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Re: Loveys etc. questions

My oldest DD had a baby actually. She picked at the baby's body (it didn't have clothes, just a pink body), and rolled all the fuzz around constantly. She picked it up herself when she was about 5 months old and never let go. I bought a second one about 3 months later, but she never really took to it. We lost her baby when she was just past 4, but she was fortunately okay with it by then...

So far, none of the others have had one. I kind of wish they did - as it's helpful to me when they have a way to calm themselves - but I'm not going to force it. I think DS1 is too old to pick one up now, he's almost 2. But DS2 might still, he's 2 months now and still hasn't picked one.


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Re: Loveys etc. questions

When Ds was about 6 months I started giving him a stuffed otter to sleep with but he never attached to it. Then one day when we were shopping in Walmart in the infant Dept and he found a big Pooh bear that was very soft, with the year 2006 on the bottom of his foot. He fell in love with it at the store, holding it and rubbing him on his face so I bought it for him. After that day he took it every where and slept with it. He is now 3 and still sleeps with the bear and drags him all over the house. We don't take him out of the house because I'm afraid we will loose him and Ds would be very upset. He asks for his bear every night. Here is a pic of Ds and his bear. If you ever see this bear please PM me.

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Re: Loveys etc. questions

DD just sort of latched onto one of the many yarn blankets that I used to cover her in her crib. At first, any blanket made of soft yarn would do (took me awhile to figure out that if she was fussing and wouldn't go to sleep, a blanket would cure the problem). Now, she's attached to one particular blanket that I made her. I had to make another just like it (I hate crocheting blankets) in order to launder "the woobie" without a major meltdown. She's 2 1/2, been attached to a woobie since she was about 9 months old. If I were trying to get her attached to a lovey, I'd just be sure to always have it on hand at naptimes, when cuddling, and when comforting during the many self-inflicted injuries that LOs get.
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Re: Loveys etc. questions

I wouldn't really say that DD, 17 months, has a lovey. She has a lovey-sized blanket that she naps and sleeps with, but it stays IN her crib (i.e. she doesn't have to carry it around 24/7). And she's not even completely attached to that, b/c I am able to put her down to sleep w/o it (like when I need to wash it, etc.). But maybe my DD is weird.
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Re: Loveys etc. questions

Tharen adopted his lovey at about 11months or so. We were out shopping for Christmas and we stopped into a toy shop and bought each of the boys a Jellie Babies toy. They are these stuffed toys with a bladder in the middle that holds water. So they are heavy a jiggle funny. Kearnan wanted a Squirrel and Tharen chose a Fox. I don't know why but he has clung to that fox like it was the most important treasure in the world. It goes everywhere with us. He is almost 2.5yrs now and still toting "Doggie" around. I might have chosen something different, easier to buy duplicates of and easier to wash. He does have a second Doggie, it's bladder got popped by the cat so he doesn't like it quite as well but it will do in a pinch. It can go through the washing machine which is nice. First Doggie has to be hand washed and hang to dry. That takes a while. But he can't sleep without him. He's so attached that I actually got a tattoo of "doggie" to represent Tharen (well it is a little chibi boy holding doggie). To this day my tattoo artist laughs when he sees Tharen still toting doggie around.

Tharen and Doggie sleeping on the couch

The infamous doggie tattoo

Kearnan never had a lovey. He still doesn't. When he was little he used to rub the face of my watch while he fell asleep. But he was never attached to one item. He has a few stuffed friends he really likes, a waldorf doll, a cpk, and a couple build a bear pals, plus a jelly fish amigurumi I made for him. But he can sleep without any of them. He just isn't that kind of attached.
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Re: Loveys etc. questions

Jonathan has had one since about 1 I make Lovey's. I will be giving Tyler one here soon, before we go on vacation. They are more used for comforting tools. such as you sleep with it, get your sent on it, and then when they are little and you go back to work, they have it at daycare and it smells like you and it comforts them or when they stay over at grandma's house. Jonathan HAS to have his for bed, or sleep over and Popa's and Grandma's. Now he just likes the fact that he has it, and he can use it as long as he wants to.

I make small lovey's they are not like blankets they fit in the diaper bag or over night bag easily and have a small handle for carrying.

I think they are WONDERFUL to use!

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Re: Loveys etc. questions

My DH and I slept with DD's waldorf style heavy baby for weeks before Christmas I made him be nice to her too!
She does love her baby although she's still a little too heavy
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Re: Loveys etc. questions

Originally Posted by kissinfish View Post
When did you get your DC a lovey? What did you give them? How did you intro it? Do they still use it?
) THANKS! Sorry for all the ?s - my DD seems to love holding things, and I'm trying to wean her from the swaddle and I think this may work ... )
My kids picked their own lovey. My DS picked a Pooh bear that my DH won at a carnival,plain printed cloth,beany stuffing.After a couple of years of washing and stitching/patching,it looked like a Frankenpooh. My DD started out with a soft silky bound baby blanket,it had to go everywhere with her(pics of her from infant to 7 years old include this blanket).The blanket finally fell apart.She really missed it,one day she happened to find a linen tablecloth that had been washed so much that it was cuddly soft.She adopted that and slept with it until she was 12. You never know your DD my pick the swaddle!Whatever makes them feel safe and loved!
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Re: Loveys etc. questions

I never gave either of mine a lovey. My DS never used anything and my DD started having to hold blankets when she nurses or goes to sleep at around 18months.
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Re: Loveys etc. questions

Originally Posted by Angel3167 View Post
My DD has a few things that are her faves but I don't think she's super attatched yet. She has two ugly dolls.
My kiddo loves his Ugly Dolls too! He has two of the little ones in his crib at all times and several others (including "Ice Bat") strewn around the house. They're so soft and squishy and he loves to gnaw on their ears/antennae/wings/whatever. We call them his "guys".

But his favorite lovey is is Kaloo "Doudou" bunny....which is a soft furry mini-blanket with knots in three corners and a stuffed bunnyhead in the fourth. He's been lovin' on that thing since he was about a month old. At night and naptime, I usually nurse him to sleep and then gently transfer him to his crib. The first thing his does when his booty hits the mattress is to reach for his Doudou and smash it into his face. As long as its within arm's reach, he almost never makes a peep when I lay him down for a snooze.
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