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Brag about your kids!

I so often complain about the difficult things with my kids, so I decided to start a thread to put your kids' best qualities. My oldest is a great student. Helpful, listens, always gets compliments from teachers. My middle is super easy going. I can switch plans up last minute and he never minds (or if he does he gets over it quick). And my baby (14 months) is a champion sleeper and is always willing to go to the church nursery with no crying.
What do you like to brag on your kids for?


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Re: Brag about your kids!

My son read a chapter book while walking home yesterday and today. My DD2 finished school for the week before noon today and got to go off with her grandma for the afternoon. My DD1 is dealing with frustrating circumstances in switching from public school to home school and has only protested mildly,and none today.
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DD4 has been an absolute champ at big sisterhood - so understanding of my need to feed the baby, get the baby to sleep, etc. She is so good with the baby and rewarded by his biggest smiles and giggles.
DS is 6 mos. when he's not possessed by demons - coming off a no sleeping bout - he is the most chill, happy baby. And can sit independently and crawl backwards!
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Re: Brag about your kids!

11 year dear step daughter is the best sister I could have ever imagined for my 9 year old son with autism. She isn't bothered at all by hits fits or gross things he does. She loves to be doing something all the time so she is happy to play with him or be his partner in special olympics. She has taken him on as her brother 100%

10 year son is an amazing performer, and a great musician. Neither his father or I, or his step-mom or step-dad are particularly strong in the arts. We were all middle-chair in high school band but that's about it. He is already a stand out actor in our area and his piano playing is coming along great. His sense of pride with the arts makes me smile

9 year old ds (profoundly autistic kiddo) is so freaking observant its crazy. Last winter he found the Christmas hiding spots like 5 times. Not because he was looking or wanted the presents but because he noticed something was out of the ordinary. He is an incredibly good speller since he is so visual. The other day he picked out a Mo Willems book at the library. He then went home and took two other books out of dsd's room so he had a "set." We hadn't read those books in years.
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Re: Brag about your kids!

I need this. Feels like all 3 of mine have been horrible, and I have been feeling really negative about them lately.

DS1 has really improved his handwriting. He also set the table really nicely tonight.

DS2 is so excited about reading and writing. It's fun to see him try to spell hard words and sound out words he sees.

DD's vocabulary is huge lately, and she is developing a really cute sense of humor.
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Re: Brag about your kids!

Awesome thread and a great reminder to look past the rough days to progress.
I'll touch on my current foster and forever son.
Teens are usually all work and little to no reward. Giant attitudes and all but...
My teen foster son is really easy going! I mean like REALLY easy. He is helpful and kind, even to my younger adopted son. He is a go with the flow kind of teen who doesn't mind playing with younger kids. Agrees to do things with Batman that I would skip in a heartbeat (like look for specific Lego pieces and play the same board game, like every day for infinity). They get along like brothers. It's like a Disney movie some days over here!
I'm going to miss him so much when he goes home soon.

My adopted son is real sweetheart. His foster care history labeled him with a bunch of nonsense like:

selective mutism (he talks all the time)
cannot put 3 words together (gets in trouble for talking all the time )
speech delayed (he speaks very well with therapy now)
defiant behavior (gives the best hugs and kisses and can work through rough moments now)
does not make eye contact (looks to us for an answer and response)
flight risk for school in K and 1st Grade (loves school now, loves going, teachers tell me he really tries his best)
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Re: Brag about your kids!

I have 3 amazing little ones. Even on days I am frustrated, I still cant believe I got so lucky! Dd1 is amazingly kind and considerate. She will let her 2 year old sister play with all her toys, wear her clothes, etc. She always compliments others and is truly happy for others' victories/good fortune/etc.
Dd2 is happy and full of life. She puts a smile on the face of anyone who meets her.
Ds is a happy, smiley baby. He adores his sisters and brings them joy with his laughter.
Great thread!
Wife to the love of my life, mama to 2 beautiful blessings from God
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Re: Brag about your kids!

Aww cute stories. I chronicle my kids happy moments through a blog site.

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Re: Brag about your kids!

Love this thread. Good timing for it too--my kids are definitely feeling a bit of cabin fever this time of year and are bickering more than usual and testing my patience. So it is good to be reminded to take a step back and reflect on how wonderful they are.

DD is such a sweetheart, gets along with everyone, and is so responsible. She is so curious about the world and cares deeply about the well-being of others. She is an amazing artist and such a graceful dancer.

DS is bright and so creative. He is very observant and takes in an amazing amount of detail, later recreating what he sees in a game or drawing. He loves to help me cook and is quickly learning his way around the kitchen. And I'm really proud of the maturity he's showing in his beginner basketball league--he's one of the least skilled players on the team but he's sticking with it, persevering and improving, and most importantly keeping a positive attitude and having a good time with it.
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Re: Brag about your kids!

DS made his first joke yesterday. He is 20m old.
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