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Night Time Challenges and YOUR SOLUTIONS, PLEASE!????!!

Well, we started EC 3 months,ago....daytime is,success..about all day no misses, then when daddy,arrives home..it is miss after miss until bedtime....Daddy is,supportive and will gladly take DS to pee, but still needs reminding that DS has small bladder, I.e I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE daddy to "Pottytunity"

O.k situation is: It works best I cosleep, I have woobies and am SAHM, I DONT need to get up at 6am and be professional, so it is,best DH gets rest. I am the onewho started EC, still haven't purchased Andrea's book yet...but I am currently sooo confused AND FRUSTRATED AND ZOMBIFIED!!!

DS, 8mo- will nurse to sleep, 20 later, squirmy indicates need to be, I slide,to side of bed, cradle position/knees up/frogger position and DS knows thats pee time. Usually he keeps eyes shut..and I can lay him down again...then it is another 30 min before more squirminess, and I respond. Sometimes I need,to nurse him back to sleep, and sometimes its back to "squirmy every 20-30min= pee"...

50% of the,time DS whimpers as his,signal...50% is squirmyness

Ugh.....i know this is called Elimination COMMUNICATION...but waking 8-9x/night has finally taken its toll on me/DH and DS.
DS slept afternoon nap almost 5hrs (usually its 2+half)
DH had to listen to my,frustration of "round the clock" work/potty person
..AND I AM,conxerned DS looks,exhausted..vein near DS,eyes,looks,dark and dark circles ariund eyes, am I causing DS To lose,sleep/engrergy bc I am so determined???

I blew my top, I told DH I want him to also read about EC, and try to find a,resolution, I want him to REALIZE just HOW MUCH ENERGY/TIME/PATIENCE that I am putting into EC.

He calls it PottyTraining..i always correct him and say I am not coercing DS, I am just simply responding to DS.
DH continues to remind me that DS is 8months and agrees it is,a,whole new,challenge for both if us. DH continues to remind me "just have FUN raising our son"....Of which I say...yes, I am enjoying this little guy, but I AM TAXED OUT RIGHT NOW!!!

I also related it to housebreaking a,puppy....I said it is,ALL worth it (sooo much easier/less time than cleaning up after poopy diaper!)...but .....I SAID IT IS,STILL WORK!!! However you slice it!!

DH suggested a) work on my stress management skills b) put trainer/pull up on DS at night

Hmmm but I am CONFUSED.....DS IS GREAT B/C he squirms /whulimpers prior to a pee...if I put him in a,pull up (i have once) he still squirms/whimpers..and then I wake anyways....and then what?!?...Ignore DS's communication???

Uggh...i need help, I dont get it!!!

I am trying to be consistent...as everything in life..IF CONSISTENT..is easier for all...

I am open to All suggestions/Feedback/Comments
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