (or give them to someone that you can't get them back easily in a moment of frustration). I'm sure it can be frustrating but at that age she is capable of drinking from a sippy. We like the nubby soft spout for using at first since it is soft. Plus it is really cheap at Walmart. Good luck

Another idea is cut the end of the nipple off. I did that with binky's at it worked so it might be worth a try.
I have heard that works really good!!! so then she'd be able to have her bottle but only with water.
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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

Mikes is still using his bottle and takes his to bed its his comfort lovey too...I really dont have any plans of taking it away from him either because Whats teh point?? I mean if breast fed mamas feel that a baby will wean from them will they feel ready, I feel the exact same way about his it *imperative* that he wean from his bottle?? I mean he will eventually not want his bottle anymore but I just dont think that fighting him and letting him screaming for just seams cruel to me so I'll le thim have it until he doesnt want it anymore
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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

Originally Posted by ultconsumer View Post
DD had a bottle for a while, too and refused a sippy cup as long as there was a bottle. The bottles all disappeared at the same time and she had no choice but to use the sippy cup. It was much more stressful for me than it was for her. I guess I thought she'd never drink anything again. That didn't happen. If I remember correctly, she refused a drink for breakfast and for her mid-morning snack, but by lunch time she was ready to use the sippy.

ETA: We tried almost EVERY sippy cup out there and had the best luck with the "take n toss". I think it's made by First Years.
That's what we did with DS1. Buh-bye bottles, hello sippies! I had an assortment of 3 or 4 kinds, all with milk in them, and he avoided them all until right after lunch. Once he realized that the bottles were gone, he was all about the sippy.
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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

Our daughter was very attached to her bottle. She willingly gave it up one day when a friend's baby visited. We told her the baby needed her bottles. She helped me box them up and send them out the door with our friend. Who by the way through them away!

I think she was 26 months or older. We had limited her bottle to naps and night by that point or when she was really sick.

I think it's a comfort thing. When your child is ready it won't be a big deal. She also never used a sippy cup. Went straight to a regular cup with a lid.

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Re: HELP! My 21m old REFUSES to wean from her bottle!

A co-worker of mine who has a 29 month old was trying this as of this weekend: his family went on vacation last week to Bermuda. The plan was to tell ds that they accidentally left the bottles in the hotel room and could not get them back. Prior to the vacation, any suggestion of going without the bottle would be met with an emphatic no and a tantrum if the suggestions continued. Apparently, this worked like a charm with ds #1. I'll be talking to him later today to see how it went. I suggested he not make this announcement on the plane as it might lead to a very unpleasant trip for everyone!
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