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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

Our friends think I am a drill sergeant But they always complement how well behaved our children are. I am never clear why they can't make the correlation between boundaries and behavior I am no joke about appropriate behavior and when we have children guests I lay it down for them too. Everybody knows that I say what I mean and mean what I say. I am rather fed up with children running around acting like they have no home training. Now I will crawl down off of my soap box.


Just in case.
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Well I have 9 and they could overthrow me so I run this house with an iron fist! LOL!

No yelling in the house
No fighting
No running, jumping, flipping in the house
Your toys must be out of common areas as soon as you are done with them
ALL food is eaten at the table
Only water is allowed out of the kitchen
Dishes must always be taken to the sink
When its cold out, no going in and out. Once you come in, you stay in.
Absolutely no back talking mama
You MUST obey. I will ask once, then punishment.
Bedtime is non-negotiable. I will tuck them once and tell them I better not see them out of their room unless blood is involved! They can use the bathroom but only if necessary.

Mostly common sense stuff. But, people always compliment us when we are out as to how well behaved our kids are. I am firm with consequences and consistency!

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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

These were the rules at my house growing up and I thought I had the meanest parents in the world but when I went somewhere, I knew how to behave and I knew if I didn't, I'd get my bottom popped when we got home. These will also be the rules (plus a few) when my son is old enough to understand rules and boundaries (he's only 10 months). I can't stand misbehaved and rude children and I intend to do my best to ensure that my son will not be one of those children. My best friend has 2 children and they are terribly misbehaved. Her youngest stepped on my son (then about 5/6 months old) while I was changing his diaper and she didn't say or do a thing. He's only a year older than my baby but I feel like she should have tried to explain to him why you can't and don't do anything like that. My husband and I have since decided that our son is only allowed around her boys at birthday parties but that's it and he's not to be left anywhere alone with either of them. Her youngest has also bitten, pinched and slapped my son.
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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

Seems like common sense to me, unless you want food all over the house, broken furniture, broken windows and dented heads.
We don't have any of those rules and we don't have food all over the house, broken furniture, broken windows or dented heads? Maybe bc I only have one?

Food is not allowed upstairs, no reason for it bc it's just bedrooms upstairs.

But I do babysit a lot and have kids over, but no one has gotten hurt being a kid here. The only thing my son seems to break is his doors off his little cars, but that could be from overuse!

We also have a big yard for running. And to run in our house in only a good twenty feet?
My son is allowed to climb couch and jump off if he likes. He is not allowed on the kitchen counters or bookshelves though. I was a climber so I am waiting to see if allowing him to explore on his own with few rules keeps him from the trouble I had as a kid. I used to climb on top of the fridge or anyplace I could be higher than everyone else. I was a curious kid, so is DS but I let him explore with me there so he won't (hopefully) be doing when my back is turned.

We have a problem with throwing things though. Balls are allowed to be thrown as we only have soft ones in the house. But DS will all of a sudden throw his cars and that doesn't "fly"! but I can't seem to get him to stop, even though it is rule. I don't even know what brings it on, he will be playing and all of a sudden we have a car flying across the room? Anyway we are working on that one.

EDIT: we do have the no yelling in the house.
No fighting, no use of toys as weapons. My DS doesn't even know about toy guns, swords or anything like that.
Our drinks all have caps/tops so no spills, except coffee which I normally don't take out of the kitchen. DH drinks his coffee out of a to go cup with a closing spout!
Food is allowed in living room, DS must wipe his hands after he eats a bite or snack. He has his own little towels for this!
MORE:toys on shelves can be played with without an adult, picked up when done. Toys on the higher shelves must be asked for played with and put back.

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While we don't have many of those rules I don't see anything wrong with those rules - they are reasonable requests. We have a big family room down stairs where we keep soft balls and have limited furniture. The kids are encouraged to run, jump and be crazy down there. There isn't much they could get hurt on. But upstairs - no balls are allowed, no jumping, no running. Snacks can be eaten on the upstairs couches but no food downstairs unless given permission. (I allow it sometimes). If we had a different layout we wouldn't allow so much rough housing inside but the nice big family room is one of the reasons we bought the place. We used to have a big climber down there for the kids.
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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

I think our meanest rule is that I don't allow my ds to do sleepovers. If he wants he can have friends here overnight, but I don't allow sleepovers, ever. I told my dh that once they are 18 they can sleep out of the house. The only exception is family or if myself or my dh is with him, like camping.

Your rules are the same as mine for play dates, and those are the rules even at other houses. If we aren't allowed to do it in our house we won't do it at others.
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Wow if people think you're strict because of those rules they would think I'm a prison warden . Those rules seem like basic safety rules IMO . We have those rules and A LOT more. Dd not to long ago decided to disregard the no running in the house rule and wound up with a sprained ankle and was on crutches for a few weeks. She now realizes there is a reason the we have rules and that she should obey them.
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We go by all those rules & a few more. We just got a new house I'd like to keep it nice for a while lol. Life happens but less if you eat in proper places & etc. we no run bc my dd has already had a head injury bc of things like that so if she wants to play silly she can do it outside. She's not even 2 yet & knows where to go to eat & how to behave in the house. So nope your not mean!!
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I'm a drill Sargeant. We have those rules plus many many more. But we have a houseful of kids and if we don't have rules the house would crumble around us.
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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

Do i find those rules strict? No but they aren't the same as our rules. We don't eat at the table because it is the only place i currently can sew. We don't allow eating in the bedrooms however we do allow eating in the playroom and living areas. We allow jumping/running/throwing of beach balls in the playroom which is pretty large. We allow jumping on the bed everynight for Monkeys jumping on the bed song. We don't allow jumping on couches/chairs/or other beds in the house.

we do not allow hitting, talking back, leaving toys out at the end of the day. We allow sleepovers but only with people we know.
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