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Re: What would you do?

My husband drove 1 1/2 hours to and from work for several years. Although he only worked 8 hours. Still, his entire work week he was gone. His days off were spent more as recovery time. He really didn't want to do anything much. Neither he nor I are willing to do that again regardless of the benefits. Just not worth it to us.

Anyway, I would suggest a trial run as well.

Don't forget, with a long commute he will need to leave more time for driving than just the 1 1/2 hours. He will have to take into consideration any potential delays such as accidents slowing or even stopping traffic, flat tires, bad weather, etc. My husband would always leave at least a half hour if not more just in case. More than once he used that 'extra' time to get out of a ditch, deal with slow traffic, accommodate bad weather, or change his tire. And yes, he did fall asleep at the wheel at least once that I know for sure. He had to be towed out of a corn field. So his 1 1/2 hour commute took more like 2- 2 1/2 hours.


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Re: What would you do?

My husband commutes to work about an hour and a half. We knew in moving out to the country where we live now, that a commute would be part of it. There are a lot of factors about it that are difficult, but ultimately we both agreed that being out in the country was the best for us and for our children, who get to run around like crazy people on our farm without disturbing a soul!
I agree with what others have said though, in that I am mostly alone with the kids. I feel like a part time single mom most of the time. He leaves before they wake up and gets home usually after they are in bed, or right when they are going to bed. And by the time he gets home he is TIRED. There have been multiple occasions where he has mentioned moving back to the city for the sake of convenience, but when we begin to talk it through all the way and talk about logistics and what's best, we ultimately decide to stay put.

We have our long term goals in mind, which is to be self sufficient on our farm. Its a dream that is many years away, but because it is so important to both of us, we are sticking it through this part of the journey! Its not easy on either of us, but for now we have decided its worth it.
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Re: What would you do?

I agree with the trial. It sounds great, but the realities may be more than you can handle. As far as the in-laws, I recommend having a family meeting before you move and discussing everyone's boundaries. It will save a lot of hassle.
Good Luck!
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