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Potty Training questions...

So, I am thinking about trying to potty train my 2yo son. He has used the potty before and has seemed to show more intersted in the potty when my or DH have used it. He was wanted to "sit" on the potty but more to sit and play and flush the toilet (he even "trys" to wipe his bottom). Anyways, do any of you have any hints? What type of trainers did you use? THanks for the help!


Katie, married to Aaron(6/04). PT NICU nurse, FT mommy to Cameron(9/29/07) & Channing(4/8/10) & Creighton 9/21/11
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Re: Potty Training questions...

Follow his lead.
Stay super positive.
Don't push it.
Be consistant.

I do PT at daycare the way the parents want me to. Some want me to have them go every X amount of minutes, some want me to just have them go at major transitions, some just want them to try following a routine diaper change, some let the child decide when to try & not ask.
Just be consistant whatever way you choose, so he knows what's expected. Some people treat or reward, some don't. Praise is great! Some punish when there is an accident, some don't(me, that is one thing I won't do like parents).
Some use cloth gerber trainers, some posie pull-ups, some straight to undies, some naked time even.
You just gotta know your kid & what works for your situation.
Be patient.
And if he doesn't get it right away, that's okay. I see so many parents try to equate PT to how smart their child is. It's bodily functions, not rocket science or algebra!
Have fun & good luck!
Bye bye.
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Re: Potty Training questions...

Well, my daughter is almost 2 and has recently potty trained, so it's fresh in my mind! We started getting books, dvds etc around 18 months and a potty so she could practice sitting on it. She was actually going on it now and then when she was around 15-16 months but we never pushed anything, just praised her when she did it. When she got to around 19-20 months i started to try and seriously train her but it was just frustrating and she was very resistant, so i just backed off for a while. One day she asked me to watch 'Elmo potty time' dvd, so I put it on and then got her potty out and took her pants off. She went in the potty! So i rewarded her with some candy. From that day on she started going in the potty all the time. She totally decided for herself and it's been so easy to train her because of that, I really haven't done anything other than provide the means. All i can recommend is to have a routine from the beginning of what to do. Pants on, then reward, then handwashing, so they get into the habit. We started off letting her run around without pants the first week so that she would see if she peed on the floor and we would say 'uh-oh, it's an accident, a wee-wee mess!' and then let her help clean it up and would reinforce every time that it should have gone in the potty and next time she would do it. Even if that doesn't happen, just try to be patient! We had a lot of poops and pee on the floor at first! Once she was good at getting to the potty in time while naked I started putting underwear on her and she would have accidents in them (I guess it felt like a diaper), but it only took a couple of weeks before she was able to recognise the urge to go, take off her clothes, go to the potty and then put her clothes back on, which I have been really surprised about! Also if you can use some other reward than candy it is a good idea, we switched to stickers as she was peeing all day to get candy and i didn't want her eating that much! She is now PT at night as well which is great for us! We still haven't mastered using the big potties when we are out but we just go right before we leave and then she will hold it in until we're home. We haven't actually had a single accident out, and we go out of the house at least for an hour or so every day. I put a folded up prefold in her stroller and car seat just in case.

We use the cotton gerber trainers, not the waterproof ones, just ones with slight padding in them, so that if they do wet they can feel it and it is uncomfortable. That and regular underwear and she has done fine. I have heard they take longer if you use the waterproof ones but it depends on your situation... i am about to have a baby so we aren't going on any long journeys out anyway, so I am happy to let her hold it or have accidents if she has to, to figure out that she has to go on the public toilets eventually. But I can see they might be useful for outings sometimes, i'm just trying to be frugal!
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Re: Potty Training questions...

DD just day time potty trained. We've had a little potty since she started showing interest in us going to the bathroom and she went a few times but then she stopped. That was at about 18 months or so. She's 28 months and started showing signs of wanting to go so I bought some big girl panties that she picked out. She started part time in panties the week after Christmas and had a few accidents but not many. I got a potty for the car two weeks ago so she can go in the car too. She only has an accident if she's in the car too long and we can't stop to let her potty. She's in one diaper a day for overnight and that's it. She trained herself so it was super easy.
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Re: Potty Training questions...

Lots of naked time.
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Re: Potty Training questions...

We did naked time for my two oldest. My DD got it within 2-3 days, my DS took a bit longer. We waited until they showed the "signs" of wanting to use the potty.

I strongly believe in being bare-bottomed (at least it works well for us). They are more aware of their bodies and I was able to "catch" them in the act. It is not the best comparassion but I think it was sort of like house-training my dog. The moment I would see them start to pee, I would say "Oh yeah!" which would startle them enough to stop the stream then I would grab their hand and say "let's run and put it in the potty!!"

