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Re: What do you HATE/LOVE about your church nursery?

Originally Posted by proudsahmof3 View Post
Our church just remodeled, and they did not put in a nursery (nor have they ever had one). Our priest has said many times that everyone is welcome at the service, even crying babies and troublesome toddlers. I my church.
That is why I picked my church. We have a room with a video feed/rocking chairs but there is no pressure to use it. I think they really have it more for women who are wanting to BF privately. The times I have taken my fussing kid to it they were always so nice and said that the noise was really OK. It has worked for 2000 years. Anyway, it has been the past 50 years of nursery that we have watched the church dwindle. There are way too many kids in our church to be supported by nursery anyway--not a lot of birth-control happening there


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Re: What do you HATE/LOVE about your church nursery?

LOVE: I work it twice a month. I have gotten a few younger women involved in the nursery, before older women ran it. Which was FINE except new blood does amazing things for a church We sanitize everything after each service. Children are held, loved on and played with. Always. I do the under 2 room... Now the 2-4 room is where my other son goes and its AMAZING. There is a man there that held DS#1 every time for teh first month. DS#1 would sob and sob because he didn't want me to leave... But I knew i had to. For him. For me... NOW---- he runs to this man and loves him like family!!!!

HATE: Parents. We have some parents that treat us like their employees. UM.. WE VOLUNTEER. One mom gets angry when her baby falls asleep... even though she does every time, obviously she is tired. She gets mad and says we should keep her awake. SORRY. I am not bouncing a 10 month old like crazy in order for her to not fall asleep. thats cruel. LOL. OH and parents sending other family members to get their child. If we KNOW you, its one thing, but its very hard to look Grandpa in the face and say "Um.. Wheres the ticket? Without the ticket, you can't take Joey..." Grandpa just doesn't get it and gets mad... SIGH....
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Re: What do you HATE/LOVE about your church nursery?

What I don't like - Sanitation (not filthy so much as germy) and lack of a good sick child & sick volunteer/worker policies. I won't put Alec in the church nursery ever again. There are somewhere close to 60 kids that pass through the room and play with toys during the week (they run a private christian school/daycare as well) and while they keep it clean they don't sanitize well enough. One day, only one day did I send him this fall for a max of 45 minutes. He comes home and gets severely ill with Strep (the incubation period for the bug lines up perfectly to the church nursery stay, there had been no other exposures). We had to admit him to Children's. By the time we got to the ER his vitals were so unstable they mobilized half the ER staff to get him stabilized. He had been vomiting and had the runs for less then 24 hours and it took 3 IV boluses before his heart rate and blood pressure would even start to respond well. My son does have issues in his GI tract so it makes a GI illness 10 times worse for him but I'm sure there were other mother's who didn't appreciate the "gift" of Strep either.
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Re: What do you HATE/LOVE about your church nursery?

I agree with pp that BACKGROUND CHECKS need to be mandatory for every volunteer working with kids, regardless of the size of the church-unfortunately I know first hand of someone who was really involved in our old, small church (300 members) He was a deacon, volunteered in nursery and other kids programs etc-everyone in the church knew him......well it came out that he has a lot of problems (he's related to my dh ). We did not do background checks at the church but if we had been, it would have come up that he actually has a police record (that even most of the family did not know about). So please please please get background checks done on every volunteer/worker-its not that expensive and it helps keep kids safe!

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Re: What do you HATE/LOVE about your church nursery?

mine isn't very serious, i just have a funny story...

DD was cranky in church so i went down to the nursery (which actually is her daycare room, cuz the church runs a FT day care) to feed her and help her fall asleep. i'm walking in and looking down, concentrating on the baby gate, when i hear a man say "well hello!!" i look up and its ALL MEN in the nursery!! i WAS planning on feeding her but NO WAY WITH ALL THOSE GUYS BECAUSE.... NO WAY! so the guy goes on to say "would you like to leave her here??" and i just stammer something about feeding her as i back out of the room. i'll just sit in the empty hallway, thanks!!
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