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How many books per day?

If you have a toddler or preschooler, on average how many books per day do you read to him/her? Just curious. I want to devote more of our day to reading and was wondering what was typical. Right now we just read at bedtime and sometimes nap time.


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Re: How many books per day?

I had a great consistency with my now 3 year old and we did 2 at naptime, 2 at bedtime no matter what...then whatever he wanted throughout the day. It was nice to know for both of us that the 2 each time were consistent though. Most day's it would be about 6-10 on average. I have slacked a bit but need to get back to a better schedule again.

They have this thing in elementary school where they explain how it adds up if the kids don't do their 20 mins of reading each day. By the end of so long it adds up to a crazy amount. So a little each day really adds up......if you don't it's like they end up a year or something behind in reading.....
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Re: How many books per day?

We do at least 2 a day, one before nap and one before bed. More if he brings us books. The asking to be read to thing goes in cycles. Sometimes he brings us books all day long and sometimes he doesn't even want to hear a pre-bed story.
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Re: How many books per day?

It varies day to day. Somedays I'm being handed books left and right and we practically read the day away. Other days we only read 1-2 at bedtime. Dd2 loves have us color with her so somedays she asks if we can color for a bit instead of read books - so sometimes a day will go by that we don't read to her. That's pretty rare though because she probably asked me to read something to her earlier in the day.
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Average 6 a day. We're going to homeschool and I'm excited to prioritize reading over housework or whatever b/c it's for "school." I love reading to my daughter but when you're short on time, it gets rushed and less enjoyable.
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Re: How many books per day?

We do 1-3 before nap - depends on how late it is when we start the process, if the baby is fussing and I just want to get DS to bed, etc. Then we usually do 3-6 or so before bedtime - I read a couple then say goodnight and leave, then daddy reads a few and puts DS to bed. Dad is a sucker for reading more stories. We have books in the playroom, but honestly it does not happen terribly much that he wants to be read to as he'd rather mess with toys. But some days he'll surprise me and bring me several in a day and plop down in my lap. I am about to install some picture ledges that will allow books to face out and rotate them regularly, and that may inspire him to want to read more.
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Re: How many books per day?

I read three short stories at bedtime, each LO chooses one. At some point during the day I read a chapter or two from a longer book, right now we're working our way through the Magic School Bus chapter books. Other than that, I just read whenever they ask me to. Some days I read dozens of books and other days it's none.
My boys have a big bookshelf in their room that displays the covers, so it encourages them to grab a book. We go to the library weekly and have a big bin of library books that we keep in the living room.
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We do 2 before bed. It was three until recently, but the books are getting longer and we are talking about them more. We are another it comes and goes family. ALWAYS before bed. The rest is up to her. Right now she wants to learn to read something fierce, so it's several, several times a day. Probably 2 hours the other night between 4:00 and 8:00. She loves books and we let her take the lead.
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Re: How many books per day?

I got into the habit of reading 4 books when my boys got up, before breakfast or getting dressed or helps me wake up too I think..., and then four books before bed. Now they are older we still do this. My youngest started school this year, but reading as soon as they are up is a lovely, snuggly-on-the-couch time before the day starts.

That was the pattern when they were smaller, as well as before nap time, and any time they brought a book to me with a request to read it.
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We do at least one book per day. I also try to read any time I'm asked. I don't ever want to discourage reading, so I will drop what I'm doing to read a book - most times anyway.
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