Lots and Lots of positive reinforcement and know that accidents will happen. No biggy, just like spilled milk - you say "uh oh", clean it up, and move on with your day.
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Re: Potty Training questions...

great advice so far but I'll put in my

* have an open-bathroom-door policy. Whenever you or your DH go, let your LO come too, if interested.

* Talk about what you're doing and why.

* Keep the focus on how nice it is for the person using the toilet. "Feels so much better" "Dry" "clean" "comfortable" "more time to play"

* Make the bathroom/potty experience fun. Have special books and toys that are for just when you're going potty. (Over Christmas DD liked the santa towels - it doesn't have to be huge - just unique - something to catch their attention for a couple minutes.)

* Steer clear of "because I told you to." and "I don't want to have to change another poopy diaper!" etc.

I also avoid copious amounts of praise, but that's just me. I mean, it's just elimination. Everyone does it. every day. Without a party each time It's just a normal thing we do. No big deal if there's an accident...and not a HUGE deal if it ends up in the toilet. Either way there'll be another chance at it in a little bit!

The other thing too much praise can do is make the focus of the event on that the PARENTS want this to happen. The agenda of the parents. So if the LO feels at odds one day, he might think, hmmm, They want me to do this - but what do I want? What will happen/what will mom do if I DON'T do what she wants?? and then it can become a battle of the wills. But if we keep the focus on how nice it is for the person going potty, and off of the calendar/preschool enrollment/days left of diaper changes/etc it lets the experience be wholly the child's. There's no pressure - just support.

That's just my there's a million ways to PT and not one Right way. Have fun!
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Re: Potty Training questions...

My dd trained MUCH easier with a seat on the potty instead of a small potty. She also likes her privacy so I stand outside a partially closed door or at least look away. No toys. It is not playtime and I feel she can concentrate better without anything else to think about plus they may try and put things down the toilet! You just have to slowly but surely see what works for your kid. We did marshmallows as treats at first but later no treats, after I knew she was capable of doing it.
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Re: Potty Training questions...

So for those that used trainers...what did you use? Thanks!
Katie, married to Aaron(6/04). PT NICU nurse, FT mommy to Cameron(9/29/07) & Channing(4/8/10) & Creighton 9/21/11
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Re: Potty Training questions...

I used pull-ups with my daughter and feel that it was a mistake. I potty-trained my son right at the two-year mark. I stayed home for at least 3 days. The first day, he wore a shirt and that's it. Lots of juice/sprite because they will pee really often, giving you plenty of chances to teach. I also placed him on the potty every 30 minutes that first day, making a big commotion (Jump up and down and saying "It's Potty Time") We had actually gone through a first potty-training attempt two weeks before the last one and found out company was going to come that weekend, and I didn't want him peeing on the grandparents, so we postponed the potty-training. The first time, we used reward treats, but I decided not to the second time around. If they don't go potty at the 30 minute mark the first day, maybe put him on again every 10-15 minutes until he does go. The second and third day, you can lay off the juice/soda super-pee liquids if you feel he has gotten the hang of it. When you do that, you probably want to put him on the potty every hour. After three days, make sure you get underwear on him. My daughter went bare-bottom for too long, and it was a pain getting her convinced people must cover themselves
The other thing I did with him is after the three days, I left him in charge of his bodily functions. I knew at that point that he knew what he was doing. They really like to be in charge of their own body. The rules that I had were that everyone must use the potty before leaving the house (mommy, daughter, son). It isn't debatable. Also, when anyone uses the restroom at a store, everybody must use the restroom at a store.
We do have the Elmo Potty Time DVD and it is a hit. They have them at Target and I think Walmart.
He did wear pull-ups out in public until I was confident he was comfortable using a public potty. I also only made a trip to one place at a time for the first few days (Nowhere for the first 3 potty-training days though) Initially, I went to McDonalds for lunch as they have free kids ice cream cones which would be a perfect treat for any boy who can use the BIG (public) potty. Another good first store is a place like Kohl's. Our newer kohl's has a family restroom with a big potty and a shorter kids potty. Both my 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old love it whenever we get to use the little potty! You may want to call around to some of the brand new stores in your area or scope some out before potty training. Obviously the little potties aren't necessary, but there is something sooo exciting about them to the little kiddos. The other thing to keep in mind is that a boy will pee straight ahead or up. I still take off one of my boy's shoes, and the one leg of pants/underwear. Then I am able to set him with his bottom further back on the seat and legs spread out, one leg to the right, one leg to the right. He points down every time!

The other thing to keep in mind when you do start taking your son out in underwear. If he does pee, he wasn't the first one to do so.
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