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Re: Talk to me about 3 on 1

I would like to add that the first 3months after the 3rd baby was pretty rough, and my house was a mess. I didn't sweat it at all and if DH was annoyed by it when he came home then he could feel free to clean it up. The only thing I kept on top of was laundry, nursing, and the older boys and thats eat. Dirty dishes were in the sink, toys were all over the living room, ect.


Lexy: Wife 2 Bobby and SAHM to all boys: Elijah, Isaak, Ethan, Sheldon, and Simeon
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Re: Talk to me about 3 on 1

If the baby likes to sleep in the crib I think thats Awesome, definitely encourage that it makes life easier. I put my 3rd one down everytime she needed to sleep and she still sleeps so well. My 2nd son was a sling baby and he always slept horribly. My aunt gave me the best advice Ever, she said if the baby and the 2 year old are both crying GO get the 2 year old first. The baby will not remember having to cry a little longer and the 2 year old will feel more secure that you love him.
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Re: Talk to me about 3 on 1

I can't really chime in here since my experience has been a bit different than the others' here and my older kids are both in school. 1 mon-fri and the other goes tues/thurs every second wed full days. My kids are today 6y7m, 5y3m and 6m. The baby was born in the summer and DH never takes time off when I have a baby since he is self employed, time off means no pay. I basically had the baby on Friday morning, was home by supper Friday night, at ODS's Soccer game on Saturday morning, TaeKwon Do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday then on Wednesday after TKD...So I could have a break DH loaded the Camper on the truck and sent me to the lake since we had friends out there. He stayed home working and the three kids and I took the rest of the week off and went to the lake.

I found the transition to three to be easy. He just kind of slipped right into our life. Before YDS was born I cooked up a storm and filled the freezer so I didn't have to add cooking into my repertoire of things that needed to get done during the day. That was the single smartest thing I did. I just kept up by doing one load of laundry every day and a load of cloth diapers every second night. Tidied the house after everyone was in bed when Braxton was having a late night wakeful but content period.

Thankfully my older kids are old enough that I can pop a movie on and lay down on the couch if I am exhausted.

In the end it all works out. I definitely have days that I'm ready to pack a bag and check out, but usually I just "let it roll", and I don't set my expectations really too high. We did lots of outings over the summer just to stay out of the house so it didn't get messy. Lots of afternoons in the park, weekends away from home etc... I'm pretty easy going though and even my big kids have been good with change right from birth. We are always on the go.

Right now we have TKD Tues, Thurs. Swim Sunday, but DD just told me she wants to try dance, so we will do that Saturday and both kids told me they are playing soccer this year, so that's three days a week and DD is set to move up to the next level in TaeKwon Do so that puts me at the Do Jang from 4-6pm Tues/Thurs. I'm Spending the rest of January getting my freezer full again because I know there will be no way that I will have the time or energy to cook supper after our day ends. Thankfully the big kids are at school during the day, but they get home at 2:45pm and most days we hit the ground running the minute the bus drops them off.

You just kind of adapt, you really do.
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Re: Talk to me about 3 on 1

My kiddos are 5,2 & 7m. Best advice i've ever recieved was that the house work will wait! Your kids and your needs are more important that a few dust bunnies. Im quite sure you will do great, Most mom's of multiples already know where thier priorities are.
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Re: Talk to me about 3 on 1

I have a 7 year old 2 year old and 8 month old. I really struggled going from 2-3. DH works out of town a lot so I was on my own. My 7 year old was very helpful. I think it was hard for him at first because he did not get as much attention but he really became a huge help for me. I am sure your 5 year old will become your little helper and can get you things for the baby or help entertain the 2 year old.

I tried a moby wrap to help during meal times so I could cook and feed the boys while carrying the baby. I found it difficult to do the wraps and I would get super hot in it so that did not work very well. If I had a different sling I think it would have gone better. The baby slept a lot though so as soon as she was sleeping I would be fixing dinner and doing anything the older 2 needed. It was alike a race to get it done before the baby woke up! Our schedule was not always normal but it worked for us.

My 2 year old (he was 16 months when the baby was born) had a hard time as he was used to getting what he wanted when he wanted it. He had to learn to wait when I was nursing the baby and could not refill his sippy cup right then and there or get him a snack. He threw many fits but eventually adjusted.

The first few weeks were just all about survival and getting through it. It has gotten much easier over the past few months. My 8 month old plays happily in her bumbo, high chair, or a pallete on the floor while I cook and feed everyone or help the older 2 with things they need. We have a good routine/ schedule going that works for us. I love nap time though. I even have the 2 year old and 8 month old napping around the same time so I get some much needed me time in the afternoon!
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Re: Talk to me about 3 on 1

I was terrified of this with my second but then it ended up being just fine, you will do great just love on the little ones and the rest will work itself out!
Crissi wife to my very best friend for 20 yrs. Momma to 3 boys and 3 girls, 7-almost 18 yrs old!
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Re: Talk to me about 3 on 1

I have a 6 year old, a 3 year old and a 5 month old. I have to say that going from 2 to 3 for me was easy...except for the getting out of the house thing. Running errands is JUST now something I can do alone. At first I was terrified I would loose one child. LOL! So I never went anywhere alone with all 3. I still see if one kid can have a playdate or a grandma day or a daddy day or something while I do the shopping..its just easier, but I feel better about going at it with the 3 and just me. Anyway, as for the daily stuff...Im a neat freak and I big schedule/routine kind of gal. But the first 2 months were chaos here. I dont remember much of it because I was drowning in laundry and dishes and I dont think I vacuumed once for like a was horrible and gross...and Im embarrased to talk about it! I also think we took way too many homeschool breaks. LOL! But it was either that or mommy runs away...better to stick around and take a break right? things got MUCH better when Sam was about 3 1/2 months just all clicked together...I still have days that feel like they will never end. My 6 year old still has her moments and my 3 year old still remembers how to throw a fit...but we get through it and we now have more better days than bad days in a week...just take it one day at a time and try not to let the little things bother you. ((hugs))
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Re: Talk to me about 3 on 1

Just take it one day at a time mama! And learn some deep breathing techniques.
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