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14 month old hates car seat?! Help

The last few weeks, my daughter who is 14 months is having terrible fits in the car seat. At first, I thought is was the seat, buckle and/or the position. Then, I thought she was too hot, and tried temp control and taking off her shoes.
THEN, I started to notice that she is kicking her legs something fierce and was wondering if it could be a diaper issue.

She is in cloth and I always have a dry one on the babes right before we leave the house. Could the diaper be too hot or something like that? I even tried a disposable seeing if that helped and she gave me the same crazy fits.

I am out of ideas---could this be a diaper thing or just a temper tantrum of not wanting to be in a seat? We rarely go more than 10 minutes from the house, nothing far or on any big trips, so it isn't like she is contained for long periods of time. Anyone else have this issue?


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Re: 14 month old hates car seat?! Help

Both of my kids went through a phase of absolutely hating the carseat around a year old...DS was a bit earlier (maybe 10 months-ish??) and DD hated the carseat for a good 4 months, from about a year old until she was around 16 months. She'd scream, kick, bite herself, slam her head against the seat as hard as she could (which wasn't very hard because she was buckled properly and couldn't get a lot of leverage), throw her shoes, make herself throw up. It was miserable and I avoided going anywhere with her because of five minute trip into town to get groceries would end up with me cleaning vomit in the parking lot. Part of the issue was motion sickness we think, turning her FF helped a bit but after a couple weeks she got sick that direction as well, so we went back to ERF her. She finally grew out of it, but it was a rough time.
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Re: 14 month old hates car seat?! Help

I think it is kind of normal. Both my kids do it. DD still sometimes throws a tantrum. We are just very matter of fact about it, and don't give them any attention for it, and after a couple minutes, they settle down.
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Re: 14 month old hates car seat?! Help

Odds are its just a phase
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Re: 14 month old hates car seat?! Help

Could it be the seat - do you have a second seat you could switch or borrow one to see if that is the problem? Or sometimes they go through that...
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Re: 14 month old hates car seat?! Help

It could totally be a phase, or as pcjs said, it could be the seat. My son definitely has gone through a few phases where he hated the car, and would pitch fits. These passed. Now, he doesn't hate the car, but he does hate when he has to ride in his Britax Marathon. That thing has zero leg room for a tall rear-facing toddler! We have zero issues in our Radian XTSL because it's so much more spacious for him. (We think he's a bit claustrophobic.)
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Re: 14 month old hates car seat?! Help

All my kids have gone throught that around that age. Some for a few days and some for a few months. And it had nothing to do with rf or ff, like some people think. My oldest was turned around at 9 months and 20 pounds, she hated the car seat around one. My youngest is still rear facing at 26 months and only had a handful of times he screamed around 18 months. I've had a range of in betweens too. They get over it, hopefully sooner rather than later!!
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Re: 14 month old hates car seat?! Help

I'd also say it is a just a phase. My DS went through a period of absolutely hating the carseat. I think it was shortly after he hit a year old. It lasted a few weeks. We also only did short trips usually, so I was at a loss as to what was wrong. I always just tried to distract him by singing songs or packing a few car toys for him. Nothing worked as well as just waiting for him to grow out of it. Hope things improve for you soon!
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Re: 14 month old hates car seat?! Help

yup, normal phase for kids. Sounds like she doesn't really like it and is hoping that it is negotiable if she throws enough of a fuss about it. Both my girls went through this although at a bit younger age but I just pop them in and off we go. It only makes it worse to cajole, fuss over, or cater to the behavior. Car seats are not negotiable and we aren't staying home just because they don't like being in it. Doesn't usually take too long before they see that there really is no reason to waste energy fussing back there because it won't change anything. Your daughter is at the age when kids are really mobile and testing all the boundaries so it is normal. I would just stay calm, ignore the behavior for the most part and just keep doing what you normally do.
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