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Quorra's Fast Posterior Home Water Birth LONG!

phew - that's a mouthful!

I woke up Sunday morning (9/30 - 40 weeks, 2 days or 40 weeks exactly depending on who you ask) with some tightening in my back and was still running to the bathroom like I had been for 2 days already. I sent my midwife a txt to let her know that my braxton hicks were starting to hurt a little in my back and side and that I had had a little brown/pink tinted discharge. We went about our day, went to see Hotel Transylvania and then I ran to the store to buy some stuff for eBay and some more hibiclens and dermaplast, I told DH I felt like a ticking time bomb and wanted to have it all ready but they didn't end up having anything I needed. By dinner time the 'contractions' (felt more like BHs) were closer together, every 2-5 minutes or so and 50 seconds or so long but not any more painful than they had been before. My midwife called at 620 or so to check in and we decided that she'd drive over to see if the contractions were doing anything and if they weren't we figured we'd all get a good night's sleep.

She arrived at 715 or so and checked me. Was roughly 2-3cm, had been 2cm for the last 3 weeks so not really much of a change. Since it was late and she lives 45 minutes away she decided to give my cervix a stretch and see what happened. Said we'd know in an hour or so if this was the real deal or not. She stretched it to a 4 and boy did that hurt! Incredibly painful in my back but contractions didn't really change much following the check. We went for a walk around the block and while I could feel the contractions I could still easily walk and talk through them.

We got back just in time to watch Dexter and that's when they started to hurt. I was sitting on the couch and the pain in my back was killing me. They were coming every 1-2 minutes or so at that point and I had to get off the couch and try different positions, DH rubbed my back etc.

Dexter was over at 9pm, DH and I went out for another walk and then we'd recheck. I had to stop for every contraction and breathe through them at this point. He was freaking out telling me we shouldn't get too far from the house but I wanted to get up this hill and see what happened then. The contractions seemed like they were almost on top of each other now, definately no more than 45 seconds or so apart, it took a while to get back to the house having to stop every 20 steps or so.

When we got back MW checked me again and was like woah! 7cms. I ordered DH to clean and fill the tub for me, fast! and was laying on my big birth ball trying to get comfortable but it was doing NOTHING. The pain in my back was excrutiating but there was almost no pain in my stomach. Pretty much told us she was posterior as we had suspected the last few visits.

I hopped in the bath and made it through a couple contractions before I needed to go to the bathroom again. I thought. I had had some pretty explosive visits earlier in labor but this time I just sat on the toilet, my legs shaking and my stomach bearing down involuntarily moaning. I could hear DH on the other side of the door asking me if I was OK.. again lol

I got back in the tub and when the next contraction started my stomach bore down again, I couldn't control it! I was pushing but wasn't trying to! I told my MW I was about to freak out, that I couldn't control my breathing with this happening... I remember yelling 'it burns! it burns, it's stinging!' she hopped in the bath with me to check where the baby was and my water broke, Quorra was right there but I had a little cervix left that she tried to help move out of the way. That is one of the most painful things in the world, I remember yelling at her to please stop and she did.

A couple more contractions happened with me not really in control, I couldn't seem to take over from what my stomach was just doing. I feel like I was SO constipated, trying to go but nothing happening. She helped me reposition myself a little, DH put a towel under me in the bath. She held my legs for me because I felt like I was slipping, told me to tuck my chin in and try to take over the pushing. I was yelling and screaming, panting and trying to push with each contraction that were now almost one after another. It hurt like a....! My MW was working on stretching everything out a bit down there and told me to focus on where she was touching, tuck in my chin and push

After just a couple focused pushes Quorra had moved down and came sliding right out, her head popped out and there was no break between that and when the rest of her came out. She didn't even rotate her shoulders or anything, it took only that one final push once she was crowning. She came out completely posterior, looking right up at my MW through the water, I wish I had gotten a photo of that, it may be in the birth video but I'm not ready for that yet. I can only imagine how insane I looked through it all!

She was born at 1025pm, maybe 30-40 minutes or so after I had gotten in the tub. I went from 3cm to done in just under 3 hours. I couldn't have handled it much longer with how fast and strong the contractions were coming and I thanked her for coming out so fast over and over again while I held her in the tub. She slowly started crying and looked around at everything blinking. She was breathing just fine but was just taking it all in and then gave us a good loud cry. She was perfectly healthy but did have a bit of bruising on her forehead from her positioning.

DH cut her cord and applied the cord ring we had ordered special (which are awesome by the way!), wrapped her up and held her while I delivered the placenta, got out of the bath and into bed. At this point my MW's daughter, her assistant showed up and was really sad she had missed it all! I wasn't, I don't know how much more of that I could have taken! I did have a fairly nice sized tear but we are letting it heal without stitches and so far it seems to be doing well.

Quorra (pronounced Cora - it is the Italian version of the name) was 8lb 6oz and 20" long. 1 inch longer but almost a pound lighter than her brother.

All in all it was a wonderful experience though a little unfair considering I had never had a natural labor before and this one just came full on almost from the second it started, it was hard to wrap my head around it all happening so quickly! DH and I both LOVED having a homebirth and will do it again if we have anymore children, it was so nice to be in our own home!!

Just born and all wrapped up in her mama's bed!

her 2nd diaper - didn't get a photo of the first, a mama made Rainy Days size 1 fitted folded down to the NB setting

11 days old


Mama to P 12.07 and baby Q born at home 9.30.12 <3

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Re: Quorra's Fast Posterior Home Water Birth LONG!

what a cutie!
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Congrats! Great job mama!
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Re: Quorra's Fast Posterior Home Water Birth LONG!

Awesome birth!!!!! She's so precious!!!!
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Re: Quorra's Fast Posterior Home Water Birth LONG!

Wow! Congratulations! Pretty name, and beautiful baby.
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