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nap time or whenever

My DD is 22mos and during the week she naps between 12-2 give or take 30min but when the wkend comes she fights naps i know some people say if they dont take a nap by 2 then dont let them im torn i feel like she still needs to nap it is tough though if she takes a really late nap then shes up late what to do


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Re: nap time or whenever

My dd used to do this, too, and I think it was just because daddy was home and the regular routine was totally thrown off on weekends. Are your weekends significantly different than the weekdays? Maybe just try to keep the routine as similar as you can. If that doesn't work, I would put her to bed earlier on the weekends and just let it go. As long as kids are getting enough sleep to be healthy, I think we parents sometimes need to let everything else go because it isn't worth the stress or the battles, kwim?

I don't generally let naps start after 2:00 but if for some reason she misses that time, then bed time comes a little earlier because she's cranky and needs it.

Good luck. I hate sleeping dilemmas. Once you solve one, it's onto the next.
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Re: nap time or whenever

I personally know my DD needs at least a little nap. So if she doesn't fall asleep until much later than usual I will wake her up after about 30 or 40 minutes. Or we go somewhere in the car and she'll conk out for a few minutes. It's usually enough to get her to bedtime but not so much that it messes up bedtime.
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Re: nap time or whenever

I watch my Nephews during the day 4days a week their a little older than your Daughter but I've always tried not to let my older Nephew nap much past 5 I start waking him up at 4:30. He's sometimes ready for bed at 8:30-9 sometimes 10 it's hard sometimes for them to be asleep before 10 since their Dad leaves for work a little before 10. He's 4yrs old.

My younger Nephew who's 2 1/2 has Hypotonia (low muscle tone) along with Mild CP he can take a nap til 7-7:30 and still be ready for bed 8:30-9 sometimes 10. And there's times when he goes down for a nap at 5 and not get back up til 7am the next moring.

I try to keep nap times regualar but Therapy times for my younger Nephew varies on Tues,Wed,and Thurs. So I try to hold off doing Quiet time/Nap time til after his Therapy.
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Re: nap time or whenever

My two DS's each slowed their napping around 3 (so I know it's later, but that's not the point, just hear me out.) & because I know they still need a nap or at least a quiet time after that age, they go into quiet time daily. My eldest (just turned 8) did quiet time until just this year on the days he was home from school or on the weekends. My 4 year old still goes to his room for quiet time for at least 2 hours every day. He naps when he feels like it, but usually he just plays quietly. He's been a booger lately on the "quietly" thing, so we've been dealing with that, but it's getting better! I also have a dd who is only 14 mos, so she's still napping regularly & I make them "nap" at the same time. This is right after lunch, starting time is between 12 & 1pm. If older ds is home from school, he doesn't have to be in his room for quiet time anymore, but he has to be quiet & respectful of everyone else's "down time". He often plays video games or reads. I require this because my kids are better (not bears by dinner time) this way & I'm a better mama too!
I also was wondering if your weekends are just soooo different from your weekdays. Mine are & naps are SO hard when DH is home, but we've recently come to the agreement that they are still a necessity & we do everything in our power to have them on time. This makes for a happier family at this house! GL!!!
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Re: nap time or whenever

I would enforce "quiet hour". She may read a book or listen to music, but she must remain in her bed, quietly, for one hour during the time she usually naps. If she falls asleep - fine. If not, fine.

Our schedules get turned around whenever DH is home. One thing that has helped us a TON is waking DS up at the same time every day - even on weekends. I resisted trying this for so long and now I feel like an idiot. It worked for my SIL, it worked for me! My son is 18.5m and my nephew is 22m. At this age I think they definitely still need their naps!
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Re: nap time or whenever

My ods usually naps around 12:30-1 until 3 BUT not always! Sometimes he skips it. Come 4pm he's a mess!!! I let him nap! But up no later than 5:30 and he goes to bed at 8 every night & he has no issues. My ped once said let them sleep! If you keep a tired cranky child awake so they'll "sttn" they won't! It's because their growing, they need it. An over tired child has a harder time going to sleep. And yes weekends are hard for us cause daddys here and he's fun!
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Re: nap time or whenever

When DD is home with me, she is ALWAYS down at noon - even if she doesn't "act" tired I put her down anyway and she always falls asleep. Now, for some reason she never seems to get a nap at my inlaws so when we pick her up at 3 or 4 pm she is a CRAB. She will fall asleep in the car and I will let her nap for a half-hour or so and then put her down at her regular bedtime. It seems to me if you try and keep an over-tired child up it just makes getting them to sleep a LOT harder. I would say try and get her on a naptime routine on weekends but if she resists, letting her have a short "catnap" late in the afternoon is ok.
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Re: nap time or whenever

Originally Posted by Crew&West View Post
up no later than 5:30 and he goes to bed at 8 every night & he has no issues.
lucky you! I've figured out it takes DD 6.5-7 hours after a nap to be ready to go to sleep for the night. so if she gets up at 5 she would be ready for bed around 11-12 (which has happened with accidental late naps)

we've been trying to figure out the nap situation too. if i can't get her down by noon then it puts her up too late at night but i hate keeping her up when she's tired.
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