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Re: Paleo/Primal diet and lifestyle Support Thread

Originally Posted by iluvmyortiz1122 View Post
Where's everyone been!?

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New thread for march! Sorry <3


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Some advice of vegan candida diet

The vegan candida diet vegetarian plan is easy to follow but also makes plenty of health sense

There are many known reasons for being vegetarian and it's a matter of personal choice, but if you are coping with candida overgrowth it makes sense to avoid meat

The choice is eating organic, free-range meat only but this can be pricey and does nevertheless contain a small amount of antibiotics

The difference is that organic standards only allow the usage of antibiotics when absolutely necessary

The fact that animals tend to be reared in a free-range environment does mean that the probability of disease and therefore antibiotic use is significantly reduced Not forgetting the methods tend to be more humane to animals

So if you are vegetarian, <a href=top-diet com/vegan-candida-diet-some-advice>vegan candida diet recipes</a> is a great way to eliminate your overgrowth

However the basics are simple, especially on the vegetarian strategy

Eat all the more fresh vegetables and salad you'd like This includes avocados, tomatoes, limes and lemons which are technically the only fruits allowed with this plan All other fruit is to be avoided for a minimum of three weeks See the general diet guidelines web page for more

Potatoes and root veggies are also allowed

Eat refreshing seeds and shelled nuts (store in refrigerator)

Eat free-range, natural eggs

Try Soya, rice and almond milk as options to cow's milk, which is not allowed

Eat unrefined and whole wheat grains such as for example brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, and oats

A little natural butter is allowed as are cold-pressed oils such as for example sunflower, flax, olive and rapeseed

The vegan candida diet plan naturally follows the candida diet restrictions to remove animal meats This vegan variation of a vegetarian diet plan also eliminates foods made by animals, milk products, including eggs and honey A healthy vegan diet uses minimum processed foods and often includes whole grains, legumes, more fresh vegetables and soy, fruits and crazy
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So glad I found this thread!

Hubby and I have been paleo for about 1.5years. Officially started when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while preggo with DD. I went to the class the Dr had me attend, and the diet they wanted me to adhere to sounded very similar to paleo. Hubby and I had already been toying around with the idea to go paleo, especially since we've heard of it when we started CrossFitting. We just were dragging our feet because we didn't believe it would work out.

We did some research, a lot actually, and decided to follow paleo. Not just for my health, but for our DD. By going paleo, I was able to keep my GD under control and only needed to take a pill at night to keep my fasting blood sugars under control. DD was born just short of 39 weeks and surprised the Drs by weighing at a petite 6lbs 6oz instead of a bigger baby which they were expecting because of the GD.

Almost 1.5 years later, we are still living a paleo lifestyle, adhering to the "100% paleo, 80% of the time" motto since we love our "cheat" meals! Our cheat meals are a way for us to get cravings out for what we can no longer have and to eat some of our fave foods from our Chinese/Filipino cultures that would not be considered paleo without modifications.

We try not to have too many cheat meals or go overboard with the non-paleo foods because we feel absolutely like poop. It's crazy to think that you body gets so used to eating clean, that the minute you eat something that's not, your body automatically reacts to it. DH and I feel sluggish, we don't sleep well, we bloat up, BMs are messed up and we are more prone to sickness.

Our DD, 15 months, eats the same as we do, only we are not as strict with her with all the paleo "rules". She drinks whole milk, eats quesadillas or grilled cheese sandwiches if we eat out, puffs, Cheerios or crackers as snacks. We do try to limit all of those to a few times a week tho. We like to give more fruit as snacks and include carrots and cucumber sticks with her lunches when she goes to the sitter's house.

I HTH anyone out there!
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