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Relactation with sns, not sure how to do it.

I hope it is ok to ask here, I did not want to ask under pumping or formula feeding as I am attempting to bring DS back on the breast. So I was hoping to ask a few questions here.
I had another thread and got tons of advice but started this since the questions are rather specific now.

I have a sns and the contact sheilds. DS who previously would not latch now will with the contact shield. We were previously given the wrong size and I think that contributed to much of the problems we have had including latch and decreased flow issues.

So I am not sure what to do now. I hope some of you with experience could offer advice. I have these tools and am not sure how to coordinate them. I am pumping but still having to use formula as I am still not producing enough yet.

1. How do I supplement best with the sns. Should I use this instead of the bottle? Right now I am breast feeding and then bottle feeding him after.

2. How much do I put in the sns? The same as he would normally eat and just not the different as the amount he got from the breast? Or should I do less since he is getting breast milk as well (but that is unmeasurable)?

3. Should I use the sns each time or alternate between just breast with sheild and breast with sheild and sns combined?

4. How often should I be pumping? I am worried if I pump too much nothing will be left for him to breast feed

5. Sometimes he rages and does not want to latch on the breast at all in these times the sns is not a usable option, is there a better alternative to the bottle in such an instance that is conducive to getting him back on the boob?

And any advice you have to increase flow would be awesome. I am drinking breastfeeding tea daily. I also pump, but am unsure how often to do so. As of now I am not noticing any increase.

Thank you so much.


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Re: Relactation with sns, not sure how to do it.

I don't really know for sure on most of your questions, but Kellymom has some information about weaning off supplementation from an SNS that talks about amounts and stuff. Maybe that will help:
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Re: Relactation with sns, not sure how to do it.

I don't have a lot of experience with this, but here are my thoughts:

As far as the SNS, I would put in whatever amount you would have given him in formula. He'll get some from you, and some from the SNS, to equal a full feeding.

I personally would use the SNS instead of a bottle, as long as he will take it. It'll also stimulate you, the bottle can't.

As far as pumping, you can pump after any feeding. I used to do this, and it definiately left me with an oversupply. I would also pump whenever he gets a bottle, to signal your body that that could have been a milk feeding.

You may also look at the "Finish at the Breast" method...

Your doctor, or an LC or WIC, or someone should be willing to weigh him before and after a feed to see how much he is getting.

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Re: Relactation with sns, not sure how to do it.

Hi there,
I am a maternity nurse, I breastfed my biological girls (with MUCH frustration due to low supply), and am now exclusively nursing my son that we adopted at birth (he is BY FAR my best nursing experience yet!!!)

1. Baby's learn to breastfeed by breastfeeding. Cut out the bottle completely (unless he is raging, then give him an oz or 2 by bottle then offer the breast again.)

2. Try not to let him get TOO hungry. Offer the breast every 2-3 hours or so during the day.

3. If he feeds well at the breast without the SNS for a while (you hear swallowing and see the "chin pause,") do this until he is done BOTH breasts (since he's likely not full with one breast in your case.) Then finish the feed on the 1st breast with the SNS.

4. Put 4 oz in the SNS so if he is feeding well, you don't run out.

5. I would quit pumping. Pumping for some people is great (when they have TONS of milk and simply want to freeze it) but in your scenario, it's not NEARLY as effective as having the baby on the breast more.

6. Do you want to breastfeed or do you want to feed breastmilk? The two usually go hand-in-hand, but not always. Some people quit nursing out of frustration (like I almost did) when they could have happily nursed with formula in the SNS. Some breast milk is better than quitting, and there is WAY more to nursing than breastmilk (nursing at the breast is comforting for baby-when they're not frustrated of course, in encourages bilateral eye development, helps form the mouth, jaw, and palate properly...)

7. Also, if you're not on it already, you should get on Domperidone 90 to 180mg per day divided into 3 doses (morning, noon, night.) If you are in the US, this could be a problem, but lots of women in the US get there hands on it, so if you need I could find out how for you.

YOU CAN DO THIS!! My girls are 7 & 9. My son is 2 months. I LOVE nursing him b/c the worry is gone!! I know he is being fed and it's only taking 30 min per feed!! With the girls, they would nurse forever and never seem full.

Both times I also took ALL the other stuff (fenugreek, blessed thistle, brewer's yeast, mother's milk tea...) and nothing really made a difference until I got on the domperidone. My advice is to save your money and stress level from having to take all those pills. Have oatmeal for breakfast every morning, that is anecdotally found to help supply, and I eat it anyway cause it's good for me

Good luck and let me know how you are doing!! PM me if you want anytime just to chat or if you'd like anymore info.
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