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HUGE Bedtime Problems w/2 y.o.

Kenzie has completely stopped taking afternoon naps which I reluctantly accepted. She functions just fine and just wouldn't sleep no matter what, so I knew she was ready to eliminate them.

However, we are now running into some huge bedtime battles ay night. Kenzie and her 4 year old sister share a room and there is really no other option since we now live in a 2 bedroom apartment (and our room fits only our bed). Well, now she can crawl out of her crib and tries to make a game out of it. However, I refuse to "play" the game and have tried night after night after night of calmly, without fuss or making it a big deal of it just quietly putting her back in her crib for the past almost three weeks. Every night, I spend 1-2+ hours putting her back into her crib over and over again with no changes. The crib tents they make don't fit either because she has a sleigh style crib that is higher in the back and a it is little to long for the tent.

Then we figured a gate might work and let her sleep where ever she wanted when she finally fell asleep. That was a disaster because one night her sister wanted to sleep and she wouldn't leave her alone. Another night they were literally running around the room together and yet another time, Kenzie discovered a way to get from her sister's bed onto the dresser which is dangerous (there is no other place to put it because of the size of the room). Last night took the cake as Kenzie stayed up until 11:20 last night after the chaos of having a sick sibling to contend with. She is now impossible to deal with, still refuses to nap and we are all exhausted. I used to love bedtime because it was the ONE time I had to myself. Now, it is the one time of day I dread and there was actually one time I cried over the situation. I have no idea what to do right now and am a little beside myself.

Oh, and our bedtime and ritual have not changed one iota. I do have some lavendar and vanilla EO - would putting a drop or two of the lavendar on her sheets maybe help?

One more thing, I did try the Hylands "Calm Forte", which had the complete opposite effect on my child and kept her waking in the middle of the night


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Re: HUGE Bedtime Problems w/2 y.o.

wow - i can't think of any ideas. sounds like you are doing all the good things.

but, for safety it might be time to get ride of the crib, since she isn't sleeping in it well anyway. maybe get her a twin and talk about being a big girl?

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Re: HUGE Bedtime Problems w/2 y.o.

I don't have any suggestions but :hug:
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Re: HUGE Bedtime Problems w/2 y.o.

how about some stories on cd she can listen to while falling asleep or some music? maybe you can listen to them together during the day first to get her introduced to them and excited about them, then tell her she can listen at bedtime if she stays in her bed.

if she gets out they get taken away.

and you have to stick to that.

then try again the next night.

hopefully she will like them enough that it will be enough of a motivator to stay in bed.

you could try the same thing with a new nightlight too. you could get one of those lights that slowly change colors or even get one of those ceiling projectors (they have ones that hook on the side of the crib).

those items could also be good bribes for staying put!

that's all i've got!

good luck mama! i soooooo remember that stage. it's tough, but stick to your guns and you'll get through it. it will be worth your effort and consistency now and she'll eventually go to bed much easier.

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Re: HUGE Bedtime Problems w/2 y.o.

I agree with the idea of getting her a new bed. Toddler bed if the room doesn't allow for a twin. If she's not staying in the crib she might as well have a different bed.

The other ideas were great, too. Unfortunately I don't know of anything else to try, unless you can let your older daughter fall asleep in your bed and then move her so she at least is getting sleep.
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Re: HUGE Bedtime Problems w/2 y.o.

My son is 2 and my daughter is about to be 4. They share a room and they both have a toddler bed. He was in a toddler bed at 17 months as he was getting out of the crib. He loves having a bed. He can get in and out.

He knows what the bed is for. I tell him to get in it and he does. I remember if he wouldn't stay in bed at the first of all of that, I would just stay there and put him in the bed over and over and over and telling him to get in bed, it's bedtime, etc etc. Eventually (and I know it's tedious for the parent) they get the point that they won't win and they stay or get exhausted and go to sleep. I also gave a bottle though (and still do - see my problem in another thread ) but he is a good boy as long as he has that bottle. I also still have the crib toy attached to his headboard that he likes - you pull a sting and it plays a song.

I noticed that with both my kids around this time they don't want to stay in bed, having something they like to play with while in bed is good because they know they are where they are supposed to be but also have a minor form of entertainment. You just leave them alone and they eventually go to sleep with it or get bored of it then lay down and let nature do the rest.

Anyway, I would definitely say your LO probably sees the older sibling with a bed and wants the same...I would look into getting a toddler bed for both safety and for the growing girl! My daughter loved her new bed set too - still does - with Little Mermaid sheets (my son loves his baseballs on the sheets too) and nice new gets them excited to be in bed.

Oh, by the son wasn't napping for a while either....but I left him in the room and if he played rather than slept, oh well...quiet time is quiet time...I left him in there. If he didn't sleep though, I knew it was because I didn't give him much physical activity or exercise to do that day, which is why I take them to the park now after lunch. Or we just tumble or play a game I made up like Simon says....I say run around and jump and stop and fall on the floor and stand up and all that stuff to get them tired. My almost 4 year old hasn't taken naps in months. I've decided that's for the birds because she gets cranky toward bed time and acts out and I know now it's because she's just tired....

The good news is, I'm seeing her take naps now because I put her in my bed after the park each day and tell her it's nap time. Oh she says she's not tired and wants to watch a movie or whatever excuse and I tell her NO, you can do A B and C after you wake up. I tell her there is no other option any more from now on and she's actually accepting it and she's getting her naps again....

My kids go to bed real nice for me because I'm a stickler about my routine now and making them stay in a nice way. I read a story and talk about what's for breakfast the next day, give the 4 year old her stuffed animals or babies or whatever she wants to sleep with. Now, keeping the 2 year old asleep at night and not waking all the time....I'm still desperately trying to figure that one out.
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