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I think the best advice I can give is to not worry too much about until you get there. The how-to of it is pretty simple. Have baby, have boob, insert tab a into slot b.

I'm not trying to be trite. BFing the beginning isn't easy. But I don't think reading books will really help prep you.

You have to learn how to do it, the baby has to learn too. It's a team effort. I'm nursing my second baby, 8 weeks old. I nursed dd1 for 9 months. I had trouble with the second baby getting started. So even though I knew what I wa s doing, there was a learning curve. Nursing is a relationship between two. In a way it's kind if like sex (I'm not trying to be weird). You can read about it, watch videos, etc. but until you do it, you're not going to know how to do it.

If you want to bf then do it, be open minded to the experience. Know that it can be really tough in the beginning, but it can get so easy that you can't believe how hard it was. Try to find a good lac. consultant. There are good and bad, those with agendas and those without. Take their advice but if it doesn't make sense, ditch it.

I nursed and used formula, do what works for you and don't worry about the rest.


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Re: Non-biased BF info

Originally Posted by KendallMarie View Post
I've had a look at the local LLL groups... I may be being very biased myself... but I took one look at the areas they meet in and said not a chance. My experience with mothers from those neighbor hoods have been less then pleasant. Lets just say they think rather highly of themselves.
I didn't really love my LLL group so much, because I felt like I was at least 10 years older than everyone else there and didn't really fit in BUT the leader was wonderful. I called her on the phone when my DD was a week or so old and she gave me some great advice and encouragement. The leaders are usually great, even if the group doesn't suit you.

Just the HoW To-s... like a technical guide. I've tried a few books and lots of sites and I'm just so tired of the uber lactivist statements. They just bother me to the point that I won't finish reading and so don't learn anything.

I know the Why's... all health benefits etc aside the financial reason should be a huge one for me.
I really liked Dr. Jack Newman's Ultimate Book of Breastfeeding Answers. I also like his website for information and videos. If you're going to write a book and maintain a website about breastfeeding, you feel pretty strongly about it. But I think he comes across quite level-headed.
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Re: Non-biased BF info

Even if your LLL group "appears" to meet in the "wrong" areas, I would give them a try. LLL groups tend to be moms that aren't "the norm" in their area. I would definitely say that was true of myself especially!

I live in a pretty stuck up; you must wear X clothes, drive y car and go to z gym to fit in. LLL is none of those things.
Tibeca, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist

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Re: Non-biased BF info

I'm afraid I have yet to find 'non-partisan' breastfeeding info, though everyone seems to claim they are. My best suggestion is to read a bunch and take from it what makes sense, but cut yourself off before you go nuts.
With all due respect to LLL and its members, I did not have a good experience with them. All the members that i met basically told me, in different ways, that I was a bad mother if I didn't breastfeed. I think that's the last thing any pregnant woman or new mom needs to hear, period.
If you want to breastfeed, by all means give it your very best. I had some troubles at the beginning but ultimately was able to nurse my daughter for 14 months. It can be done. The best things for me was finally cutting myself some slack and giving up the whole 'formula-is-evil' thing. I kept some in the house as a security blanket and it made me feel better just as a backup. Nobody can tell you what's right for you and your baby but you.
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Re: Non-biased BF info

For my first I went to breast feeding support group meetings to get comfortable with breast feeding bc I was not around it growing up. I also took a class. The support group was great for troubleshooting when issues came up. I would stay away from the all or nothing websites and find a comfortable bfing community
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Also try to find a good lactation consultant before baby is born so if you need the help you can use it. They usually have lactation consultants at the hospital, but I've had better luck with an independent LC. Google lactation consultant and your city and you should find something.

Good luck, mama! It's not always easy in the beginning, but totally worth it in the end. Ready -made food on the go! Nothing easier than that!

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Re: Non-biased BF info

I second the suggestion about finding someone to help before you have the baby. And flat out refuse to leave the hospital until you are comfortable with it. They can't make you leave!!

When I had dd2 I was so nervous about bf. I had done it the first time (for 10mos) but never like it, it hurt for months and it was 5yrs before so I didn't even remember how. I think my midwife put a note on my file about it because the lactation people were in an out of my room at the hospital constantly. And I didn't accept vague instructions. I wanted DETAILS about how EXACTLY to do it. I'm sure they thought I was nuts.

Our women and children's hospital has a bf clinic and if you phone them crying you get an appointment as soon as you can get there. They are very sweet. Also check out your local health unit. Mine had the most wonderful health nurses. They weren't necessarily lactation people but they were often moms and had a lot of practical info.

Try DR Jack Newman for instructions. He's heavy on propaganda, but his instructions are pretty detailed. I just ignored the propaganda.

You know what though, as hard as I found it, I have a number of friends who thought it was no big deal and super easy.
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